Friday, July 16, 2010

Green Lantern #55

Green Lantern #55: Writer: GEOFF Johns. Pencils: Doug Mahnke.

Review: This issue is basically a knockdown, drag-out brawl between Lobo(the baddest man in ALL of the universe)and Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, Sinestro and Atrocitus in the streets of New York. It seems that Lobo has decided to collect on a bounty that was on Atrocitus's head, and Hal, Sinestro and Carol are tasked with assisting the leader of the Red Lanterns at the behest of the White Power Battery. Long story short, after much destruction, Hal chases Lobo off, since the bounty wasn't worth the trouble it was giving Lobo to collect it. At least that what Hal and company believe... Later on we find out that Atrocitus hired Lobo to attack him in order to gain the trust and assistance of Hal and company. Lobo's payment for the staged fight? A Red Lantern ring! There was also a back-up story about Dex-Starr, the feline member of the Red Lantern corps, but it was so pathetic that I'm just going to pretend that it never happened...

What I Thought: For what it was, this was a great comic. It was pretty much Lobo running roughshod over everybody in his path. The artwork was fantastic, and the story was minimal, which was perfectly fine by me. I was almost furious about the way the battle ended, with Lobo turning tail and running from Hal, but since that was explained away I really don't have anything to complain about here.

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Sadly Lobo had no hope of winning this battle since he hasn't been around since the early 1960's...


  1. I LOVED Lobo getting a ring. SO much, I don't know when he'll use it but I can't wait. And I liked that Dex-Star thing haha.

  2. How much do you want to bet that the Lobo/ring thing never leads to anything! :P

    Pfft, talking monkeys, blood-spitting cats, flying dogs, I'm sorry, but the DCU is like a frigging out of control zoo! If I wanted to read about animals, I'd read Curious George or something!

  3. Haha, sad thing is that REALLY wouldn't surprise me, like honestly. But I'm hoping he uses it eventually, in something interesting.

    Lol! Everything you said just now was classic. The idea of you reading curious George also makes me laugh.

  4. Lobo is the SHIT!!!! Awww X you didn't like the little kitten story at the end? I thought you just had a thing against talking monkeys/gorillas! lol

    I thought it was interesting that a damn cat can get a ring and Lex can't. Lmao.

  5. This just in: the next characters to get power rings will be Ambush Bug and Captain Carrot.

  6. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that Lobo eventually shows up in REBELS. With Starfire all ready there he'd be a perfect fit, especially from their 52 days. The only thing is I doubt Lobo would want to get involved with Vril Dox again...

    Nope Falisha, it's all animals in general. I don't get why they have to be portrayed as super-smart and stuff in comics... That's like so... second grade I guess! Sure when I was seven, eight years old the idea of super-smart, talking animals might have appealed to me, but not anymore! :P

    Marc, I wouldn't be at all surprised! How long before every character in the DCU has at least one power ring?

  7. I love talking animals, especially in comics. I just find the whole thing endlessly amusing. The day that Beppo the Super-Monkey gets his own power ring can't come soon enough, lol.

  8. HA! That's the day I pull a Mark Waid and decide I'm through with comic books! :D

  9. Lol. Aww X hates talking animals. Lol...meh I tend to ignore them 90% of the time. Lol. remember that man/bull thing in Wonder Woman. Had the head of a Bull. Now HE used to piss me off. Lol. Didn't do a thing to me. Shame I tell ya. Lol.

  10. I DO remember that thing Falisha! I'm totally blanking on the name though... Damn, that's gonna drive me crazy all day now! Watch, I'll be taking my Spanish test tomorrow and I'll suddenly remember the name and shout it out in the middle of class! :D

  11. Falisha - do you mean a minotaur? :P

    Talking animals I don't mind really, but in excess amounts, sure. And it's always Gorillas as well...

    Imagine in Curious George got a Power Ring. What one would it be?

    I thought the Dex-Starr thing was sort of funny (a Power Ring saying "Good kitty" = win)