Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds #4(of 5)

As I said yesterday, even though I'm WAY behind in my schoolwork, NOTHING is going to prevent me from reading this comic book! Sorry Shakespeare, you'll have to wait.

-We begin this issue with Starman lurking around in a graveyard in Metropolis looking to complete the mission Brainiac 5 sent him back in time to complete. Starman arrives at a grave that is marked with the last name of Kent, and begins digging. Hmmm... It couldn't be him, could it???

-Back in the future, the 3 Legions are still battling against the villains while Superboy Prime is trying to contend with Kid Flash's return. Superman returns to the battle and it looks like things are going to work out for the forces of good...

-Not so fast! The Time Trapper grabs Supes, as well as the three founders of the original Legion and brings them to his spot at the end of time. With Supes removed from the battle, the heroes fall into some disarray, which leads to Prime and his gang regaining the upper hand.

-Meanwhile, the three Brainiac 5's arrive at the Fortress of Solitude and wait for the Legionnaires from the past to return to the future. They eventually do and hand over a strand of Lex Luthor's hair... Hee hee hee, THAT can only mean one thing!

-Prime is warned by Mordru that he had better get to the Fortress because if he doesn't all will be lost for the bad guys. Prime takes off and is pursued by Kid Flash and others.

-Back at the Fortress, the Brainiacs discover that Starman was successful in the past as they find a Kryptonian healing machine containing whatever body Starman exhumed back in the past. The Brainiacs add the strand of Lex's hair, and that can only mean one thing!

-However, before the Brainiacs can activate the machine, Prime destroys the roof above them and knocks all three Brainiacs out. Polar Boy, Dawnstar and Wildfire are the only Legionnaires left standing, and none of them understand the way the Kryptonian machine is supposed to work. Polar Boy tells Dawnstar to figure something out and he goes outside to stall Superboy Prime.

-Polar Boy fares pretty much as poorly as would be expected against Prime, but the last minute arrival of the original Sunboy helps buy Polar Boy some more time against Prime. Back in the Fortress, Dawnstar realizes that Wildfire has to be the one to activate the healing machine, and Wildfire tentatively presses one of the crystals, which revives... Superboy!

-Superboy charges outside and engages Prime in battle. The return of Superboy serves as a rallying point for the Legionnaires present, and they redouble their efforts to defeat Prime once and for all.

-Finally, at the end of time, Superman attacks the Time Trapper and winds up tearing off his shroud, revealing none other than an older version of Superboy Prime!

Well, right off the bat I should admit that I was pretty shocked that Geoff Johns decided to bring Superboy back in this series. I thought for sure that SB would be a part of the "Blackest Night" x-over. With that said, allow me to say that I couldn't be happier that SB is back! The past two issues of this series has heralded the returns of both Bart Allen and Conner Kent, two of my all-time favorite DC characters. Thanks Geoff! You sure know how to make me one happy comic book reader!

When Starman was digging up a grave in Metropolis marked Kent, the first thought to cross through my mind was that it had to be Superboy's grave. However, I dismissed that idea right away because I figured that would be too obvious. HA! Once the Brainiacs discovered the healing machine, and gained possession of Lex's hair though, there was no doubting what Geoff was planning. Now that SB is back(and not a Blackest Night zombie!)I can start thinking about his future. Here's hoping SB winds up in the new Legion book(Adventure Comics I think?)that will be popping up soon.

I have to admit that the revelation about the Time Trapper really doesn't mean all that much to me, because I really don't know anything about him. The Legion I am most familiar with is the Threeboot version, and Time Trapper never showed up there. Do you even have to ask what I'm going to give this comic book score-wise?!? With Superboy's return, coupled with Kid Flash kicking some Superboy Prime ass, this was the easiest 10 out of 10 I've ever given! Big time kudos to Geoff Johns for the excellent storytelling, and George Perez for the magnificent pencils. This series is definitely turning out to be one of my favorite mini-series of all-time... That's really saying something!


  1. Adventure Comics is going to be Superboy's book, with the Legion as his backup act...

    And yeah, this book was amazing!

  2. Cool, that's good to know, I just wonder exactly what incarnation of the Legion Geoff is going to grace that comic with. I've heard a mix of all three Legions, but that was a while back, so who really knows.