Friday, July 30, 2010

Batgirl #12

Batgirl #12: Writer: Bryan Q Miller. Pencils: Lee Garbett & Pere Perez.

Review: We kick things off with Batgirl arriving at the secret base of Calculator where Oracle was being held captive. While Oracle battles Calculator in his mind, Batgirl(being assisted by the Calculator's daughter, Wendy)breaks into the base and begins to sneak around. During her travels Batgirl runs into the corpse of Marvin, Calculator's dead son and Wendy's twin brother. Batgirl tells Wendy about what she found, and Wendy gets into a jet and begins to head towards Calculator's base. Oracle and Calculator continue to battle through Calculator's memories while Batgirl manages to shut down the machine that was allowing Calculator to control most of the citizens of Gotham City. Before she can pat herself on the back though, a giant security robot attacks Batgirl. The robot tries to make mincemeat out of Batgirl, but Wendy flies the jet through the wall of Calculator's base and destroys the robot. From there Wendy and Batgirl head to Calculator's lab where Calculator and Babs were linked up mentally. Wendy manages to shut down her father's machines, freeing Babs and Calculator. Calculator tries to tell Wendy that he had changed after being forced to live through his memories, but after seeing her dead brother's corpse propped up in the corner, Wendy traps Calculator's mind in an endless loop where he would be forced to relive his painful childhood. With that, Calculator(now insane)gets sent to Arkham, while Wendy decides to train with Babs in order to assist Batgirl during her missions, which ends this issue.

What I Thought: No complaints here. The story ended kind of predictably, but what other way could it have ended? Calculator HAD to lose, and on top of that he HAD to forget that Babs and Oracle were one and the same. So mission accomplished on that front. I like the idea of Calculator's daughter Wendy deciding to assist Babs and Oracle under the codename of Proxy, since that frees Babs up to be more in the Birds of Prey and less in this comic. Besides that, what can I say? This was another in a long line of great Batgirl comics.

Score: 9 out of 10.Well I'm glad SOMEBODY remembered poor Kid Eternity!



    I don't know if he actually did forget X, and in The Atom story in the Legion co-feature they said he escaped on the way to Arkham...somehow... and he's like, damn near killing Ray Palmer at the end of the story lol.

  2. Thanks for the spoilers JT...Geez!

    I think this book is really great. I get the same feeling from it that I used to get while reading Chuck Dixon's Robin and Catwoman. I really like how Wendy was brought into the fold here, but I don't like the codename proxy. It reminds me of a Tax Return or something else really cold and formal. She should have called herself Moxie.

  3. Wow, really? I could swear that Babs or somebody mentioned that Calculator was either in New Arkham, or was being sent to New Arkham at the end of this comic, JT... But then again I read this book like a week ago, and I did this review based off of some hastily scrawled notes, so I definitely could be off!

    Huh, you know Kello, I can definitely see where you're coming from with the Chuck Dixon/Robin comparison. It IS pretty similar, and that's coming from somebody who just read like 190 something Robin issues in a row! And yeah, I'm nor really sold on the Proxy nickname either... What's wrong with Wendy? :D I would have went with something like Scribe myself. Or maybe something based off of Calculator's name.

  4. LMAO I warned you Kello! Lol I apologize :P

    And yeah, he was going to Arkham, and in the Atom story Babs says he escaped on the way, so I guess he never made it there.

    I don't mind proxy, I think it's a cool name. I think she can't use the Wendy name because of Frosty and baked potato jokes. :P

  5. It could well be a joke on proxy servers... And proxy can mean substitute.

    I got the issue right in front of me here -
    Babs: Noah's in New Arkham under lock and key--trapped in his own personal hell.
    Steph: Where he can't anyone about us.
    Babs: Where he can't anyone about us.

  6. I understand that... but in the Atom co-feature in Adventure Comics 516, that came out the same week as Batgirl, Babs says "We thought we'd finally caught him, but he disappeared on his way to Arkham Asylum." And it said "As seen in Batgirl #9-12" on the page, meaning it happened afterwards and he never made it to Arkham.

