Monday, May 18, 2009

Flash: Rebirth #2

Alright, here's my review for the second issue of Flash Rebirth. Hopefully this issue will shed some light into the events of last issue.

-This issue begins with one of the worshippers of Savitar discovering that Barry accidentally killed Savitar. Needless to say, she wants revenge.

-Barry continues to blow Hal off as he tries to figure out why Savitar died. Barry decides to check up with Iris, and he discovers that Wonder Woman managed to use her government contacts to make it look like Barry spent the last couple of years in the witness protection program. The captain at Barry's old station basically begs Barry to return to his old job, but Barry is hesitant.

-After the captain leaves, Barry explains to Iris that he isn't the saint everybody painted him to be after his "death", and that he doesn't want to be back. While Barry and Iris are talking, Wally calls them and tells Barry about the strange feedback that struck the other speedsters. Barry realizes the other speedsters felt these symptoms when Savitar died, but for some reason, he did not.

-Barry and Wally travel to Barry's hometown, where a strange lightning storm has suddenly erupted. Upon arriving, they discover the remains of the Black Flash, who basically served as the Grim Reaper of speedsters. Before Barry and Wally can figure out what the death of the Black Flash means, they are attacked by the follower of Savitar from earlier. She beats on Wally for a while, but is grabbed by Barry, who was trying to stop her. Once Barry touches her, she begins to decay until she dies. Barry is stunned, but Wally is even more surprised, as he looks at Barry and realizes that he is now the new Black Flash!

I'm starting to get into this story now. I kind of like the revelation that Barry is the Black Flash, although I would like it even more if he stayed as the Black Flash and allowed Wally to continue on as the Flash, however that scenario seems VERY unlikely. Barry was still whining about being back which is still getting on my nerves. Dammit Barry, you're back to life! Why look a gift horse in the mouth???

Besides Barry's annoying behavior, I have to say that I liked the way Geoff Johns solved the problem of how to explain Barry's return to his former colleagues on the police force. The witness protection angle was not only a stroke of genius, but I can honestly say that I can't remember that particular excuse being used before. Nice job there Geoff!

I also like that Max Mercury keeps getting brought up in this series. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that eventually Max will get a chance to come back from the dead like Barry and Savitar. Before I forget, is it just me or did Iris look WAY younger in this comic than she has in a while! Jeez, I get why Barry didn't age, but what was Iris' excuse! For a score, I'll give this issue an 8 out of 10. This issue was definitely better than last issue was, and hopefully the next installment of this series will be better still.

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  1. Dude, you're so right about Iris. I was like, "what the hell?". Ah well, (sigh). I guess that's why comics are such a unique medium. You can do absolutely anything regardless of how unbelievable it might be.