Sunday, July 25, 2010

Comic Ramblings.

Hey all, I got a few comics in the mail, as well as a small package of back issues, so I figure I'd list a few of them and see if there's any interest in me doing a post on them. Okay? Alright! First off is Batman #701, which I've heard some pretty good things about. With that said though, I'm not very confident that it'll be any better then most of the rest of Grant Morrison's Bat run. REBELS #18 is something I'm pretty sure only I am interested in, so I'll just move on from there. Birds of Prey #3 is something I've been looking forward to for a while now, so I'm REALLY pleased to see it finally arrive. Titans #25... I'm still undecided on how I feel about the direction this series has gone... I guess this issue will probably help me decide how I feel about the Deathstroke Titans. And finally there's Batgirl #12. What more can I say about Batgirl? It's one of my favorite comics. Period.

As for back issues, I picked up a few FF comics that were recommended by Kello, although I doubt anybody besides me and Kello would care about those! :P I also grabbed two Scarecrow books, a New Year's Evil one from the late 90's and a Joker's Asylum one from 2008. Speaking of New Year's Evil, I also got one of those on Darkseid. Nemesis: The Impostors was also in this order for some reason, as well as a Batman/Demon one-shot from 1996. That's all for the back issues. Not a lot, but a little something to bring a smile to my face.

Besides that, I only have THREE more issues of Robin to read, so I may just do a Robin-centric/”What I learned from reading LOTS of Robin comics” type post if I have some free time later on this week. I also started reading the first Invincible Trade last night. So that's about the long and short of it. I have a few post topics in mind for the next few weeks, it's just a matter of finding the time to type 'em up... Anyway, feel free to post a comment about what I was just rambling about, or anything else for that matter. As for me, it's time to read REBELS #18! X out!


  1. Okay you're gonna hate me but I'd love reviews for Batgirl, Birds of Prey, Batman #701 and that Joker's asylum but only if it's the Two-Face story, the Poison Ivy story or the Penguin story (which I doubt) because those were the three best IMO.

    I'm also curious what you think about Titans but I don't wanna make (suggest lol) you review that one too.

  2. Thanks for the FF love, my friend. I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Robin series, and would be interested in a 3 sentence review of Titans.

  3. I'm all for Bird's of Prey and Batgirl!! BOP is just getting better and better each issue.

    Glad to see you finally got ya comics too! :D

  4. Thanks for the comments guys! I'll definitely try to have reviews of BoP and Batgirl up for... I want to say Wednesday. Monday should be WAY too busy, and Tuesday isn't looking any better, so I shall strive to have those two reviews up by Wednesday evening at the latest. Of course if my week clears up any, they'll be up sooner, but I wouldn't count on that. I'll also try to throw a quickie review out there for that issue of Titans. As for Batman #701, I'll have to see what I thought of it first. I'll do a review for it if it's really, really good, or really really bad. If it's middle of the road, and I can find the time I'll try to toss out a few lines on it.

    JT, did you SERIOUSLY type out that the Penguin Joker's Asylum was GOOD?!? My god, it's a Penguin story!! How could THAT be any good?!? :P

    Oh yeah, I finished off the Robin series last night, and I fully intend on doing SOME kind of a post to commemorate reading all of those issues! I'm not sure what yet(maybe ranking the writing runs or something similar), but I should have something posted by week's end.

  5. X, dude, I KNOW you hate Penguin. But if you have ANY faith in anything I've ever recommended, believe me when I tell you that Penguin Joker's Asylum issue was good. I mean 8-10 rating good. I was as shocked as you are.

  6. Man, now I kind of want to read that comic... A GOOD Penguin story?! Bah, I can't believe it! :P

  7. Pick it up dude, which Joker's asylum story did you get anyway?

  8. I got the Scarecrow one. I've always had a soft spot for the good Dr. Crane, so I figured I'd give that one a chance. Now this is the part where you tell me that the Scarecrow story was the worst Joker's Asylum story you've ever read, and what a waste of money it was for me to pick it up! :D

  9. Lmao... it was. I'm not even kidding. In my opinion anyway. It's like, take a teenage girl that gets picked on, add a slumber party with popular girls, and add Scarecrow. It was like a Jason Movie with a bad plot and even worse art.

    I'd say the best of both runs, best to average are Two-Face, Penguin, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Clayface, then Riddler and Harley, then everything else is worth skipping.

  10. Hey X,

    Loved your last batch of reviews. I would like to ask for a review on Rebels and Titans. You write great reviews on Rebels because you love the series so, and I want to know what you think of Deathstroke's Titans. Cole Out! (joking).

    L8r days.

  11. HA! Naturally that would be the one I decide to get! Lucky me... At least the New Year's Evil: Scarecrow comic that I read last night was pretty good. Now the Two-Face one I'd definitely be interested in getting. Señor Dent is a great character when written properly.

    Thanks for the compliments Cole! That REBELS comic was GREAT! I'd probably give it a 9 1/2 or a 10! That's how much I enjoyed reading it. God do I love that series! The Titans comic was... okay I guess. I'll add those two reviews to my list of things to do, but with school and all, I doubt they'll be up until sometime Friday.

