Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here's a quickie post. Kind of...

Figured I'd take a break from studying for my Statistics test tomorrow to throw up a few posts. You know, Stats has to be one of the worst classes I've EVER taken! I'm usually really good with my math classes, and I figured taking a Stats course would garner me an easy "A" that I could use to bump up my GPA... Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong! I'll be lucky to get out of that class with a "B". So much for padding my GPA.

Anyway, between studying AND having to complete a mess of papers by Friday, I had the opportunity to catch some of that new Iron Man cartoon. All I have to say is WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!?! I figured I'd be watching every bodies favorite scuzzy billionaire whup some evildoers, instead I got some kind of bizarre pubescent Tony Stark getting all angsty over stuff... Note to Marvel, teenage Tony Stark didn't work back in the 90's and it STILL doesn't work today!

Besides that weirdness, I ordered a whole mess of Geoff Johns Superman/Action Comics comics last week and with any luck they should be arriving tomorrow. What better way to celebrate the end of another school year than by reading some Geoff Johns/Superman goodness? As is my style, I went overboard and purchased practically all of Geoff's run on Supes, so once I'm done with school next week, expect a lot of Superman reviews/pics here on the blog.

Finally, the next installment of Legion of 3 Worlds will also be coming with those Superman books. I can't even intelligibly express how much I'm looking forward to that particular comic. That is one book that will cause me to drop whatever school work I'm bound to be working on to read. Superman, Superboy Prime, THREE Legions, Geoff Johns, George Perez, need I say anymore? I didn't think so. Once I read that issue, I can prowl around and see what other bloggers are saying about that book, since I'm trying desperately to avoid any potential spoilage. Well, I think that's enough of a break, I'll post some pics, and then it's back to studying...

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