Friday, July 30, 2010

Batman: Streets of Gotham #14

Batman: Streets of Gotham #14: Writer: Paul Dini. Pencils: Dustin Nguyen.

Review: This issue begins with an old-school mobster getting let out of prison and swearing that he'd kill Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, the man who was pretending to be Bruce Wayne, Hush, continued to dream about killing all of the various super-heroes who were babysitting him. We also get a rather strange story from the past about Hush's mother, as well as Bruce Wayne's parents, Martha and Thomas Wayne, before they were married. The moral of the story seemed to be that Thomas was a raging drunk or something... Strange. Anyway, this story suddenly ends with Hush deciding he wanted to use his pull as Bruce Wayne to free Jane Doe from Arkham Asylum, no doubt for some nefarious reasons. There was also a second feature with Two-Face, but since I never review second features, I'm just going to skip it as usual.

What I Thought: Wow, there really wasn't much to this story... It was only like half the comic, and half of that was all about some weird flashback... As for Jane Doe, all I can think is that she'll be let out either to imitate Thomas Wayne(which I wish was the case, but I doubt it since Grant Morrison is currently doing the whole “evil Thomas Wayne” story), or more likely, imitate Bruce/Hush, which would free Hush up to run wild again. If this story was a bit longer I'd give it a higher score, but as it is I'll give it a...

Score: 7 out of 10.Ahh how I miss classic Hush...


  1. Nice review X, I think you should go back and read the co-feature though because I liked this story but I enjoyed the co-feature even more. Probably the first co-feature I'll actually continue reading.

    Lol and yeah, Thomas was a MAJOR drunk!

  2. Oh, I did read the co-feature, but I just don't bother reviewing them. I think it would make the reviews too confusing, you know? I actually really enjoyed the Manhunter co-feature in this series, and the Two-Face one is at least starting off strong.

    "Lol and yeah, Thomas was a MAJOR drunk!" Dude, wasn't he though!

  3. I agree, that's the exact same reason I didn't review it as well, but man I enjoyed it. I liked the first few stories of the Manhunter series with Jane Doe, but I skipped a few issues and it lost me so I stopped reading.

    That dude was SO outrageous, I was like, shocked and I couldn't look away, meanwhile Zatara was so debonair lol.

  4. I actually liked this issue. Lol. Somehow JT talked me into getting this issue, but I'm glad I did. I like seeing flashbacks with people, especially people we don't know much about. Example, the Wayne's BEFORE they got married. That was something I really enjoyed about this issue.

    Lol, I swear Hush gives me chills he's just so creepy yet a freaking GENIUS!.

    Great review buddy. You always keep it real! Lol. That's what I love about your reviews.

  5. When they first started with the Second Features I reviewed a couple of them, but I remember it made my reviews even more confusing then usual! With how scatterbrained I am I have a hard enough time keeping one story straight, let alone two!

    That's actually a really good point Falisha. Not about how great my reviews are(although that IS a good point too! :P), but about getting a glimpse into underdeveloped characters pasts. That's probably like the first time I've read something about Thomas Wayne before he was married, and it really helps give some insight into both him and Martha. It really makes you wonder... Was Hush's mother embellishing events? Was Thomas really THAT drunk all the time or was it an isolated incident? Did Martha only marry him for his money, 'cause he sure made a sucky first impression!

  6. I didn't even THINK about that. She could've been embellishing, since it was in fact her journal. I'd love to hear someone else's thoughts like if Jim Gordon was there (I don't recall) or someone impartial.

  7. You know...that lady was OBSESSED. I wouldn't be surprised if she was making stuff up, to make HER look good. I mean she basically said Bruce's mother was borderline poor, if not poor. Sounds to me she was doing some nice and charitable. Doesn't sound like she's too poor to me.

  8. Yes, exactly guys! Hush's mother wasn't exactly ultra sane, she was a real bitch if I remember correctly, so who's to say she wasn't making stuff up? I mean, I don't know why you'd lie in your own journal(who else is going to see it?!), but I def wouldn't put it past her. Then again, maybe Thomas was doing the same act Bruce does(the drunken playboy act)to hide something he was up to. That's a thought too!

  9. You know X, you'd be surprised how many people write false things in journals whether its for them to feel good about themselves after they re-read it OR, hoping someone found it after their passing and think that was the true them. Sort of like, selling a product. Tell a little white lie to sell it and make it look good.

    That lady has psych ward written all over her.

  10. Huh, I guess I can see that. I especially like the idea that someone would write something false in order to mislead others after their death. I could SO see Hush's mother do that! She probably has herself look like Mother Theresa in her journal, while everybody else looks terrible!