Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Comic Day!

Hey X-Maniacs, X here with some good news! First off, it turns out that I DON'T have classes tomorrow after all, as there was some kind of mix-up with the Registrar's office. That means my first Spanish test isn't tomorrow, but is Monday, which means I have the whole weekend to study. With those three extra study days, I should easily ace that test(fingers crossed!).

On the comic book side, the good news continues, as I went to the comic book shop and picked up 11 new books. Before I go any further, let me list them, so you guys can let me know which ones you are interested in hearing about.

Young Allies #2
Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier #1
Shadowland #1
Hawkeye and Mockingbird #2
Brightest Day #5
Avengers: The Children's Crusade #1
JSA All-Stars #8
Red Hood #2
X-Men #1
Avengers #2
Fantastic Four Annual #32

So yay for me, I've got me some good comics to read! If you guys give me your picks by tomorrow, I'll probably have a post with a couple of reviews up ala JT's Rantings and Ratings(or my old Best of the Rest post... Ehrm...)tomorrow night. Anywho, I think that'll do it for today, drop me your comments to let me know what you'd like to hear about so I can get to reading! That's it, X out.


  1. Awesome dude, I should have my Ratings and Rantings up today or tomorrow as well. I wanna see your Shadowland review so I can know if it's worth picking up, along with X-Men, Brightest Day and Red Hood of course :D

  2. I really want to here about Steve Rodgers and Shadow Land, those both look cool, but I want to know if they are good.

  3. I would like to know about Steve Rogers as well. And I'm sure we'll discuss the FF annual at some time.

    And I'd like to read about X-Men#1but only if it ends up being terrible and you have to rip it to shreds.

  4. Well aren't you just LUCKY!! Glad you get some extra study days!

    And I'm all for a review of, Shadowland, Brightest Day, Red Hood and X-Men #1.

    Can't wait for the reviews! :)

  5. I MUST hear about Avengers: The Children's Crusade!! Holy crap, if I'd realized that was coming out already, I just might've gone over to the comic shop today to get myself a copy. As you well know, I'm of the opinion that Jim Cheung is one of the greatest things ever to happen to sequential art!

    I'm also interested in Steve Rogers and the second issue of Avengers, since I read and mostly enjoyed the first issue. And I've been hearing so much about Shadowland and the new X-Men series recently that I can't help but want to hear your thoughts on those too.

    But no pressure, of about whichever ones you feel like! This just happens to be one of those crazy weeks where a million things I'm interested in all come out on the same day.

  6. Alright, thanks for the very fast comments! Man, you guys were QUICK with your responses! So I'll be reading Shadowland, X-Men, Red Hood, Brightest Day(UGH!)and Super-Soldier tonight. If all goes according to plan, I should have those 5 reviews up tomorrow night, either in one massive post, or in 5 separate posts. We'll see I guess.

    Oh, and I'll keep my lips sealed about the FF annual until I know you've gotten your copy Kello.

    Hey, you know, I REALLY like being up to date when I'm talking comics, instead of being three weeks behind! :D

  7. I posted before I saw your comment Marc! I'll DEFINITELY be reading Children's Crusade, as one of THE biggest Young Avenger fans out there, I've been waiting seemingly forever for this one! I'll also try to get Avengers #2 out of the way as well tonight. So that'll be 7 new reviews tomorrow! Considering how lax I've been around here as of late, I should be able to handle that, especially since I'll probably just complain about Brightest Day, making for a quick review!