  12. Speaking of that, what was that Scarecrow comic about? Not Joker's asylum obviously but the other one. And if you do read that Two-Face story, make sure you have a coin nearby.

    Haha, speaking of Rebels I recently heard something about it X, lets just say one of your predictions was right.

  13. It was basically Scarecrow trying to drive a girl who testified against him in court insane, until he saw some of himself in her. It was a LITTLE like the Joker's Asylum one(which I read last night), but def better.

    Whoa now, what the hell does that mean?!? Please tell me it's not bad news! Without dropping major spoilers, can you elaborate??? Man, now I'm all freaked out!

  14. Ah got ya, sounds interesting. So what did you think of your Scarecrow, Joker's aslyum and what would you rate it?

    It's not bad news broseph, basically someone you predicted would show up will actually be showing up... I think that gave it away lol.

  15. Well, it wasn't horrible, but it definitely isn't something I'd recommend to anybody, so I'd probably give it a 6 or so. It was readable, that's about it.

    WHEW! You done scared the hell out of me JT!! I saw what you wrote before, and I was like, "Don't tell me they canned that series!!!" So it sounds like Lobo will finally be showing up then... All I have to say to that is, it's about time!! Lobo was a huge part of the first LEGION/REBELS series, so an appearance by him is LONG overdue.

  16. I just hated it, it seemed like a bad horror movie with worse art, lol. But that's just me.

    "You done scared the hell outta me." Reminds me of that conversation we had about hillbillys, outhouses and bears lol. Yep, Lobo will be showing up buddy, wonder if it's with the ring. Hope ya don't mind me ruining that bit of info for ya.

  17. HA!!! THAT was definitely one of our weirder conversations!

    Nah, that's the type of thing I don't mind hearing about, especially since it's SO long overdue. Lobo and Vril Dox have a very interesting dynamic. Lobo was actually suckered into working for Dox back in LEGION, so there was a lot of hate there, but since Lobo had given his word that he'd serve Dox, he was honor bound to work with him. Now that Lobo has no obligation to Dox, things should be REALLY interesting when the two meet up again! Ooo, I CAN'T WAIT for frigging Lobo to show up!!!

  18. Lol you being afraid of a bear in a outhouse will always make me laugh.

    That does sound interesting. So if the LEGION stuff takes place in the future, and Rebels is now, how does that work? And like, who/what is Vril Dox because he kinda looks like Brainiac 5.

  19. It's a scary prospect mi amigo! Hell, you don't want to open that outhouse door and see a big bear hanging out in there!

    Ooo, I could talk about this topic for days!!! Let me start with the LEGION/Legion thing first. LEGION is actually an acronym for some long drawn out name. Hell, let me wiki it so I can tell you for sure what it stands for! LEGION stands for, Licensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network. Basically Vril Dox(the clone of Brainiac), put LEGION together to serve as a replacement for the Green Lantern Corps, which was destroyed, in ruins, or something like that at the time.

    Legion is just short for the Legion of Super-Heroes, which I'm sure you have a decent understanding of. Legion is from the 30th/3st century, while LEGION is current.

    Ahh, Vril Dox... Definitely one of the most arrogant, manipulative, conniving, smug, intelligent and flat out awesome characters in ALL of comics. Vril is the clone of Brainiac, who was the smartest(and most evil)man on the planet Colu. Intelligence-wise, Brainiac is a 12th level intellect, while the people of Colu were 8th levels, so Brainiac was WAAAAY smarter then his fellow Coluians(?). Brainiac created Vril(from his own DNA)to serve as a lab assistant, but wound up leaving Vril behind when he left Colu to begin bottling cities. Eventually the people on Colu learned of the evil stuff Brainiac was up to, and afraid that Vril(who the Coluians began calling Brainiac 2)would do something to Colu itself, they imprisoned him and eventually traded him to the Dominators during the Invasion! mini-series. After escaping the Dominators, Vril created LEGION.

    Whew, still here? Great! So Vril creates LEGION, which eventually grew to thousands, with a few core members, including Lobo, who Vril tricked into becoming a member. One of those members, Stealth, raped Vril as a part of her mating ritual and ended up giving birth to Lyrl Dox, AKA Brainiac 3. Lyrl was BORN with 12th level intellect(which actually makes him smarter then Vril, who is only a 10th or 11th level intelligence), and as such sees things in a pretty black and white manner. As a baby Lyrl managed to take over LEGION from his father and turned the organization into a totalitarian police force. Eventually Vril overcame his evil infant son and created a device that gave Lyrl the intelligence of an average person.

    Time passed and Stealth left LEGION with Lyrl to give the child a normal upbringing, which she did until operatives of Starro killed her and kidnapped Lyrl, restoring his intelligence in the process. Lyrl is currently an amoral teenager who has escaped from Starro and Vril and is menacing the universe.

