Friday, May 15, 2009

Justice Society of America #26

Yay, school's(almost)out for summer! All I've got left is a Stats final on Tuesday, and I'm free for a few months! No more school work means I can get a few more reviews up here on the blog. First up is the most recent issue of the JSA.

-I totally forgot that this was Geoff Johns last issue!

-Hmm, storyline wise, there really wasn't anything going on here... Stargirl gets a surprise birthday party, her family and the team celebrate, and Stargirl finds out she has to keep her braces on for another year. That's pretty much it.

Well, that has to be the quickest write-up I've ever done for a comic! This issue revolved around Stargirl(duh!)and chronicled her early JSA days up til now. It's always been pretty obvious that Courtney has been a favorite of Geoff's(he did create her if I'm not mistaken)so it makes sense that he would spotlight his favorite character in his final JSA issue.

I have to say I can't really envision this series without Geoff's name adorning the cover... To me, Geoff and the JSA are almost inescapably linked to one another. It's hard to imagine one without the other. Hopefully the new writers(Bill Willingham and Matt Sturges?)can continue Geoff's legacy of excellence in this title. For this comic, I'll go with a score of 8 out of 10. This was a tad bit too sugary sweet for me, however, overall, I'd give Geoff's almost 10 year run in this title a 10 out of 10 hands down.

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