Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Random Scan of the Week, with added inane chatter!

Hey all, X finally here with some excuses, AND a random scan! So I've been pretty lax with posts, but since I'm pretty much caught up with my new books, I don't really have a whole load to blog about... Sure, I could do a big long post about the Robin comics I'm currently flying through(I'm 93 issues in now!), or the Trinity storyline, but really, who'd want to read that?! I'll TRY to post some thoughts on Green Lantern #1 some time soon, but with school starting back up again on Tuesday, we'll have to play that by ear. Besides that, I've been lounging around enjoying the CRAZY hot weather, hanging out with family, playing video games and of course reading comic books. I haven't even been here to the blog the past two days, so I'm sure I have a lot of stimulating posts on my favorite blogs to sift through after I post this. So um, yeah, that's what I've been up to. Anyway, since it IS Sunday, I still have the whole random scan thing to deal with. And with today being Independence Day in the good ol' US of A, what better character to post a pic of then... The Joker!!! Yeah sure, I could have gone and posted a Captain America scan, or even a Superman, but that would have been TOO obvious, no? Well, that'll do it for tonight, I'll talk to you guys later. X out.Leave it to the Joker to figure it all out! From Robin #85(Feb. 2001).


  1. I saw that on another blog, I really need to read this issue because it looks amazing.

  2. Ahh!! I love his slippers. I want some now!! :( Well X, I'm glad to hear from you.

    I truly miss you sir. :( But I completely understand. :) Glad you're spending time with family.

    Oh did your sister every pick up that Sims game?

  3. Oh yeah JT, I'd DEF recommend this issue! It was all about Joker and his relationship with the various Robins. The page after this one was especially awesome, as Joker figures that if he killed at least one Robin, he MUST have killed a few different Batmen(?) during his career.

    You wouldn't believe how guilty I felt typing up this review Falisha! I still feel badly that I'm not posting at least something every night...

    Nope, I don't think she has yet. She's been REALLY busy with work for like the past two months or so, so I don't think she's had ALL that much Sims time. Knowing her though, I'm sure once she does get some free time she'll get that expansion.

  4. X, don't you dare feel guilty. If ANYTHING, I feel guilty for expecting so much from you, like you were my comic reviewing slave, lol. My King of comics shall rest his crown when he damn well pleases. Lol. So carry on enjoy life!! :D

    Aww, I'm sure when she does get the time she'll definitely enjoy it. I haven't played in weeks myself. tell her not to work too hard.

  5. I'll try to grab it Wednesday. I gotta read this. And yeah without sounding awkward I also missed not having ya around dude, We've been spoiled by having ya around so much :P

  6. Ha, thanks Falisha! Still, after posting at least one post a night for so long, NOT posting makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong or something!

    I haven't gotten the Sims 3 because I KNOW if I did get it I'd be playing it for HOURS on end! I'd guess that's prob why she didn't pick up the expansion yet. With a game like Sims, once you get bitten by it it's almost impossible to put down!

  7. Thanks JT. For that Bromance category I'm gonna have to put you and me down at #1 now! Watch, I will too! :D

  8. Lmao, You put it down and I'll put it down. No lie buddy haha. Oh, you get that Killer Croc back from your sis yet dude?

  9. Oh I understand. It's like working all the time and then getting some down time and you just don't know what to do, you feel lost. But seriously, enjoy the free time. :)

    And lol the Sims in general is addicting. It's like 2 hours in, "Okay I'm going to stop playing." 2 more hours later, lol, you're still playing. I've been playing for YEARS and it never gets old. Lol. I think you should try it out one time, start making some comic characters like I do sometimes. Lol.

    I want to make Ramsey and put him in the Chef profession. Lol.

    I second the JT/X Bromaaaaance!! :D

  10. I came for the scan, but just had to stay for the inane chatter!

    Yeah, it was a pretty weird couple of days without you around here, my friend. But you've got to take time to cherish all that other important stuff. Especially with classes starting. Anything interesting this term?

    I would be quite interested in knowing your general thoughts on the Robin series as a whole once you get done with it. Maybe spotlight the best/worst parts of the series.

    Glad to have you around, X-Man.

  11. I concur on how strange it feels with you not posting all the time, X-Man. It used to be that almost every time I came online, there was something new to read here!

    However, I'm glad that you're catching up on your reading and enjoying what you read more now. Congrats on making it so far into many issues did it go? I'm thinking it was around 150 or so, and if that's the case you've probably read about 2/3 of the whole series by now! Any particularly good creative runs so far? Whenever you get to the end I think it would be great if you did a post about your experience with the series.

  12. Hmm, let's see if I can answer all of you guys here! I did actually get that comic back from my sister, and she was pretty high on it too JT. Then I read it, and I was kind of perplexed by what both you and my sister liked so much! :P I mean it was okay, but it def didn't blow my mind or anything.

    That's EXACTLY what I used to do Falisha! I'd make like tons of comic book characters and then let 'em run wild! The last time I played(back in Sims 2)I had some funny stuff going on between Bats, Nightwing and Black Canary. Bruce and Dick would pretty much attack each other on sight since they were both trying to get with BC... Ah the good old days!