  7. Huh, so I guess somebody over at DC must have gotten their wires crossed up or something. Who knew Calculator was in such high demand?

  8. Yeah I'm as shocked as you, that's the main reason I didn't see him as popping up in BoP because he was in Batgirl and now he's in The Atom's comic.

  9. Well, if Calculator is getting around like this, hopefully he WILL show up in BoP soon. I always thought he was a great foil for Babs. A villain who could almost match her computer know how. Those last few issues of the last Birds series actually turned me into a bit of a closet Calculator fan!

  10. Speaking of that, I loved when they went on a "date" in BoP and didn't know that they were each other's enemies, that was just great writing.

  11. Well, yeah, it's slightly weird. What's he doing in the Atom anyway?

  12. There was a lot to like about Birds, especially towards the end. Even after Gail left, that comic stayed pretty strong.

    That's something only JT could answer, since I dropped Adventure Comics two months back.

  13. It's not weird at all, Atom's looking for answers about a villain, Oracle knows stuff for heroes, Calc knows stuff for villains, so he finds Calc.

    Definitely agree X, Tony Bedard did a great job keeping up the pace of the stories, and I loved reading about Manhunter and Barda in the issues they were in.

  14. You know what else Tony Bedard writes, JT? REBELS! He seems to be one of those under the radar type of writers, who's always solid and occasionally great, but never really gets any attention for his work.

  15. So he currently writes Rebels like, right now? Alright, I'll pick up a few issues or trades because you've hyped it up pretty well, but I still gotta read Winter Soldier and a LOT of other things first.

  16. Yup, he's written REBELS from the start. Awesome! I'm glad that I finally corrupted you JT! Welcome to the REBELS fold!

    You still haven't read Winter Soldier?! *mouth drops to floor* Dude, what are you waiting for?!? Then again, I'm one to talk... I still haven't read Spider-Man: American Son yet myself! I did manage to read the first three Invincible trades(which were surprisingly great!), so at least that's something!

  17. Yeah, thanks to you I picked up the first ten issues today, so they better be good! :P

    And hey, I just read the entire Birds of Prey Series, get off mah back!!11!!1! Lol But I'll probably read Winter Soldier this weekend, either that or start Secret Six.

  18. No kidding? AWESOME! It starts off a bit slow, and if you're anything like I was, you pretty much won't know who ANY of the characters are(when I first picked up the series, I was clueless to even Dox!), but as the story rolls along, it def picks up. Plus Dox always gets a smile out of me. The first... I want to say 14 issues or so deal with the same storyline, so here's hoping you enjoy that story as much as I did. And remember, if you're curious about any of the characters, let me know, and I'll fill you in. I went from not knowing a thing about these characters to knowing practically EVERYTHING about them!

    Oh yeah, the BoP! I forgot about that... Well, if it were me, I'd def go for the Winter Soldier storyline over Secret Six. But whatever you decide to read, let me know. I'd be interested in hearing what you thought about either or.

  19. Awesome dude, I'll definitely bring you any questions I have. And speaking of recommendations, I finished the first four issues of Cap today, after Red Skull gets killed and such, last one I read is when the dude says he teamed with Cap, left the bar and got shot and thrown in a trunk but I'm loving it so far, I love the mystery of why Cap's memories are all messed up.

    Haha, I read your second reply after I typed the stuff above, but I have big news. Arkham Asylum 2 has been dubbed Batman: Arkham City, it comes out Fall 2011, and will be featured in next months game informer, the cover has Batman and Catwoman! Should be great buddy.

  20. Great! Keep filling me in on where you are in the Cap story. That way it'll be like I'm reading it again, just through you!

    Arkham City? Interesting... I wonder if that means somehow the madness of Arkham ends up infecting all of Gotham or something. Well I'll say this much, that is ONE game I'll be pre-ordering ONCE the opportunity arises!

  21. Will do buddy, I'll probably finish it over the weekend, and Falisha got a TON of comics from the Library so I'll get some of those too, a lot of X-Men and stuff so I'll post them tomorrow night and see if it's anything you've heard of, as well as some Garth Ennis Punisher stories.