    Dude, the LAST thing you should have done was asked me about Dox! :D I could keep going, but I'd imagine that you're sufficiently bored right now, so I'd better stop!

  20. So this was a mountain of text lol, but extreme;y informative so thanks for typing it up dude. And clearing up the Legion/LEGION thing, damn that's confusing... I mean it would be if you hadn't explained.

    I actually wasn't bored as you explained it really well, hell if you feel like typing more I'd gladly read. So, she literally raped Vril? Like got him drunk or something?

  21. HA, a mountain of text was putting it mildly! See what happens when you mention LEGION/Vril Dox to me?! I can't shut up!

    Yeah, the LEGION/Legion thing confused the hell out of me too before I actually read the LEGION series and realized, "Hey, this is set in the present!"

    "hell if you feel like typing more I'd gladly read." JT, why would you say that to me? You must be a glutton for punishment! :D But since you asked... :P

    First off, in case I didn't make it too clear, LEGION is an intergalactic police force that charges member worlds for their services. So in other words, if your planet is at war with another, is rife with crime, or is constantly being invaded, you'd get in touch with Dox, and he'd send LEGION officers to police your world, keeping it safe. But it's important to remember that while the GLC doesn't request anything for their service, Dox demands payment before he gives assistance!

    Yep, Stealth... for lack of a better term, went into heat(as her race seems to do once in a lifetime)and wound up going crazy, throwing Dox into a wall, and then proceeded to have sex with him while he was unconscious. She really knocked him around too if memory serves me right... I'll try to dig that issue out though to make sure I'm completely correct though. Afterwards, Stealth went back to normal, and she stuck around the team until she realized that she was pregnant. Once she knew, she left the team and went into hiding, since she figured Dox would take the baby from her and treat it like a scientific curiosity instead of like a child. Eventually something happens that brings Stealth back to the team(I'm blanking on what though)and after Dox promises her he'd be good around the child, she brings the baby to him.

    In time, the baby reveals that it's super intelligent(smarter then Dox himself)to Dox and begins to offer him recommendations as to how to improve LEGION's intergalactic standing, usually with no thought as to how these ideas would actually effect others. For example, Lyrl recommended brainwashing the LEGION officers in order to guarantee loyalty from them, which in theory WOULD guarantee loyalty, but is totally immoral, which is a concept Lyrl never grasped. Eventually Lyrl grew to resent Dox's dismissive attitude towards his ideas and began to plot against his father. Lyrl began to secretly brainwash key LEGION officials(who would expect a baby to do something like that?), until he finally overthrew Dox and the main LEGION team members. Dox and the LEGION members that came with him became the first REBELS, and began to fight the organization Dox had created and built into a force in the cosmos. Comically, while Lyrl enjoyed taunting his father(and wanted him dead for his disrespect), he was TERRIFIED of his mother Stealth, because when she realized what the infant was up to and how evil he'd become, she tried to kill him. In the end, Dox did manage to take LEGION back from his power mad son, and as I mentioned before, took Lyrl's intellect away, giving him the intelligence of a normal infant. With that settled, Dox and Stealth left LEGION in the hands of a few key members and left together to raise Lyrl(which is how the original REBELS series ended).

    Dox wound up growing bored of fatherhood and ended up returning to LEGION, in time replacing almost all of the LEGION officers with robots. Stealth went into hiding with Lyrl(she was afraid that some of Dox's enemies would go after Lyrl to get at Dox), and raised him on a nearly barren planet.

    Unfortunately for Dox, Starro the Conqueror ended up taking over his robots, which is how the current REBELS series began, with Dox reassembling the old REBELS crew to overthrow Starro and his LEGION army.

    Whew... You see what happens when you ask me to talk about this series?! I'll make a LEGION/REBELS fan out of you yet, JT! :D

  22. Lol bring it on! So does that mean that Vril's kid, will eventually have a kid, and then THEY would have a kid and it would be Brainiac 5?

    Also, the fac that Vril makes you pay is hilarious. So... what I mean... would he just have a ton of different currency that can only be spent on other planets? And do they run into the GLC's sometimes?

    Damn all this brainwashing stuff sounds interesting as hell, Like you're legitimately making me want to read this, like right now. Now I know how you felt after my Under the Red Hood review :P

  23. Yep, that's exactly right. In a recent issue of Adventure Comics(I want to say issue #10 or 11)they go through the Brainiac family tree right up to Brainiac 5, as Brainiac 5 thinks back as to how his predecessors were looked upon.

    Yep, but that's pretty much the reason I love Dox so much, he can be SUCH a jackass! He's just INSANELY arrogant and tends to rub like everybody he meets the wrong way! As for the money, it seems that most planets have a uniform currency(credits of something)which makes sense, since they're all in contact with one another, and as such are always trading/buying items from other worlds. The GLC HAS bumped into Dox and LEGION a few times, recently Dox pissed off two rookie Lanterns, and was called by Salaak(the Lantern with the 4 arms who is Guardian's spokesperson). Naturally Dox was an ass to Salaak, and Salaak wound up hanging up on him or something.

