Friday, July 30, 2010

Batman #701

Batman #701: Writer: “Mad” Grant Morrison. Artist: Tony Daniels.

Review: This storyline is actually a flashback to what happened to Bruce Wayne between the Batman: RIP storyline and Final Crisis. Bruce manages to swim out of the murky Gotham City waters just after the climatic helicopter crash at the end of RIP. Bruce watches the water for a while to see if Dr. Hurt/the fake(real?)Thomas Wayne emerges from the waters, but Hurt never shows. Once he's positive Hurt wasn't going to show, Bruce walks back to the mansion and after thanking his allies, goes to sleep for a few days, although he continues to think about Hurt's last words to him, “The next time you wear it(the Batman costume)will be the last time.” This leads Bruce to check the wreckage of the helicopter at the bottom of Gotham harbor to see if he can find the body of Hurt, but he discovers nothing. Upon returning to the Cave, he is alerted by Superman of the events of Final Crisis, and he decides to put the cape and cowl on again, figuratively spitting in the face of Hurt in order to investigate the murder of the New Gods.

What I Thought: Well. This was the best Grant Morrison written Bat-story I've ever read hands down. It actually SEEMED like a classic Bat-story. No long-time mythos were destroyed, Damian didn't show up, and the supernatural garbage was kept to a minimum. Wow... I didn't realize Grant could tell a regular, interesting Bat-story. Color me impressed. And yes, to all of you Morrison Followers, I'm wrong, and Grant Morrison is the greatest writer in the history of the world, and I'm an idiot for not realizing that. *shrugs*

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Hey look, it's that Bruce Wayne guy!


  1. See, that's the thing - he is a very hit and miss writer. I actually enjoyed Batman RIP, and Batman & Son, and I'm finding Batman & Robin alright (it's hard to describe, it's both good and bad at the same time), but this was a far more traditional Batman story.

  2. I agree, I love that he was Mad Grant in this title. And I actually enjoyed this, but everything Nagash mentioned I pretty much disliked, except Batman and Son, so like you say, his writing is hit and miss.

  3. That second to last panel looks really weird. I think Tony Daniel's hand is tired from drawing so much Batman over the past few years.

  4. I think that's something we can all agree on... Grant Morrison is a VERY hit or miss writer. Me, I didn't like RIP(HATE what Grant did with Joker!!!), didn't like Batman and Son(HATE Damian when Grant writes him!!!)and I don't think I've REALLY enjoyed a single issue of Batman and Robin! But I still say that Grant wrote the definitive X-run in New X-Men, and coming from me, a HUGE X-fan, that really says a lot.

    Heh, if Tony's hand is tired from drawing so much Batman over these past couple of years, what about Grant's brain from coming up with so many Batman stories, Kello?!

  5. I'm fairly certain Grant was pretty messed up in the head before Batman.

  6. HA!!! That was so awesome I don't even have a response! :D