    Same here dude, and apparently they've made a new prison/Arkham in the middle of the city or something, and Catwoman, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze and Talia Al Ghul are confirmed, as well as Joker. Harley and Black Mask are also rumored to be in it.

  22. Hmm, it depends on which X-Men stuff, 'cause some of the recent stories have been painfully bad! But yeah, post what you got, 'cause I'd love to chime in with any opinions I might have.

    Two-Face and Talia up the coolness factor of that game a thousand fold! Now just toss Nightwing, Robin(Tim)and Ra's in there as the final boss, and I'll be doing backflips!

  23. Will do buddy, there was quite a few from what she showed me on her webcam yesterday but they looked pretty interesting.

    I'd love to see other Bat-Family members show up. I don't know if it's true or not but I heard they may save Ra's for the third game, then again, with Talia being in this one signs kinda point to him, although I wouldn't be surprised if Two-Face was the final boss.

  24. Cool, I'll be waiting to hear it.

    Well, maybe Talia's appearance in this game could lead to a Ra's appearance in the next. Still, I'd be really happy to see Ra's as the boss. Two-Face is great, but Ra's has that leader type feel to me that I'm not sure I get off of Two-Face.

  25. She should be leaving soon so my next comment should have them, finally!

    I see what you mean, I'm hoping Catwoman plays a big part personally, and I wouldn't mind a little alluding to Mr. Freeze or someone fore the third game... maybe a few Red Hood herrings :P I won't hold my breath though.

    Little known fact, the dude who voices Batman in Under The Red Hood is apparently voicing Two-Face in Arkham City.

  26. I could def see Catwoman playing a big role, although I will say I'll be a little bit let down if she's Batman's ally, and Tim and/or Dick don't show up... I think almost more then anything, I'm hoping to see a Nightwing appearance in that game, and in a perfect world, he'd be an unlockable character or something.

    And yeah, a Red Hood appearance would be SO awesome... Why not have him behind the scene's killing criminals until eventually Bats notices and goes after him? That would be a great fight scene.

    Huh, it seems like once you do some DC movie/show/video game, you have a job for life!

  27. I'd LOVE that, imagine Nightwing, fighting with his Escrima sticks. That'd be so awesome. And I'm hoping more of a (forgive the pun) Cat and Mouse game between Bats and Catwoman, where she's joking and flirting and still not really an ally, like in the older days.

    I definitely agree, especially with the Mini and animated film out, it'd be a nice way to capitalize on it. Hell I'd be happy if they just hinted to him so he could appear in the third one.

    Right? He's also playing Batman on the Young Justice cartoon.

    Alright the comics Falisha got from the library are:

    Wolverine: Tales of Weapon X
    (Weapon X First Class 1-3, Wolverine First Class 1-2, and Wolverine and Power Pack 2)

    Two Punisher comics by Garth Ennis
    (The Punisher Vol 2. 1-7 and 13-18.)

    Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon
    (Astonishing X-Men -6 and 7-12)

    And Uncanny X-men The New Age by Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-men 444-449)

  28. Well, I saw on IGN that it LOOKS like Robin will be in the game in some form, let's hope it's Tim(and NOT Damian)and that he's playable. I'd be fine if he was playable even in a few of those mini-games.

    Yeah, even if there's some little Jason Todd referrence I'd be happy, like the body in the morgue with Ra's name on the toe tag. That was one of those awesome little touches that made the first game SO awesome.

    Well, I haven't read the Wolverine First Class stuff, and unless the Punisher trades are the REALLY old ones(which I doubt), I prob haven't read them either. Astonishing was pretty good in the beginning, and those issues of Uncanny... RUN away from them!!! Run FAR away! Oh god, that run was one of the WORST X-runs I've ever read... I just hope that that isn't the Savage Land storyline... There's a storyline that takes place in the Savage Land during that Claremont run where X-Men start to turn into dinosaurs that was maybe the worst thing I've EVER read!!!

  29. Oh man I hope so, and I definitely hope it's not Damian. I'd love to be able to play some more challenge maps as Batman, Joker (if we can again), Nightwing, Robin and maybe even Catwoman.

    Speaking of that, you know if you go back to the morgue at the end of the game that his body is gone right?

