Friday, January 2, 2009

New Avengers #44

Overall- Yay, the Illuminati... That's me being sarcastic, just so you know. Onto the bullet points

-The Skrulls can't figure a way to fool humans enough to infiltrate the Earth.

-The Skrulls clone Reed Richards, and try to torture him into telling them how to help them trick all forms of human detection; mutant, mystical and technological, into not recognizing Skrulls as Skrulls.

-Since torturing Reed's clone doesn't work, they shapeshift into Reed's son Franklin, who asks Reed to make sure the Skrulls could never attack him.

-The cloned Reed comes up with a way the Skrulls could fool everyone on Earth, and the Skrulls promptly kill him in order to gain the formulas he was working on.

-So, it was Reed's clone that was able to figure out a way for the Skrulls to change themselves on a genetic level.

Once again, I could care less about these issues of New Avengers, but since I have a subscription and they keep coming, I have no choice but to read them... No matter how much I don't want to. For a score I'll give this issue a 1 1/2 out of 10. The fact that Reed's clone was the catalyst for the whole Secret Invasion is ridiculous, plus, there wasn't a single member of the New Avengers in this comic book! What's up with that???

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