Sunday, May 17, 2009

Superman: World of New Krypton #3

-We open with Supes and the New Kryptonian military guild surrounding the building where members of the labor guild(think slaves)have taken the leader of New Krypton(Alura)hostage. General Zod wants to execute a bunch of innocent labor guild members to show the labor guild members holding Alura hostage that he means business. Supes convinces Zod to allow him to speak with the leaders of the hostage taking, where he can hopefully end the standoff without any casualties.

-Supes goes inside and speaks to the leader of the uprising. The head hostage taker explains to Supes that all he wants is equal rights for his guild. After Alura hears what the hostage taker has to say she tells him she will think about what he said, which is at least a start. From there, the hostage taker surrender to Supes.

-As Supes is leading the leader of the hostage taking out, one of Zod's soldiers tries to shoot the guy, but Supergirl manages to intercept the bullet before it could do any harm.

-Zod disciplines Commander Gor, the soldier who took the shot, which causes Gor to blame Supes for his misfortune. The next day, Gor challenges Supes to a fight, but Supes blows him off. Gor attacks Supes from behind, but Supes still doesn't fight back. Zod arrives on the scene and orders the two to fight in order to settle their issues. Gor gets a few early shots in on Supes, but ultimately Supes humiliates Gor. Upon finishing with Gor, Supes looks skyward and finds Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Ion from the Green Lantern Corps looking to ask him some questions about New Krypton.

Damn do I love this series! I have to say, Greg Rucka and James Robinson are doing an excellent job on the story in this series. Besides a great story, the characters are all very well done as well. Supes is just awesome here, and all of the secondary characters, from Zod to Alura are interesting in their own ways. The arrival of the Green Lanterns should make this series even better, which is really saying something. For a score, I'll give this issue a 9 1/2 out of 10. This really was a wonderful comic with a great story and a hook at the end that leaves me eagerly anticipating more!

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