Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Action Comics #876

This issue is one of the "World Without Superman" titles and stars Nightwing(Christopher Kent, not Dick Grayson)and Flamebird.

-My knowledge of all things Kryptonian is still a bit lacking, so if I mess up family relationships and stuff like that I apologize in advance.

-This issue opens with Commander Ursa tracking Nightwing and Flamebird down at the Fortress of Solitude(I think that's where they are!). Ursa seems to be there for the express purpose of killing the both of them.

-Ursa sends Flamebird flying with a kick before turning her attention to Nightwing, who is apparently her biological son. See, I didn't know that before this issue. Ursa kicks Nightwing in the face before Flamebird returns to fight Ursa.

-Ursa is definitely the more experienced fighter and uses that experience to her advantage, pummeling Flamebird, while taunting her the entire time.

-Ursa decides she's had enough of the battle, so she pulls out a kryptonite knife and proceeds to cut Flamebird to ribbons with it.

-Before Ursa can deliver the killing blow, Nightwing joins the fray and knocks Ursa away from Flamebird. The fact that Nightwing dared to lay his hands on her seems to cause Ursa to fight more frenzied and irrationally, which gives the weaker Nightwing the opportunity to gain the upper hand.

-Nightwing blinds Ursa, grabs Flamebird and buries Ursa under a whole mess of ice as he makes his getaway from the Fortress.

-Back in her apartment in Metropolis, Lois gives her sister a phone call in order to talk about their father, and is shocked to see her adopted son Christopher outside her window carrying the beaten and bloodied Flamebird.

This was yet another really good (non)Superman comic. I have to admit, I really enjoyed this comic book. I enjoyed it so much that now I want to buy some back issues of the Superman comics in order to learn more about the citizens of Metropolis. I like what Greg Rucka is doing with this comic book, and I like both of the young Kryptonian leads in it. From the few Superman comics I have in my possession it seems Nightwing and Flamebird play off of each other very nicely.

This comic was all about action and the artists, Eddy Barrows and Sidney Teles really did a great job. The fight scenes between Ursa and Flamebird and Ursa and Nightwing were exceptionally well done and were as destructive and bloody as one would expect from characters with abilities that rival those of Superman. For a score I'll give this comic a 9 out of 10. Now that I'm done with this review, I'll hit a few of my favorite comic buying locations in an effort to find some cheap Superman books!

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