Friday, July 30, 2010

Titans #25

Titans #25: Writer: Eric Wallace. Artist: Fabrizio Fiorentino.

Review: I'm just going to hit on the main points of this issue, because some parts of this comic definitely left me confused... Deathstroke realizes that it was a shapeshifter that was trying to kill Lex Luthor, and he manages to save Lex by frying the shapeshifter's brain with an EMP pulse. Before that though, Deathstroke ends up angering Osiris, who now trusts Deathstroke even less, while shooting Cheshire(because the shapeshifter had taken her form). Back at his base, Deathstroke repeatedly insults the recovering Cheshire, hoping to snap her out of the funk she'd been in since the death of her daughter Lian, but his actions may have worked too well, as Cheshire now seemed intent on killing Deathstroke. As for Lex, he takes the shapeshifter back to Lexcorp and after studying it, he realizes that some of his own lab people had created it to kill him. Lex then calls a meeting and warns his scientists that if they ever try to use a Lexcorp made experiment against him again, they would become HIS experiments. This issue ends with Osiris returning to his room and seeing that the statue of his sister had changed slightly, giving him hope that maybe she was beginning to break free from the spell that turned her into a statue.

What I Thought: Meh. I guess this issue was okay, but some of the action scenes were really confusing. Sure, at one point the shapeshifter took Deathstroke's form, but then Deathstroke himself was also running around, and I was never quite clear on which Deathstroke was which... I know that was supposed to be the case with the two Cheshire's, but the action sequences with the Deathstroke's were all over the place. All in all, this issue wasn't horrible, but I'm hoping things pick up next issue.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.See, yet another reason why you shouldn't mess with Lex!


  1. I haven't been that impressed with this run myself, the shape-shifter bit was just confusing (there was a couple of continuity errors I had with it just for this issue but I can't remember now, and I can't remember where I put this issue), and since I'm poor atm, I might well give up on it...

  2. Yeah, I was kind of hoping a team led by Deathstroke would have been WAY better, but so far this series has been middling. It's still early on, so maybe things will pick up... Hopefully.