    The whole LEGION/original REBELS series was surprisingly good! Most of the stuff with Lyrl and the brainwashing took place VERY late in the LEGION series, and all throughout the original REBELS series from the 90's. Hell, talking about it makes me want to read it again!

  24. That's pretty interesting, so has there ever been some storyline where somehow Vril and Brianiac 5 meet? Or even the original Brainiac?

    Wow, he sounds like a real jerk, I can see why ya like him :P But nah really, he almost seems like an Anti-Hero in a way.

    But Lyrl does make appearances in the current series right? I wanna see this evil little bastard. Is he the one with the pixie boots in that Green Arrpw/Speedy/Heroin spoof with Vril you posted a while back?

  25. Yep, they JUST met recently, in that issue of Adventure Comics I mentioned earlier in this post. It was Brainiac 5 who pretty much defeated Brainiac in that issue, Dox just wound up taking credit for it, 'cause that's the kind of guy he is!

    Yeah, I am drawn to that jerkiness. I'll admit that. Mmm, Dox is CLOSE to an anti-hero, but for the most part he does refrain from killing, or having others kill for him. That would hurt his galactic image, which is VERY important to him. Of course he has had Lobo quietly take care of a few "problems" for him!

    Yup, that was Lyrl in the GA/GL spoof! Good memory JT! Lyrl is actually in the very first pic in the REBELS #18 review I posted, so yeah, he's all over that series.

  26. Lol Dox sounds like such an ass that I'm gonna like his character. If there's two character's I like it's people who are cool just for the sake of cool and characters who are HUGE jerks. It's almost like me, and you :P Lol

    So when Lobo shows up it should be interesting, plus with his history with Starfire as well.

    If it's one thing I'm proud of, it's my memory of random things that I shouldn't remember at all.

  27. "it's people who are cool just for the sake of cool and characters who are HUGE jerks. It's almost like me, and you" HA!!! That line got me to laugh out loud... Oh, and thanks for capping the word "huge"! I'm noy just a jerk, I'm a HUGE jerk! :D

    Yeah man, that's why I'm dying to see Lobo pop up. He was in the ENTIRE LEGION run from the 80's-90's, so he has a LONG history with Dox and company.

    If there's one thing I'm proud of it's my ability to forget things I should be able to remember! Wait, what were we talking about? :P

  28. Lol I couldn't resist :P You get my humor so I don't have to worry about offending you haha, glad you liked the HUGE jerk part.

    So do you think maybe his newest ring acquisition will come into play when he pops into R.E.B.E.L.S.?

    Lol something about me being all awesome and your idol... and how you probably never got those Chili Cheese Fries i recommended :P

  29. HA! Yeah, I think we know each other well enough by this point to know each other's warped humor! :P Oh, btw, come the end of Sept, we'll have been bloggong for over a year! We should have like a celebration or something!

    That's a great question. I really don't know... I guess it depends on why Lobo bumps into the REBELS crew. If he's there looking for trouble with Dox(which is a possibility)maybe we'll see the ring. If Dox hires him for some reason, maybe not. It would be kind of cool if Lyrl hires Lobo to go after his father. THAT would make for an awesome story!

    "Lol something about me being all awesome and your idol..." Hmm, somehow I tend to doubt that... :D

    I'll eat those Chili cheese fries while I'm reading that issue of Game Informer! :D

  30. Yeah we're definitely caught up with our weird comedic sense. And man, I can't believe that, a year already?! Then at the same time it seems so much longer than a year, we should definitely do something cool to celebrate though. Any ideas?

    Hell I'd be excited for Lyrl hiring Lobo just off of what you've told me, I know I'd love reading it. How you have me excited for Lobo appearing in a comic I've yet to even read is just mind boggling.

    Lol, you WOULD doubt it. :P And in other words, I won't hold my breath, maybe you can watch that Smallville episode with the JSA too :P

  31. Well, we've pretty much fit in 3 years worth of conversations in that one year! As for the anniversary itself, I don't know... But it would be cool to do something.

    My boundless enthusiasm must be pretty convincing! When I was a kid it was the same way, I seemed able to infect almost all of my friends with the comic book bug. Same holds through with my sister and brother. I took something I thought they'd be interested in, kept talking it up, and then WHAM, got them too! :D

    HA!!!! That had me laughing out loud, JT! Well hopefully the Red Hood movie won't end up like that! I'm currently planning on watching it Tuesday after school, but as always, we'll see...

  32. Yeah, we have haha, I don't even wanna KNOW how many emails you've gotten from my comments since I started following your blogs. And, we'll figure something out, maybe we should email ideas back and forth or something?

  33. Lol, I wonder if you realized I used that on you for Batman: Under The Red Hood and SVR2010 last year :P

    Haha, thought I'd forgotten about that one eh? And sweet. here's hoping ya watch with with a DIgorno with Cheese bread! (I still gotta try those..)

