Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Comic Day: July 14.

Hola fellow comic enthusiasts, it's the most wonderful day of the week for a comic book fan, that's right, it's new comic day!!! Not a huge pull from my comic shop today, I only picked up 8 books, but to make up for that I also brought 4 new trades, thus proving once and for all that I should NEVER be allowed into a comic book store with excess money in my pockets... First off, before I get to what I picked up, allow me to thank all of you who took the time to comment on my “Let's Talk About” post last night. Since it seemed to go over well, I'll try to have another post like that up either this weekend, or early next week. Okay, enough about yesterday, let's talk about today! I picked up; The Heroic Age: Uncanny X-Men #1, Supergirl #53, Avengers Academy #2, Booster Gold #34, Iron Man #28, Justice League: Generation Lost #5, Thanos Imperative #2 & X-Men Origins: Deadpool #1. Besides those comics I also brought the following 4 trades; Iron Man/Captain America, Deadpool: X Marks The Spot, Amazing Spider-Man: American Son & Invincible: Family Matters. Besides that, I've also received several comics in the mail lately including Green Lantern #55, Secret Avengers #2, Captain America #607, Action Comics #890, Justice Society of America #40, Justice League of America #46, Wonder Woman #600 & Flash #3. Whew! So there you have it. Those are the comics I have in my possession that I'm willing to review. If you want me to review any of the aforementioned comics, drop me a comment, and I'll try to have a few posts up come Friday. As for right now I'll be responding to any comments you guys left for me yesterday and earlier today, and then it's the boundless fun that is my Spanish homework! Huzzah! That's all for tonight, thanks for reading, X out.


  1. Just logged on after a little blogging vacation, so I'll be sure to check out your "Let's Talk About" post right after I finish commenting here.

    I've been getting really interested in the X-Men lately, between recently reading X-Men: Mutant Genesis (collecting issues 1-7 of the 1991 X-Men series) and from all the good stuff I've been hearing lately on some podcasts I listen to. So I'd be interested to hear what direction they're headed with those titles with the Heroic Age one-shot.

    Iron Man/Captain America is sort of a "best of" compilation, right? I'd definitely love to hear what you think of that, since it's one I've been thinking about picking up myself.

    I liked Spider-Man: American Son a good deal, and I think you will too. In fact, I reviewed an issue or two of it for IGN and I was actually criticized by some people for scoring it too high! (Silly internet fanboys...)

    Oh, and I feel like I should say a few words about Invincible since you picked up the first trade. I hated Family Matters. Absolutely, positively hated it. The dialogue, in my opinion, is the worst I have ever read in a comic book. Period. And not only that, but Kirkman and whoever edited that book clearly have no grasp of English grammar and punctuation. There were so many freaking comma splices in that book I thought I'd kill someone.

    But, that being said, all of those problems disappear after Family Matters. I'm glad I decided to give Invincible another chance after that, because it does get really, really good. But unfortunately, you do have to slog through Family Matters to get there.

    So I guess what I'm saying is, even if you don't like Family Matters, I hope you stick it out and give the second trade a try. And hey, maybe you'll actually really like Family Matters so it won't even give you a second thought to keep going...that was just my experience with the series.

  2. Nice picks, I think you'll like Spider-Man: American Son, it's what really got me back into Spider-Man. And as Marc said, silly internet fanboys! They'll grill Marc but they all think Batman and Robin is a solid 10 every month...

  3. You sound like me whenever I go into Target, I can't go in there to just get ONE thing I have so much stuff I grab. Maan If I did go to my comic shop as often as I would like, everyday, I'd be broke for real. Once a week just doesn't cut it. I would just pick up so much stuff to read and just to own.

    But I'm glad you're enjoying your comic shop. They have a very valued customer.

    As for those lovely comics I'm interested in, lets see, Generation Lost, X-Men Origins: Deadpool, Green Lantern #55, and just for little ol me, Wonder Woman 600. Por favor mi amigo!! ^_^ Sugar on top!

    With all my rambling said, I hope you enjoy reading your comics. And remember, enjoy them sir. Sit back with some Coffee, tea, or whichever beverage you like and enjoy them. :)

    Also...Como esta el espanol?? bien? mal? Si,se que un poco de espanol. ^_^

  4. It's hard for to get past my jealousy towards you for having a local shop and read this post, but I'll try. I'm still waiting on stuff I ordered last week.

    I'd like to hear about any of the following: Supergirl,Flash, Action Comics, and your take on Wonder Woman. I say whatever gets the most votes.

    I would especially love to know what you think of the Spidey trade. I had to reread that line in your post a few times to make sure I was at the correct site.

    And yes, I would love for more "Let's talk about" posts!

  5. Thanks for the quick comments folks! I just finished my Spanish homework, so before I literally pass out for the night(and I'm just about ready to do just that!), let's see what my wonderful fellow bloggers have to say...

