Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #509

Continuing my Uncanny X-Men world tour with issue #509, written by Mr. Matt Fraction.

-The mutants are all happy living in San Francisco, until Trask(I forgot what the first name of this Trask was)manages to bring his plan of chemical birth control for anybody who is X-Gene positive up to a referendum. After that news the mutants aren't happy anymore!

-Beast and his gaggle of geniuses come up with a plan to use a time machine to go back to the past to study parents of mutants in an attempt to figure out a way to reverse the Scarlet Witch's "No more mutants" spell.

-Madelyne and her group of bad girls decide to stage an attack on the X-Men because Maddie needs a body to store her mind(or something along those lines), and Emma Frost seems to be the prime candidate to house Maddie's mind.

-Maddie and her allies break into the X-Men's base of operations in the middle of the night and squash them like bugs. This issue ends with Maddie walking over to the captured Wolverine and stating that he was just the man she was looking for.

This was another solid issue of Uncanny, and really shows what kind of a writer Matt Fraction is. If he can craft interesting X-Men comics with the mutant population totally decimated, imagine what he could have done if Joe Quesada and the DREAD LORD BENDIS hadn't destroyed the X-universe. It should go without saying that I am really hoping Beast and his genius buddies manage to return the mutant population to the great heights they formerly enjoyed. While Maddie's storyline is good and interesting, the backstory with Beast is what really has my attention.

It seems that Maddie was comparing Emma Frost to Jean Grey in terms of telepathic ability in this issue, and that almost made me laugh out loud! That's like saying a tricycle is comparable to a Mercedes Benz! In terms of psychic ability, it's not a question of CAN Jean beat Emma, it's a matter of how long will it take BEFORE Jean destroys Emma. For a score, I'll give this issue a 7 1/2 out of 10. That's two solid issues of Uncanny in a row... Hopefully Matt can give me a threepeat.

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