    The artwork in the Wolverine Weapon X thing is really good, so I was thinking about reading that and Astonishing first and the Punisher comics if I felt like it, but I'll DEFINITELY not read Uncanny after the way you just warned me of it like it was the plague!

  30. Yeah, I really like the idea of playing as Nightwing and Robin in challenge maps. Hell, I'd be willing to pay extra to buy a Robin/Nightwing add-on!

    Yup. And I think the toe tag is on the ground or something. Man was that game awesome!

    Cool. Yeah, if those are the issues of Uncanny I think they are, then it's probably WORSE then the plague!!!

  31. I would too honestly, I'd love to have the chance to play as those guys, and the fighting styles would all be different because of their size and training differences. Imagine playing as Red Hood and whipping out guns and knives as well as hand to hand combat, that'd be pretty cool too.

    It really is, that's definitely one of my favorite videogames of all time...

    Haha, oh I finished Winter Soldier today. I loved it, I really liked the Soldier Character as well as Jack Monroe's. I wish they hadn't killed him off. But yeah, thanks for a fantastic recommendation.

  32. Speaking of that, that poll you put up was TOUGH! I was SO torn between Dick and Tim... In the end I went with Nightwing though, but damn was it a close call! You know, that's probably one of the reasons I enjoyed Lego Batman. THe fact that you could play as like Two-Face and Joker on the same team was pretty sweet!

    Well, I'm def glad you liked it. It's def one of my favorite stories this past decade, and it turned me from a Captain America fan to a Cap fanatic. Where did the trade end off btw? I can remember like that whole story, but I kind of want to know what I can mention to you, since I don't want to spoil anything in case you decide to get the next few issues.

  33. Man It's getting harder and harder to come up with Poll ideas, I'm thinking about scrapping it from the blog.

    I played that on PS2 but I may have to try it on PS3 because I couldnt jget into it then after the first level as Batman and Robin. I heard you could even be Spoiler.

    It ended with Bucky walking around the old camp, and us finding out Red Skull was living in that dudes body.

  34. Really? That would be too bad, I know I always vote. You could always scrap it for a week or two and then put it up if you have a good idea. Or just do random stuff, like, "Which writer/artist/hero/villain/talking monkey do you like more?", although I don't think I'd vote on the talking monkey poll...

    Yeah, I have the PS3 version. You could create a whole bunch of people who weren't in the game like Hush and Huntress to play as too. It was a surprisingly fun game, especially with a second player.

    Hmm, so how did it end between Bucky and Cap?

  35. Haha true, I could do more of those. I try not to do stuff where I know it'll be one definite answer because it seems boring, ya know? But those would work.

    Okay, selling point, can you play it online?

    Cape saved Buckster with the Cube by making him remember, Buck said Cap should've killed him, crushed the cube and teleported away and that was it surprisingly.

  36. Yeah, I hear ya. If you know the outcome, then why bother putting up the poll? But I think you could get a few varied answers if you were like, "Which of these is your current favorite DC Writer? GEOFF Johns, Crazy Grant Morrison, Paul Dini or Gail Simone?" Something like that might give you a surprising response.

    I honestly don't know... You know I'm not a big online guy. If I had to guess, I'd say no though. I don't recall seeing a online option.

    Okay, cool. Sounds like you read the entire arc then(which was like what, 14 issues or so?). Cap actually dies pretty soon after that storyline wraps(in issue #25), but he does run into Bucky before the end, I think during a storyline in England.

  37. Good point, that'll probably be my next poll just to see the difference in answers. Thanks for the help bro.

    I forgot you aren't a big fan of online. I usually try to grab stuff I can play online with Falisha too since we live kinda far away.

    Yep, 14 issues. And I saw that on Wiki, I looked it up after I finished, and saw that Sharon shot Cap or something due to being under control, it seemed interesting.