  34. Man, I wonder that too... I have 5,336 comments in my blog folder in my inbox, I'd def be willing to say that half to 3/4 of them are prob from you! It's like I've always said, this blog is practically half yours! :D

    I just had a cheese stuffed crust pepperoni Digornio for dinner, so I prob won't have another one until next Friday(that's pretty much my every Friday meal!). Man are those things filling! I ate that at like 5 o'clock, and I'm STILL stuffed!

  35. Man that's a LOT of comments, and hell, I'd be honored haha, thanks for sharing. :P

    I can never finish one, I always have one or two slices left that I just never ever go back to eat, hell one was in the fridge for like three days, and they suck when you heat them up. So maybe you should get some Chili Cheese Fries instead :P

  36. Well, there was another 12 comments overnight, and I think 8 were from you, so that should show you what the ratio is!

    Yeah, I HATE reheated Digornios too... That's why I'll force myself to eat the entire pizza in one sitting! That's also the reason I'll only eat them once a week... I don't know if I could eat one of those things more them once a week!

  37. Haha, well that makes me two thirds of the comments, either I talk too much or I'm just a hell of a commenter.

    I don't even blame you, hell I try but since I add extra cheese and pepperoni to mine I feel like I'm gonna explode when I do that so there's always one lone slice that gets cold.

  38. I'll have to go with the second answer, 'cause if it's the first answer, then I'm just as guilty!

    Ah, I hear ya. I never get the pepperoni ones(unless I'm forced to like this week), so I can usually finish off the whole thing in one sitting. It may take me like 20 minutes and 2 cans of soda, but eventually I do manage to eat that whole pizza!

  39. Haha, then yeah I'm a hell of a commenter. So I was thinking maybe for the one year epic spectacular we should do something with the Uncanny Scans blog since it's gathering dust, maybe a big post, doesn't have to be scan related or anything. Just throwing ideas out there.

    I forgot you're a fan of the white pizza. They never have Four Cheese anymore where I go and I don't mind peperoni. Man you're making me want one of those, lately I've been on a tater tot kick myself... I friggin love those things. I'm sure you had to have some, you worked at a school :P

  40. That's not a bad idea actually... I'd be all for dusting off Uncanny Comic Scans for some anniversary celebration, now the question becomes, what to do? Maybe some kind of draft or something?

    I'm more of a french fries guy myself, but I wouldn't say no to tater tots. My personal favorite is the spicy/seasoned french fries. A few cheese burgers and seasoned fries and I am one happy camper... You know, we need to stop talking about food, 'cause I'm always going to sleep super-hungry! :D

  41. I'd be up for a draft, what kinda draft should we do? Should we try to include other fellow bloggers or is this a Dynamic Duo thing? :P

    I'd take French Fries over anything, but tots are a close second. I had some about an hour ago actually, and yeah, Im the guy that goes to any resturant in any state and always gets a burger and fries haha.

  42. I don't know, since it's our anniversary, maybe it should just be us, and if others want to chime in, so be it... "Our anniversary"? That just sounds weird and kind of wrong... :P

    Right on! If I was on death row and could get any final meal I wanted, I'd be like, "Bring me lots of cheeseburgers!!!"

    Hmm, so in this post I've talked about our anniversary and being on death row... Odd...

  43. Lol I was just about to call you out on that :P But yeah that sounds cool.

    Lmao you saying that reminded me of Wimpy from the Popeye cartoons. "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today." But yeah, you can't beat a good cheeseburger, it's like the perfect meal.

    Lol have your whole life planned out eh? Kill me for forgetting our anniversary next year then bam, death row?

    Speaking of that, I just randomly remembered, don't know if i mentioned it but you know WWE are saying Edge and Christians are "good friends" now even though they used to call them brothers?

  44. That's what my mother used to call me actually! I was Wimpy due to my uber-lust of Cheeseburgers! :P

    HA!!! That's right JT. You had BEST not forget our anniversary, or you'll be sorry... Very, very sorry... :D

    Heh heh... Are Kane and Taker still brothers or have they also become "good friends" now too? Weird, I wonder why they decided to make that little switch?

  45. Lol really? That's pretty awesome, and I think you have a new nickname X. :P

    Lmao I sent to Falisha, her instant reply was "Ya'll Gay." Lol of course joking, she's just made cause we're Ollie and Hal and she's Dinah.

    Right? And yeah they are because Taker got injured so they wrote him out saying someone attacked him, and put him into a Vegetative State (yeah...) and Kane has been looking for VENGEANCE!!!1111!!!1! for his brother and won the belt via his MITB win and now they're gonna of course reveal he beat up Taker so we can see Kane vs. Taker for the 1000'th time.

  46. HA! No, that's okay, I think I'll stick with X... Unless you want me to start calling you Jason Toss. :D

    HA, it's so true. You KNOW Hal and Ollie celebrate the dates of certain team-ups they've had and stuff! "Hey Hal, 5 years ago today was the first time we beat the Fiddler. Let's get together and grab a drink!"