    Marc: I'm still kind of cold to the X-Men, but I'm hopeful that this one shot will rekindle my once legendary love for all things X... I kind of doubt it though... Yup, the IM/Cap trade was a best of sort of deal, and since I only had two of the stories listed in the table of contents, I figured I'd give it a read. A lot of people seemed to really like American Son(right JT?), which is why I decided to give it a shot, fanboys be damned! :D I'm glad you read that first Invincible trade Marc. The shop had a bunch of Invincible trades, so I figured I'd give the first one a shot. Now if I don't like the first trade, I'll keep an open mind and check out the second one before I make any judgment. Thanks for the sage advice(as always)Marc!

    JT: I remember you(and possibly a few people raving)about American Son, so when I saw it it was a no-brainer. Hopefully it will also get me back to reading Spidey again... Hopefully...

    Falisha: HA, it was awful today Falisha! I had JUST pulled out some money for food shopping and comics, and needless to say I went a bit overboard with the comics! :P You KNOW I'll be checking WW for you Ms. Falisha! Muy, MUY bueno actualmente! Gracias por preguntando!

    Kello: Ah yes, the waiting game... I know that feeling well! Don't feel that bad Kello, there's still plenty of comics I have to wait for thanks to my subscriptions! Yeah, seeing "Spider-Man" on this blog can be a bit confusing I'm sure! Boy, you guys all really seem to want to hear about American Son! I'll really have to get to that pretty soon!

    So I'll be doing reviews for, Uncanny X-Men one-shot, Gen Lost, Origins: Deadpool, GL #55, WW #600, Supergirl, Flash(GRR...)and Action. So 8 books. That's not that bad. Hopefully I'll have at least half of the reviews up for Friday, and I'll try to post the rest on Saturday. Thanks for the input guys!

  6. For the record I read that Deadpool Origin and I LOVED it dude, I didn't plan on reviewing it because I just bought it to have, but I read it last night and it's great. I'd probably give it at least a 8 if I did.

    Definitely looking forward to that, Action, and GL reviews. Man GL was great haha.

  7. Lol. I can NEVER assign a certain amount of money towards something. Lol. I have a shopping problem.

    And muy bien!!! :)

  8. Wait, you LOVED it(with love in all caps), but you'd only give it an 8 JT?!? Wha-huh?! When I saw LOVE, I was thinking 9 1/2 or 10, not 8... Weird... :P

    You and me both Falisha! That's why I refuse to go to eBay any more... I go there, and my entire budget is thrown all out of whack for a good two weeks! Ah, gracias!

  9. Lol I always feel weird giving a one-shot something that high, I don't know why. I'm just a weird man. I still feel I give out too many high grades and that diminishes it, like it was good but it wasn't Birds of Prey good so I wouldn't give it a 10 per se.

  10. I'm glad you picked up the first Invincible trade rather than jumping in somewhere in the middle, X. Even though it's not the best, it really is important to read the series from the beginning and in order. There are long-running plot threads that often only pop up for maybe a page or two out of six whole issues, so to get the full payoff it's best to start with Family Matters.

  11. I don't mind giving a one-shot a high grade, but it's got to be REALLY good. I mean Last Will and Testament is an easy 9 1/2-10, same with the Captain America One Shot that came out after Cap returned. It was REALLY good. Same holds true for a mini-series. If a comic is so good that I'm thinking about it days(weeks)later, then it deserves a 9-10. But something like the Deadpool one-shot, while good, isn't going to be something I'm still thinking about come next week.

    Nah, I ALWAYS try to start at the beginning of something Marc. Especially something like Invinsible which I know almost literally NOTHING about. The only thing I've ever read with Invincible in it was a Marvel Team-up where he ran into Spidey for some reason. Besides that, the character is a total blank slate to me, so where better to start then the very beginning?

  12. Could you review the new Captain America please?? Thanks!!!

  13. Okay my Anonymous friend, I'll try to get a Cap #607 review up either tomorrow(Sunday night)or I'll definitely have it up come Monday night. But I'll do my best to make sure it's posted one of those days!

  14. That issue of Marvel Team-Up was my first experience with Invincible as well. I seem to recall the Invincible series was up through about issue 13 at the time. Kirkman was writing both Invincible and MTU, so that's how the team-up came to be from a creative standpoint. I actually haven't gone back to read that issue since I started reading Invincible's own'd be interesting to read it again, actually knowing something about the character this time.

  15. After reading that issue of Team-Up I always meant to try to get into the Invincible series, but I could never remember to...

    I just finished off the Genesis mini from the 90's, so maybe I'll start that Invincible trade tomorrow night... It'll be either that, the American Son trade, or that Batman Chronicles trade(besides the Robin comics, which I'm ALMOST done with).

  16. Isn't American Son the Dark Reign Harry Osborn getting a super suit or something one?

  17. Definitely looking forward to hearing what you think of those trades. I think I'm going to do a special Invincible week on my own blog at some point, and just knock reviews for the first three trades out in a couple of days.

  18. Yup, that's exactly what American Son is(I think...)Nagash. I'll know for sure once I read it.

    That would be pretty cool Marc, especially since I'll have just read(or will be reading)those trades myself pretty soon.