  38. No problem mi amigo. You've given me plenty of ideas for the blogs, so I'm happy to offer you something.

    Yeah, that makes sense. Me, I'm happy playing a game with HUGE replay value(sports games, strategy games, etc)and avoiding the whole online thing. Last thing I need is to get owned by some 9 year old kid at frigging Soul Calibur or something... My ego would never recover! :P

    Dude, you should def grab it! Hell, I'd say read all of the Cap trades and start reading the current series! Ed Brubaker is still writing it, and now that GEOFF Johns has fallen out of my favor, Ed is BY FAR my favorite writer.

  39. See, that's a good partnership buddy!

    Lmao, I'm still waiting to own you at Soul Calibur IV but you won't play me :P I know what you mean though, all I need is a game like DA:O, the newest Smackdown and the Newest Call of Duty to play online with Falisha and I'm good.

    I'll have to check around, see if I can find them cheap or something, I almost picked up Super Soldier 2 today though.

  40. Ain't that the truth?

    HA! All I play now is Civilization: Revolution. That frigging game has been dominating my free time ever since I put DA:O down! I played it for a good three hours today after school, and I didn't even finish the game I was in the middle of.

    That's probably one of the books I'll read tonight before I go to sleep. You didn't get the first issue though, so I can def understand why you wouldn't have picked up the second issue. That's one thing I won't do, start reading a mini-series at any issue but #1. If I can't get the first issue, I just won't read it.

  41. You know it!

    Man! So what's that about exactly, you just make civilizations and run them Sims style or something?

    I may pick up the first and second issues, I really wanna read about Bucky as Cap though, could you give me a good part to start from that, but one that's not gonna involve me buying a ton of issues?

  42. Jeez, where do I start??? You basically take a civilization(there's 16 in all)and beginning in 2000BC you build up your civ against 4 other expansion minded civs. Each civ has it's own perks(Americans start the game with a great person, ie: Einstein or Plato, the Germans get extra production from forest regions, the Egyptians start the game with a great wonder, ie: a Pyramid), and you can win by either Domination: taking over the capital cities of the other 4 civs, Culture: gathering 20 great wonders, great people or captured cities and then building the UN building, Technology: learning Space Travel and sending a ship off to a different galaxy to colonize it or Economically: gathering 20,000$ and then building the World Bank. Every time you play the game is totally different, since a new map is randomly generated, so you have to try to get a good starting location for your capital, while trying to slowly expand your # of cities, all while being leery to not allow one of your cities to fall to one of the competing civs. You can choose what you'd like to research from military type things like bronze working or gunpowder to government types like Democracy or Communism. Hell, you can even build the Manhattan Project and nuke a civ that's been pissing you off and totally wipe out their city! Plus, what's better then rushing to get to advanced flight before anybody else, building a few huge bomber airplanes and then sending them to bomb opposing cities that are only defended by archers?! It's just a crazy deep game. My favorite civs would be the Americans, since we can get crazy production out of factories. Communist Americans are pretty much unstoppable! The Germans, since they get a great productivity boost from forest regions, the Romans, since they can build Great Wonders cheap and get extra Great People, and the Japanese, since they can gain science so easily. Other civs will still be attacking with swords and horses, while the Japanese will have guns and tanks! Man, I sure went on a tear, didn't I? But yeah, I've lost countless hours to this game.

    Bucky officially takes up the Cap mantle at issue #34. I'm not sure what trade that would be, but that should be just about right where he decides to become Cap. So just grab something from after issue 34. Hell, I'm sure it's all good anyway! :P

  43. That sounds like your type of game, being a big history guy. It does sound awesome, just not my cup of tea, since I'm kinda impatient lol.

    Awesome dude, thanks for your help. And I'm assume their all by Ms. Ed Brubaker right?

  44. Well, it's not like you need to know or like history to enjoy that game. But yeah, it takes a while to master, and it def not for more impulsive types. But then again, I'm pretty impatient(hell, I can barely sit still to watch a tv show!)and I enjoy it.

    "Ms. Ed Brubaker" DUDE?!?!? Ms?!?!?!

  45. I bet you're the guy that loves to play Risk and hates to play Checkers or something aren't you? :P

    Lmao! I SWEAR I meant to type Mr. Haha that's pretty awesome lol, Ms. Ed

  46. Dude, that is me to the T! I LOVE Risk! Unfortunately, nobody in my family shares my Risk love... But that's the awesome thing about Civ Rev, it's like a lifesize game of Risk, with added nuclear weapons! And yes, I HATE checkers, I am, and always have been a chess man.

