Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #510

One more issue of Uncanny to go and I can can it quits tonight. Once again, this issue is written by Matt Fraction.

-This issue was all about the big knockdown, drag-out fight between Maddie and her Sisterhood and the X-Men. The Sisterhood gets the early advantage on the X-Chumps and knocks them around for a bit, until Emma manages to help the X-Men turn the tide of battle. Although the X-Men wind up rallying, Maddie apparently gets what she wanted, a small box from Wolverine's bedroom. After acquiring the box, Maddie has Spiral teleport the Sisterhood out of the X-Men's base of operation.

-After the battle, Cyclops confronts Wolvie and demands to know what the Sisterhood wanted from his bedroom. This issue ends with Wolvie telling Cyke that Maddie stole a lock of Jean Grey's hair that he kept on his nightstand...

What the hell?!?! That's weird on SO many levels! Why would Wolvie be keeping a lock of Jean's hair on his nightstand? Does he keep hair samples from all of his unrequited crushes on his nightstand? Better question, how the hell did Maddie even know Wolvie was in possession of Jean's hair? I mean was he bragging about it or something? "Hey bub, guess what I have on my nightstand?". That was all just strange...

Normally I'd love the idea of Jean potentially being resurrected, but I'm a realist, and I understand that there's NO way Jean is going to come back to life during a relatively insignificant Uncanny X-Men storyline. When Jean finally does come back to life(yes, I said WHEN, not if)you can bet that it's going to be during some kind of major summer x-over, or at the very least a double-size anniversary issue of Uncanny(something like issue #550 or #600). No, even though I'd like to see Jean(or Nate Grey)return from the dead, it's just not going to happen yet. For a score, I'll give this issue the same score I've given the last 2 issues, a 7 1/2 out of 10. Just as before, this was a perfectly acceptable issue of Uncanny X-Men.

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