    Nothing interesting unless you consider Spanish 2 and Physical Science(I think that's what that class is called...)interesting Kello. I am SO not looking forward to going back tomorrow. The temperature is supposed to be like 94 degrees, so sitting in a classroom for the better part of the day is not exactly my idea of fun...

    I think the Robin series actually went more like 180+ issues Marc. I know it was under 200, but I don't think by much. As for good creative runs, Chuck Dixon wrote the first 100 issues(which is where I left off last night), so I guess I'll see what the guys who came after him do. I think Jon Lewis takes over for a few issues now, and I have to say, I have NO idea who he even is!

    Well, thanks for the comments folks, I'll probably troll around your blogs once I'm done commenting here, and then log off, shut down, read a few comics and try to get to sleep. It's always kind of tough trying to catch some Z's the day before you start a new job/go back to school. Adios!

  13. Lol I loved it. The whole idea of him being an animal, and opening himself up to people, trusting them and then being pushed back because he's a beast. Being betrayed and the way it hurt him, even that big scary bastard has feelings. I thought it was great, and your genius sister agrees :P

    Hope ya had a cool day at school (Metaphorically, not literally in this heat) dude. And you're running through those Robin Comics. I just hit issue 98 of BoP.

  14. "I thought it was great, and your genius sister agrees" HA! So if I tell you that I really liked it, will you then call me a genius too? :P

    I just finished Robin #106 last night, and I've got to say, I DIDN'T enjoy the first post-Chuck Dixon storyline... It nearly bored me to tears! Now with all of this damned homework I've got to cope with, I doubt I'll be flying through my Robins anywhere near as fast anymore.

  15. Yes, yes I would :D But we both know you won't do it :P

    Haha, flying through Robins. Unintentional wordplay is always fun. So are you only taking one class?

  16. Aww I think once you get some down time you should get back into creating comic heroes on Sims. Lol. I always get the married and having kids right away, so I'll have to let them run free one day. Lol

  17. You're right JT, I won't! :D

    "flying through my Robins"... HA!!! I'm going to claim that I did that on purpose! :-)

    Well, it's actually two, but I think I'm gonna drop one, because the prof seems like a real ass. Plus if I only have the one class, I can spend more study time, and as such get myself another "A"! I can get a full refund for the class if I drop it by Fri, so I think that's what I'll be doing unless I have a MAJOR change of heart.

    I've actually been playing Civilization Revolution for the PS3 in my spare time Falisha. Civ Rev is kind of like Sims for History nerds! Instead of controlling one neighborhood, you take a nationality(American, Egyptian, Roman), build up cities and armies and try to conquer the world. Maybe once I tire of world domination I'll see if I can find Sims 3 cheap at my local Gamestop or someplace.

  18. Ah, I'd drop it if I were you then, and get that money money, yeah yeah. Also, I KNOW you didn't say it on purpose so no props for you :P

    And ya finally put away DA:O? You may as well get Sims 3 on PS3 when that comes out then dude. Although I'm sure you could probably do more on the PC.

  19. I had one of two little meta-games I used to play with The Sims. In both, I would start out with a single guy living by himself. The first, I called "How fast can I kill this guy?" The second was called "How fast can I get this guy to seduce the neighbor's wife?"

    Both were fairly straightforward and probably don't require much explanation outside of what I called them. :)

  20. Sounds like a plan to me X, drop that class! Get that money and spend it on comics!! Okay, I'm a bad influence but seriously, if you don't need it, drop it, that's my philosophy. Saved me couple thousand dollars. Lol.

    And I hope you do get a chance to get your hands on the sims 3, it's going to be marvelous when you do!!

    And Marc, you're my new best friend!! Lol. I used to LOOOOVE having female sims steal husbands or have children with the married man. Lol. It's like Jerry Springer sim style.

  21. Yeah, I'm gonna be dropping that class. It's not that I don't need it(I actually do!), but out of every subject, science is my weakest, and I don't want to mess up my sparkling GPA by screwing up some lousy summer Science course. I'll stick with Spanish. That way I can spend twice as much time studying it. I got an "A" in Spanish 1 with the same prof I have now, so anything less would be catastrophic!

    My favorite/most evil old Sims thing to do was to take one of those pre-made characters that come in the game, marry them for their money, then send them into a room and take away the door. That way I can get them out of my neighborhood, AND get their money!

  22. Lmao you evil evil man!! I've watched youtube videos of people doing stuff like that. Taking all windows and doors out of a room and letting the sim die. Lol how cruel but funny at the same time.

    You got me wanting to play today, I think I will. :)

  23. HA yes, I am a very evil man! :P I was talking to my sister tonight and she told me that she stopped in Walmart after work today to get Ambitions, but it was out of stock!!! Since she's off most of Saturday and all day Monday, I think she's gonna see if she can find it at our local Gamestop and start it up this weekend.

  24. Lol. You are evil!! And I hope she gets a chance to get it and play it. It's amazing!