    HA! I saw that and I was like, "That had BETTER be a typo, or I'll be flying out to Michigan to have words with JT!" :D

  47. Haha I knew it dude! I'm also a chess player, but I don't mind Checkers, you should have me destroy you in Chess a few times buddy :P

    Lol quick to defend Ed's Honor eh? And are you surprised that Geoff is dominating the poll over on my blog.

  48. How often do you play chess, JT? When I was like 13/14 I used to play against my friends like every day(always used to win too, but I taught them, so yeah), but I probably haven't played against a human opponent in like 7/8 years.

    Nah, I'm really not. I mean, I personally may be uber-pissed at Señor Johns, but I'm sure most DC Fanboys still think the sun rises and sets when Geoff says it does. Me? I'm just so over his, "Let's party like it's 1959" shtick.

  49. Lets see, a buddy taught me how to play when I was like 10 or 11, I played almost weekly until I was about 14, stopped for a while and taught Falisha last year, so I also haven't played much except when I play my computer which schools me... but it's a computer so yeah, lol.

    Yeah, I thought about it after I posted that and it does seem like a lot of people don't even mind his bringing back everyone from olden days, and I can't lie, he's been great on Green Lantern, but I just don't like his work as much as I did around this time last year.

  50. Yeah, I probably learned when I was like 5 or 6, and played regularly(more or less)until I was about 14, and then that was pretty much that. The computer thing made me laugh, 'cause I won't play my computer past a certain level, 'cause I get REALLY pissed when it beats me! The worst was I had a chess game for my PSP, and it beat me on like the easiest level, so I wound up taking the game, ejecting it from the PSP and sending it flying across the room! That'll teach that damned cheating PSP!!!

    Yeah, GEOFF IS still going pretty strong on GL, but like you, last year at this time, he was among my two favorite writers. It was him and Ms. :P Ed Brubaker. But now I just feel he's gone too far with his lust of all things Golden Age.

  51. Lmao right? Or I'll lose, then go back and change stuff, and then STILL lose, that pisses me off even more. It's like "Damn, you let me get a redo and STILL beat me?!"

    Lol @ BOTH of those. You calling him GEOFF, BENDIS style and the fact you threw in that Ms. made me laugh. So if Geoff never brought back the Golden Age people would he still be top 2?

  52. HA! I've also been known to do that too! Hit the redo button... That's really sad if you think about it! I'll be like, "Whoops, I didn't see THAT move... Undo."

    If GEOFF never brought back BARRY frigging ALLEN he'd probably still be in my top 3 or so! I'd still be a bit miffed about the way Blackest Night went down, and about how craptacular Brightest Day has been, but I'd def still have WAY more respect for his work. Saint Barry Allen, Our Lord and Savior, God of the Speed Force and The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread is the thing that really raises my ire... I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive GEOFF relegating Wally to nobody status...

  53. Lmao right?! The worst part about that is if you lose it's like damn, the computer beat me TWICE! In ONE GAME. Then I stop playing for like months.

    "Saint Barry Allen, Our Lord and Savior, God of the Speed Force and The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread" <---- Is by far the GREATEST QUOTE IN THE HISTORY OF MAN.... I laughed so Goddamn hard at that. That made my day. 8 Hours at work pales in comparison to that haha.

    Gotta agree though buddy, I mean are you kidding me? Wally is nowhere now, at least throw his ass in the JLA with Grayson or the Outsiders instead of him LITERALLY doing nothing.

  54. HA, exactly! It's bad enough to lose fair and square, but when you CHEAT and you STILL lose, you know it's time to throw something across the room! Or at least that's the way my mind works.

    Well I'm glad I can give you something to laugh about after a long day at work JT. I should post that quote somewhere random on the blog just for the hell of it!