    Wait, so Taker is in a "vegetative state", and Kane is looking for the culprit?! HAHAHAHA!!! Oh man... That sounds frigging hilarious! You know, it would be cool if they played it that Kane was looking for the guy who put Taker in his vegetative state(heh heh), and it turned out to be masked Kane, who was opperating unbeknownst to regular, unmasked Kane. That way you could have masked Kane running amok, while regular Kane becomes an almost sympathetic figure, like Harvey Dent/Two-Face. That's probably asking too much though, as I'm sure one day Kane'll be like, "I did it for you Taker..." when he explains why he beat Taker up.

  47. Lol! That's back again?! Okay okay, I'll drop Wimpy if you drop Toss haha.

    Lol, "Hey Hal, remember that time you went crazy, killed everything, redeemed yourself, became the Spectre, brought me back to life and we replaced our counterparts, and mine doesn't even get any page-time? Let's go get TWO Drinks!"

    Lmao like Rikishi's "I did it...for da Rock!" Haha, and yeah dude, it's so stupid. So he's been accusing people like Punk, Swagger and etc, then after he wins the belt, he says Taker woke up from his coma....said "Rey Mysterio" then went BACK into a coma...lmao, so now he's blaming Rey, and Rey says it was Kane, meanking Taker will probably pop up at SS and Chokeslam them both.

  48. Done!

    HA! Forget about two drinks, that would probably result in an all-nighter!

    Exactly! That Rikishi line still makes me laugh my ass off, because it made NO SENSE!!! Man, that was one angle they botched the hell out of! The driver was Rikishi working under HHH's orders... Really?!?

    HA!!! I LOVE the whole, coming out of his coma, accusing Rey, and then going BACK into his coma! That's crazy funny! They seriously couldn't have come up with something better then that? That sounds like the worst soap opera angle I've ever heard!

  49. Lol good, we shan't speak of it again.

    Haha, Good point. Hell they'd invite Ray Palmer, Barry Allen and Hawk too.

    Right?! He attacked Stone Cold... for The Rock? Even though Stone Cold and The Rock had no interactions that night... then he attacked The Rock, with the help of Triple H... just cause. What?! Like why not say it was someone who would make sense like Kane or hell, even X-Pac or SOMEONE who's not a half naked, dancing Samoan.

    Speaking of that, Rikishi's twin sons, Jimmy and Jey (yes, J-E-Y) Uso have debuted, along with Jimmy Snuka's Daughter Tamina, and are feuding with the Hart Dynasty for the belts. And surprisingly, their all thin?! Not to be racist but not too many Samoan wrestlers are skinny.

    Right?! *wakes up* Rey! *Coma* The sad thing is it got Kane over enough as a Face to put the TITLE ON! And the real reason they wrote him out... Taker broke his nose when Rey went for a springbord move where he sits on the opponents chest... and instead of saying Taker broke his orbital bone, they said someone attacked him over the weekend and put him in a "Vegetative State..."

  50. HA! It's SO funny 'CAUSE it makes no sense! I mean exactly, how did Rikishi go from happy-go-lucky fat dude who dances to crazed evil hit and run driver?? That HAD to have been booked by Vince Russo!

    Ha, no I totally hear you. I don't think I've ever seen a skinny Samoan wrestler! I mean that's like almost a part of their gimmick, well that and the fact that for some reason they don't get hurt if you hit them in the head...

    Well I guess it could have been worse, right? Taker could have been run over in a parking lot and we could later find out that Rikishi did it in order to help Kane win the title... You know what, that would actually be kind of awesome! :P

  51. Lmao right? One minute he's dancing with Too Cool, then he's all evil and wear "Phat Farm", then he's back to dancing.... "Oh Rikishi, you dance! We'll forget all about your hit and run!"

    Lol right?! They never sell headshots because they have hard heads, unless you hit them with a chair or coconut. Like every samoan I think of, Rikish, Umaga, Rosey, and everyone else besides Snuka and his son have been big guys.

    "Lmao... I did it... for Da Kane." At that point I think Taker would just retire. So, since we have all this wrestling talk, should I give you a rundown of PPV matches for Summerslam this Sunday?

  52. HA! Do you remember how Rikishi turned back face again? I think he beat somebody and after the match that hat was in the ring, and he put it on and started dancing again. I was like, "Really!?!" The guy tried to murder somebody and now that he has a hat he's a face again?!? That's one of those things it;s best to not spend too much time thinking about...

    Snuka wasn't Samoan, was he? I thought he was from Tonga or Fiji or someplace like that... It's been a while, but I could def be wrong. But if he's not Samoan, that might explain why he's in shape!

    Sure, go for it JT!

  53. Lmao right?! He can just dance and get a pop?! Like really? Are you kidding me? That's like Austin lifting Trips car on a forklift and dropping it, then teaming with him as Two Man Power Trip not ever a year later....

    Wow, he is Fijian. That's insane.... I thought he was Samoan all this time... didn't they bill him as one? I recall Piper calling him Samoan.

