Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Avengers: The Reunion #3(of 4)

This is the third part of the 4 issue limited series starring Ronin and his(soon to be ex)wife Mockingbird. This issue is written by Jim McCann.

-Clint and Bobbi infiltrate the palace in Spain where some of the smartest scientists in the world were meeting. According to intel Bobbi gained, AIM was planning to blow the place up.

-Clint and Bobbi bicker the entire time they're at the party, with Clint trying to convince Bobbi to give him another shot. Bobbi still doesn't seem willing to change her mind about their divorce.

-While mingling with the party guests, Bobbi realizes that none of the scientists she expected to find at the palace were there. After wandering around for a while, Bobbi manages to find a scientist being herded out of the room by some goons.

-Bobbi and Clint pursue, but lose the scientist and the goons in a hallway. Clint begins to figure that AIM is up to more than just killing the scientists, and Bobbi spontaneously faints... OK...

-While unconscious, Bobbi has a flashback to her days as a captive of the Skrulls. While the Skrulls were trying to figure out what to do with her, she managed to escape their captivity and snuck around their base for a while, planning her move. Ultimately, a Skrull posing as Clint finds her and tells her it was in love with her. Bobbi responds by doing the only thing a sane woman would do in a similar situation, she snaps the Skrull's neck.

-After Bobbi wakes up, Clint tells her that he thinks AIM is actually capturing the scientists in order to force them to work for their organization. Bobbi finds a small bomb in a hallway, and Clint figures that AIM is smuggling the scientists out of the palace through the roof. Before Bobbi and Clint can do anything else, the bomb in the hallway explodes, sending Clint plummeting to his apparent death, and knocking Bobbi to the floor. As she gets back to her feet, she discovers Dr. Rappaccini, one of the bigwigs at AIM standing behind her. This issue ends with Bobbi pulling a gun and aiming at Rappaccini.

I was enjoying this comic up until the flashback sequence... That flashback sequence went on for entirely too long! Not only did it go on for too long, it was often times very confusing. I still don't know why the Skrull's didn't kill Bobbi after Skrull Bobbi died on Earth, and for some reason the flashback was narrated by Skrull Clint... That last fact made absolutely NO sense whatsoever! Why would the Skrull impostor of Clint Barton narrate a flashback that Bobbi was having while she was unconscious??? Shouldn't Bobbi be narrating the flashback that was occurring in her head? Weird... For a score, I'll give this issue a 6 1/2 out of 10. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between Clint and Bobbi(as always), but I could have done without the Skrull portion of this comic.

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