    Dude, right??? I mean why the HELL isn't Wally on the JLA or Outsiders? Hell, why not stick him on the Teen Titans as a mentor type of character like Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg used to be? Wally and Bart together in the same book would be awesome. No, instead we get NO Wally and tons of Saint Barry... Then you wonder why I'm pissed at GEOFF and DC!

  55. Haha. Remind me to never play you, or you'll try to throw ME across the room :P

    That'd be awesome dude, speaking of which I worked the line for about two hours today, Honestly the hardest thing I've ever done, including Wrestling training. Like honestly X, I got home at 4 and slept until like 8, was tired as hell, neck hurt horribly, Godawful headache, had to take a Vicodin. Oh, and I threw up at home... Also don't know if I'll keep the job because they want me to work Monday-Friday from 3 PM to Midnight, meaning I wouldn't get to talk to Falisha or see her since the only says I have off, she works.

    Yeah, I definitely agree with you bro. Well he'll definitely be in Flashpoint, let's just hope they don't kill him off now.... I'd rather he just is in limbo than get killed off for no reason.

  56. Nah, I wouldn't throw you, I'd just flip the board up and then run like hell! :D

    Damn man, if the job is that bad, I wouldn't blame you for not taking it! No wonder the pay is so good! So out of curiosity, what exactly did they have you doing? And yeah, the thing with Falisha def sucks too... That's an AWFUL time to work. My first job at a school had me working from 3-midnight, and it sucked because I'd basically wake up at like noon, eat something and then go to work. And like once I got home, everybody was already asleep, so I'd sit around by myself for an hour, eat some re-heated dinner and go to sleep. I had JUST turned 18 and I remember thinking that those were like the WORST hours in history!

    You'll have to be the guy to fill me in on Flashpoint, 'cause I doubt I'll be reading it. I might be requesting a super special, spoilerific review from you for those books, JT!

  57. Lol I gotta say, I wouldn't even chase you, I'd just throw the pieces with Bullseye precision :P

    I'd agree with that thought bro. So basically, it sounds easy but I had to go to the front of the car when it went by, and remove these bolts and this big metal piece, then go to the middle and lift this huge pipe, connect it and then bolt it in, all before the next car in the line comes. and the pipes were heavy as hell, I'm a big guy, and not weak by any means, but the pipes are so heavy that the guy who puts it in the car shell before me had like a big long hook to lift the pipes with. So if I screwed up or didnt bolt it right, I have to go down the line with the car, and fix it then go back and play catch up. I was so sore I came home, went to sleep and couldnt move my neck, thought I'd have to go to the hospital and ended up having to take a Vicodin. And I hate taking any type of pill. It was rough bro, coupled with those hours, It's not even worth the cash, ya know?

    That's cool bro, I'll most likely pick them up and I'll let ya know how it goes with Wally, Bart and etc. Not a problemo at all.

  58. Well, I'm deceptively fast, so you had BETTER have that Bullseye aim going! :P

    Damn, that sounds frigging TOUGH! Why did you have to do it all by hand if the guy before you got to use a big hook? And yeah, if you'd be coming home a total wreck everyday, then hell no it's not worth the money.

    Cool, I'll be looking forward to those reviews.

  59. Lol. deceptively fast. I'm deceptively strong so I can fling chess pieces at a speed that could Rival Saint Barry.

    EXACTLY X! That's what I was saying. So coupled with bakc-breaking work, those hours and not being able to talk to/see Falisha, it's hell. I'd rather work somewhere else with less work and less hours.

    Awesome, and with that you've cemented at least another year of my blog. :P

  60. NOTHING could rival Saint Barry!!! Oh wait, wrong blog...

    Can't blame ya. Why be miserable/totally wrecked? I really can't say that job is worth the trouble.

    Well, I'm happy to have helped! :D

  61. Haha, it's hard to turn that switch off sometimes eh? :P

    Exactly dude, So I've been filling out a ton of apps and stuff, I filled out about ten today, called a few place about Bouncer and Security jobs... wish I knew how to get a comic shop job.

    Hey, like I said buddy, if it weren't for you the place wouldn't even exist!

  62. Sadly it is! :P

    Comic book shop job would be both the best and worst job I could possibly have. I mean, it would def be you doing something you enjoy, which is a HUGE plus, but then again I'd probably be bringing home pretty much NO money, since I'd be blowing it all at the store! "It's payday? Just pay me in COMICS!!!"