    Alright buddy:
    Melina (who returned 2 weeks ago) vs. Alicia Fox for the Divas title

    Kofi vs. Dolph for the IC Title that Kofi lost to Dolph 2 weeks ago

    Kane defends World Title against Rey

    Straight Edge Society (Punk, Joey Mercury and Luke Gallows aka Festus) vs. Big Show.

    Sheamus defends vs. Randy Orton for WWE Title

    Nexus (NXT Season 1) vs. Team WWE (Cena, R Truth, Morrison, Edge, Jericho, Bret Hart & ????) in 7 vs. 7 match. Miz has teased being their last member, as well as using his MITB on Sheamus vs. Orton

  54. Well nothing was as bad as Austin putting aside his differences with Vince and screwing Rock out of the strap at Mania. THAT was one of those, "Holy Shit!!!" moments, 'cause seeing Vince HELP Austin to a title, and then stand with him in the ring while the crowd was stunned and raise Austin's arm was just a CRAZY visual! I mean they were feuding for YEARS up to that point, although I will say one thing, storyline and build-up wise, it actually made perfect sense, but to see it actually happen live at the time just floored me.

    Piper might just have called him Samoan because he was being an ignorant dick or something, which was perfectly in line with his character, although I had read some stories about Piper being a bit of a racist, so who knows.

    So Punk has been reduced to taking on Big Show 3 on 1... Sad. But if you feel up to it, let me know the results, and I'll check it out tomorrow.

  55. Right? The fact that Austin, had to resort to teaming with his greatest enemy to beat The Rock at Mania, then the next night, teamed up with his SECOND greatest enemy, Triple H to destroy Rock was amazing. That was expertly done.

    You know that really wouldn't surprise me, and you're right that was his character's style too so I could see that.

    Yeah but Punk recently had arm surgery so that may be why. Anywho the results are

    Melina beat Fox for the Divas title, the third time she beat her in her 3 weeks back.

    Dolph and Kofi was a no contest when The Nexus interfered and attacked them.

    Sheamus lost to Randy by DQ So kept the belt.

    Miz cut a promo saying Team WWE BEGGED him to help them before the show, Bret said he was better than him, Cena said he's the ONLY one who can see him, Edge gave him a year's supply of Slim Jims (He's the spokesman), Jericho gave him a Fozzy CD which he threw in the trash, R Truth wrote him a crappy rap, and Morrison admitted he's the Marty Janetty and Miz is the HBK only better, then announced he's be the savior and join the team. (Excellent promo)

    Kane beat Rey, opened a casket to throw him in, Rey fought back and closed it, Chokeslam, Chokeslam, Tombstone, open casket Taker's in it. Taker goes to attack Rey then changes his mind and goes after Kane, Kane beats him up since he's weak from his coma.....

    Big Show beat the SES as Punk left and watched.

    Nexus vs. WWE, Mix came out and Cena said he took too long so they replaced him, with former Nexus member and Miz's rookie, Daniel Bryan. It was a great elimination match, the final two were two nexus guys and Bryan and Cena, Miz ran it and hit Bryan with the MITB briefcase and he was knocked out and eliminated then Cena won the match for team WWE after pulling a SuperCena.

  56. Yeah, and then the way he morphed his character into the crazy, paranoid, cowardly Austin was a thing of beauty. Austin gets LOADS of credit for the wrestling boom of the 90's(as he should), but a lot of people overlook his awesome heel work of the early 2000's. Heel Austin may have been one of the best all around wrestling characters EVER!

    Jeez, I can't get over the fact that Sheamus is a two(?)time champ and I STILL haven't seen him wrestle yet!

    HA! I wonder how many times Taker has pulled that casket trick! It's gotta be in the frigging hundreds by now! And I love how they always open the casket first, so you'll be like, "Golly, how'd he git in that there casket?!?!?" :D

    Ah SuperCena... So I guess that's it for that angle now, no? With Cena emerging victorious, what's left for them to do?

  57. I definitely agree, I mean there's been some great Heels in the last 10 years (Triple H, Jericho, Edge, Orton, Angle) but Austin is DEFINITELY one of the best. There's no way someone who was as dominant as Austin had to play a paranoid role, he could've easily played the dominant bad ass heel, but he did the paranoid heel role to a T, I mean the mannerisms, the DTA to full effect, even his own WIFE! That was just great acting by Austin.

    Dude, he was wrestling Goldust on ECW a year ago, now he's the Champ. That's Triple H's push in full efefct,

    Lmao! The "git" is what got me haha. And yeah, like he's done it so much that I KNEW he'd be in there, but I'm still curious to if they have some kinda mini elevator in there or something.

    Well, last night Cena cut a great promo on the Nexus boys, he even said the one who looks like him was the product of his mother having a celebrity crush on Buckwheat which made me laugh so hard... And basically the anonymous GM said the Nexus boys had to wrestle Team WWE in singles matches (an one tag) and Nexus said if anyone lost they;d get kicked off of the team. Everyone won (by either Count out, pin or Interference, when Miz attacked Daniel Bryan and Sheamus distracted Orton who was counted out) except Bizarro Cena who tapped out courtesy of Super Cena.

