Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dr. Doom VS Lex Luthor.

Hey there X-Maniacs, I'm taking a momentary break from studying to try out a different type of post... We'll see how things turn out, and if there seems to be any interest in this sort of post, then maybe I'll do another one someday. So, here's the plan... I'm going to take two characters(or two teams)and pit them against each other in a no holds barred fight to the end. Each character will have access to any of their usual weapons/equipment(so Thor will have his hammer, Hal Jordan will have his GL ring, etc.)and the battle will take place in a neutral site with no chance of interference. I'll give my reasons as to why I think each character would win said battle, and then I'll pick a winner. From there it'll be up to you guys to comment to give this post life. As comic book fanboys(and fangirls), we're always wondering/debating over who would win certain battles, so I figured why not make a post about that!? Okay, not very original, but humor me... All right? All right! And away we go!

Dr. Doom


Lex Luthor

Why Dr. Doom Should Win:
-Doom has that funky armor of his, with all sorts of built in weaponry. Not only does Doom's armor have the standard energy blasters and stuff, but it also contains a personal force field AND a built in time machine!
-Unbeknownst to many non-Fantastic Four fans, Dr. Doom is a master sorcerer. Doom's mother was a powerful witch, and it seems he has inherited some of her magical prowess.
-Doom is a master of manipulation and scare tactics, and rules his home country of Latveria with a literal iron hand.
-Doom is acknowledged to be one of the smartest characters in all of the Marvel Universe, if not THE smartest. It's Doom's massive intellect which prevents his various enemies from bringing him to justice.

Why Lex Luthor Should Win:
-Sure Doom has his suit of armor, but Lex is no slouch in the armor department. Lex's battle suit contains the standard flamethrowers, missile launchers, and energy blasters, but Lex has also been known to fire radioactive Kryptonite blasts as well, something Doom wouldn't have in his vast arsenal.
-Lex is one of the smartest men in all of the DC Universe, and has used his intelligence to amass a large fortune. Lex is at least a multi-millionaire, and could very well be worth billions. Not only does Lex have business savvy, but he's also very well versed in biology, physics as well as several other scientific disciplines.
-Lex has repeatedly butted heads with arguably the most powerful super-hero in the DCU on several occasions, and although Lex has never managed to kill Superman, he almost always manages to stay one step ahead of his mortal enemy, and has(for the most part)avoided being imprisoned for his various acts of evil.
-While Doom rules over the minuscule Eastern European country of Latveria, Lex managed to get himself elected President of the United States. 'Nuff said!

Who Would Win?
-Good question! Intellectually both villains are well matched, as well as being pretty similar physically. Armor-wise I wouldn't be able to pick a winner, although the fact that Lex leaves his head exposed could very well come back to haunt him. I'm sure both characters would have a great strategy for facing the other, but in the end I would have to think that Doom's magical abilities would be the deciding factor. A few well placed magic spells and I could very easily see Dr. Doom emerging victorious against Superman's greatest enemy.


  1. I totally agree with you X, and not just because I love Doom. Dr. Doom has really stacked the deck in his favor with abilities, armor, and attitude.

    I guess the question I can't decide between these two is which one is more cold hearted. I mean Doom has threatened children, but Luthor uncrippled and then recrippled his own sister within the span of like 5 minutes.

  2. That's two votes for Doom! But as two FFans, we are kind of slanted towards the good Doctor I'd have to say!

    Doom has done more then just threaten kids, didn't he once literally send Franklin to Hell? Plus I recall him trying to give poor Franklin to Mephisto in return for the soul of his mother! I don't know, they're both pretty cold hearted... But then I can remember during 52 when Lex turned off all of those super-powers he'd given out just to be a jerk... I don't know who's more cold hearted, but Lex is definitely a bigger jerk imo!

  3. Yeah Lex is a jerk, but he's a lot smoother than Victor. Lex at least justifies his behaviors by saying they're for the good of mankind(which most of the time they are not), while Doom is just like,"it's good for DOOM!"

  4. I'd like to say Lex would win, but coupled with Doom's magical prowess and Lex's glaring defensive mistake I gotta go with Doom as well.

  5. HA, that's so true Kello, although in Doom's defense, he's such an egomaniac that I can see him believing what's good for Doom IS good for humanity! Even if he doesn't come right out and say it!

    I REALLY like both characters JT(as I'm sure you know!), so I would have been fine with either one winning. I didn't have a horse in this race. That's why I didn't do Wally West VS Barry Allen, because I don't know if I'd have been able to come up with ways for Barry to win! I'm too biased towards Wally, and I know it. I couldn't think of a time Lex faced a magical foe(like Zatanna or Dr. Fate), so I don't know that he'd be suitably protected against the mystic arts.

  6. As much as I like Lex I think you're right, Doom would win. Lex doesn't know anything about magic and he's so arrogant that he would dismiss anything he doesn't understand as not worth knowing. This is the error that would cost him the fight.

    Is there a DC villain that could take down Doom?

  7. Great point about Lex being so arrogant that he'd just dismiss magic as useless, Paul. I could SO see him say something just like that too! "If I don't know it it's not worth knowing!" That is 100% a Lex thing to say!

    I guess the easy answer would be somebody like Doomsday('cause of the sheer brute power)or Darkseid(since he is a god)... Although I'm sure Doom would try to siphon Darkseid's powers like he's done to the Silver Surfer and the Beyonder... I think Darkseid would be too smart to allow that to happen though. If I had to pick one DC villain to topple Doom, I think I'd go with Darkseid.

  8. I wanna throw Sinestro out there, I think possibly he could take Doom. And they both have such a Smugness about them.

  9. Mmm-Hmm, Sinestro works for me! I think it would be a REALLY close fight, although I'd probably give the edge to the bad Doctor. But I could definitely see a strong arguement towards Sinestro stealing a win from Doom.

  10. A minor villain like Livewire could probably beat Doom - metal armour anyone? And has Doom ever fought anyone like Elektro (who I saw his new design for in Young Allies, and was like WHAT?!?)?

    Doom would win on sheer power vs Luthor though, not matter how smooth Lex is at talking his way out of anything (or is that his lawyers?)...

  11. Nah, I've got to believe that Doom MUST have his armor insulated against electricity. If Tony Stark can create armor that can negate the effect of Magneto's power, then I'm SURE Doom would have concocted something to prevent himself from getting electrocuted. And if not, he does still have that handy force field!