Friday, July 16, 2010

Supergirl #53

Supergirl #53: Writer: Sterling Gates. Pencils: Jamal Igle.

Review: This issue gets underway with Supergirl(still hurting over the loss of New Krypton)telling Lana Lang that she wanted to give up her Kryptonian name and go by Linda Lang full time. Lana tells SG that would be fine, and SG goes on to state that she was done with being Supergirl, since she wasn't able to save her mother or her planet. Lana decides to take SG to a restaurant for lunch, and while they are there, a huge meteorite smashes through the STAR Labs installment that was holding Superwoman captive. Luckily for Dr. Light and Gangbuster(who were working at the lab)Superwoman isn't broken free, although her bonds seem slightly damaged(a story for another day I'd say). Light and Gangbuster decide to chase after the meteorite to see what it's deal was, and the flaming meteorite flies right past the restaurant Lana and SG were lunching at. Lana implores SG to go and help, but SG refuses, stating once again that she was finished with the super-hero business. This issue ends with Light and Gangbuster tracking down the meteorite(which turns out to be an alien ship), just in time to see Bizarro Supergirl emerge!

What I Thought: This was a very satisfying issue of Supergirl. It touched on all that SG lost during the War of the Supermen storyline, and her refusal to want to help anybody anymore did make perfect sense. After losing all that she had lost(her mother, her best friend, her people)it's no real surprise that she'd be in the mother of all funks. I thought Lana was kind of harsh after the restaurant was wrecked and she was yelling at SG to go and be a hero... I mean really, why should she? If SG chooses not to suit up anymore, shouldn't that be her choice? I'm sure the sight of Bizarro Supergirl next issue will be enough to push Supergirl back into action, and down the road it seems that Superwoman will be once again menacing the Girl of Steel. Not only was this issue good, but the future issues are also setting up to look good as well!

Score: 9 out of 10.Bizarro Supergirl am happy!


  1. 3 major things stuck out to me about this comic, and that's why I'm so glad you reviewed it (thank you!).

    1. Doesn't it seem odd that one minute Lana is like "you're family, you can make any choice you want", and then like 3 pages later she's like "you have a responsibility to go help!" It just struck me as a really bi-polar moment.

    2. I realized like a day after I read this comic that "Supergirl" never appears.

    3. I cheered out loud for Bizarro Supergirl.

  2. Yeah, the Lana thing really bothered me... I don't know, but to me Lana imploring SG to go and deal with whatever was going on seemed so wrong. Like you pointed out, Lana seemed fine with the idea of SG living a normal life before the windows blew out of the restaurant... Where does it say SG HAS to be a super-hero? Why can't she just live a normal life?

    Huh, I didn't even realize that. Well I guess she was on the cover. Does that count? :D

    Me am SO angry to see Bizarro Supergirl! Her am my new least favorite friend of Supergirl! Or in non-Bizarro speak, I was thrilled to see a Bizarro Supergirl finally pop up!