    That's pretty wild. Just imagine how different both of our lives would be if you had never gone searching for those Nightwing comics!

  63. Haha, from being paid in cookies to being paid in comics. You're like a big kid X :P Come work for me, I'll pay you in Digorno's and Ice Cold sodas :P

    Right? That's pretty wild, or if you never bought them all or reviews them. You'd probably have closed this place, I would have no interest in blogging, Falisha wouldn't be posting her pics and Marc probably wouldn't have started his comic blog. All because of you, and myself indirectly.

  64. Dude, I'd take that job! :P

    Yup, we are officially the center of the blogging universe! :D If not for my half-assed reviews, and you liking them, ALL of our lives would be way different. We are two very powerful men, JT! :D

  65. Lol I bet you would! Hell I'd fire you and replace you myself.

    Haha you know your reviews are good :P And yes, we rule, we are on top of the UNIVERSE. We're like HHH and Taker, the most powerful men in our world, and genuinely powerless most other places... lol.

  66. Damn, so I take this awesome job from you, work for soda and Digornios and wind up gettimng fired because you were coveting my reward?! You my friend would be a hard boss to like! :P

    Dude, seriously, my early reviews were HORRIBLE! You know I'm really harsh on my work and all, but that first year or so, before I found my own groove/voice was just brutal. So many of those reviews were me playing the politician role, you know, trying to find any good in even the worst comic so I wouldn't offend anybody. Eventually the New Yawker in me came out and was like, "Fuck 'em all, X! Just go from your gut!" And to be perfectly honest, it was around the time when I decided to just be me during the reviews, the business around here really seemed to pick up.

    I mean, in the beginning I tried to keep my own personal preferances out of my reviews, but that's crazy. They're my reviews. They should have some of ME in them, you know. I'm pretty high on a sleeping pill right now, so I'm not really sure where I'm going with this anymore... Wooo is this pill hitting me hard!

  67. Lol lucky for YOU I wouldn't be your boss very long :P Haha

    Really? Now I gotta go back and see you politicking before you turned into the Chef Ramsey of comics. "Grant Morrison, you fucking Donkey, This comic is SHIT!" *X kicks the trashcan!*

    I got ya bro, so I take it you were still having problems getting some sleep? And you must have some REEEALLY good sleeping pills.

  68. HA! Good friend, lousy boss...

    ""Grant Morrison, you fucking Donkey, This comic is SHIT!" *X kicks the trashcan!*" HA!!! Best quote ever! The garbage can kick at the end was just classic, too!

    Damn, that pill MUST have been good! I can barely even recall this conversation! I'm reading what I wrote and thinking. "Did I really write THAT?"! :P

  69. Lol that's me buddy! Good friend, lousy boss. Don't give me ANY power!!!!

    Haha I knew you'd like that. Speaking of Ramsay, He and The Miz were on George Lopez's cable talk show, and there was a skit where Miz baked him this cake, Ramsay opens his suit jacket and pulls out a fork, takes a bite and just RIPS The Miz to shreds, lol it was awesome.

    What kinda sleeping pills ARE these because I need some. And do they kick in quickly?

  70. I should DEF see if I can find that on Youtube or something, 'cause it sounds AMAZING!

    Nah, it's more of a gradual thing. I'll take the pills, do the blog thing, and after about an hour of two I'll be almost passing out! Especially since I have to get up so early on Friday. My regular tiredness coupled with the pills are a recipe for a very sleepy X!

  71. I saw it there, here's the link buddy. It says 5 mins but it happens over the first like 40 seconds.

    That;s pretty awesome, why do you have to be up so early on Fridays?

  72. Awesome! I just copied the link, so I'll be watching it in a few.

    Ugh, I have one of those hellish early classes... On Mon, Wed and Fri... I HATE early classes!

  73. Sweet, looking forward to what ya think when your love of wrestling and your love of Ramsay collide :P

    Ah no wonder. So are you off on Tuesdays and Thursdays or just have later classes?