Sunday, December 19, 2010

Captain America: Man Out of Time #2(of 5)

Overall: After getting shot last issue while saving a woman, Captain America wakes up in a hospital, still baffled as to where and when he is. Obviously the doctors figure Cap is insane, while Cap figures it's still the 1940's and he's simply dreaming this whole scenario up. Cap leaves the hospital where he bumps into Rick Jones, who asks Cap if he'd help him figure out what happened to the Avengers, who were turned to stone right before they had the chance to reveal Cap to the public. Cap smiles and agrees to help, since as far as he was concerned, this was all a dream anyway, so why not go with Rick and find out why the Avengers were turned to stone. Rick heads to his apartment and gets online looking for info, while trying to explain the Internet to a VERY skeptical Cap. Eventually Rick manages to find a surveillance camera which catches some weird being blasting the Avengers with a strange beam, turning them to stone. Rick decides to make a call to Stark Enterprises to see if they could trace where the strange looking man went, while Cap decides to use the computer to look up a few things, including one thing that shocks him so badly that he leaves, just as Rick gets the information as to where the strange villain had fled. Cap hops along rooftops and breaks into the hotel room of the strange villain, who turns out to be an alien. Cap trounces the villain, and upon discovering that it was an alien, bursts out laughing since it was so ridiculous. Rick arrives on the scene and the alien agrees to turn the Avengers back, lest crazy Cap beats it up again. Rick tells Cap that even though that was an alien laying on the floor, this really wasn't a dream, which Cap finally seems to believe, since he discovered from Rick's computer that President Roosevelt died mere weeks before the war in Europe ended. Cap couldn't imagine that he would dream something that horrible up, meaning that somehow he really was in the future. This issue ends with Cap agreeing to help the Avengers, but deciding that he had to return to his time somehow when he was done.

I have to say, I wasn't really enjoying this issue until the end, with the FDR reveal. That was VERY well done, and played into Cap's already established mythos where he was a huge backer of Pres. Roosevelt. Some of the stuff that happened earlier in this issue was kind of funny(Cap being surprised to see a female doctor, and his puzzlement at some of the terms he heard), but the story with the alien was just okay. All in all, I enjoyed this comic, and can't imagine those feelings will change as this mini rolls along.

Score: 7 out of 10.So Cap went a little bit crazy... It can happen to the best of us.

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