    I think their kicking people off Nexus because NXT Season 2 ends in like 2 weeks and they'll probably replace people with some Season 2 guys, since they have some better wrestlers (Low Ki of Ring of Honor and TNA, Mr. Perfect's son whose damn good, and IRS's son who is also pretty good.)

  58. Yeah, Austin going from one of the top faces in the history of the business to a cowardly heel was just WILD to watch! Him sitting in the locker room with Vince and Angle led to some of the funniest wrestling promos like ever! I can remember Austin giving Kurt this tiny little cowboy hat to embarrass him and Kurt loved it and wound up wearing it around for like a week or two! Awesome stuff...

    I'd guess that he'd be under the ring, and that half of the casket bottom must be removable, so he can crawl under it, slide the removable part open, slide in, and then lay there for a bit. I mean, that's my theory, but yeah, I wonder how they actually do it... To be honest, I've never really thought too much about it!

    Ahh, that must be that dude who's pic you sent me! His resemblance to Cena really was uncanny! Bizarro Cena vs SuperCena actually sounds pretty awesome... :P

    Jeez, I can remember growing up and watching Mr. Perfect in his prime wrestle as the Intercontinental Champion... Now his son is wrestling... I feel old now... :-(

  59. OMG That Tiny Cowboy Hat was EPIC. And Austin's Horrible singing, JIMMY CRACKED CORN!!!!! And of course Angle's "Jimmy Cracked corn and I don't caaaaaaaaaare..... I got Olympic Gold! I got Olympic Gold!" I swear, that, and the bug eyed look while he hugged Vince with the most solid face ever will forever be etched into my brain.

    See that's what I thought too, but it was so high up there's gotta be some motor or something, and then to do that without knocking the casket over or something, seems really complicated, ya know?

    Haha yep, it's him! The SuperCena vs. Bizarro Cena guy, but since he got stomped out and kicked outta the Nexus we'll probably never see him again.

    Awww X haha, think about it this way, um.... Rikishi was in the WWE 10 Years ago now his sons are, same for Davey Boy Smith. Times just flying haha.

  60. The interaction between Angle, Austin and Vince was just electric! I could have watched an entire show of JUST them cutting promos! Hell, this conversation has me nostalgic for those old segments. I should search Youtube or something and see what I can find. I used to laugh my ass off when Austin would copy Vince's mannerisms or repeat some of the things Vince would say. Oh, and one of my all-time favorite things was when somebody would greet Vince, or shake his hand, if Austin was with Vince he'd suddenly greet Vince or shake his hand too, even though he was with Vince the ENTIRE time! Man were those segments gold!

    HA! That's true! It would sure look pretty sad if Taker is trying to get into the casket and it's shaking or falls over or something! That WOULD be hysterical though!

    Gee, way to make me feel even older JT! Thanks... :P

  61. Oh man, I'm looking all those up tomorrow and I'm sending them to you in an email. Speaking of Austin, there's apparently something on the Jericho DVD where they had a fantastic promo, after a show and they kept taping, and no one besides the live crowd has ever seen it. Jericho says that's one of his favorite moments of his wrestling career. I can't wait to see that. So what are some of your favorite matches of the Austin Heel turn anyway X?

    Lmao I'd laugh SO hard, that would be an epic fail man, I'd never forget that. Taker would be so tarnished.

    Lol my bad dude, um... Well you're too young to get a pension! :P

  62. Sounds good to me JT! That'd be a great thing to watch before going to sleep for school tomorrow. At least I'd go to sleep with a smile on my face!

    Hmm, favorite heel Austin matches? That's a tough question actually. I mean I remember the promos and stuff WAY more then I recall any specific matches. Of course the Rock/Austin match from Mania where he turns heel sticks out, but other then that I'm drawing a blank... Most likely if you mentioned something I'd remember it, but yeah, off the top of my head I've got nothin'.

    Dude, that would be like the Shockmaster/Tugboat thing! I didn't see it live, being in full anti-WCW/pro-WWF mode back then, but I've seen footage of it later on. Yeah, Taker falling out of the casket would def rival THAT!

    HA!!!!! Nice save! Although I've got to admit that I wouldn't mind collecting Social Security! :-)

  63. Awesome, I forgo last night since Falisha was over but I just made a note to do it.

    I know what you mean, I'd definitely say his matches with Jericho and Benoit that summer though, one where Benoit gave him like 20 German Suplexes! And the match where Angle beat him for the Title in Pittsburge was awesome excellent.

    LMMFAO. The fact you mentioned that.... officially gives you best friend status haha.

    Yeah that was my ace in the hole, But I agree, I wouldn't mind it either. Money from the Government makes me happy.

  64. Wait, I didn't have best friend status before that?! Or was I like your unofficial best friend or something? :D

  65. Lol I literally said that just to see what you'd say. Quite predictable X :P But nah, you're definitely my best friend not named Falisha haha, and my honorary big brother.