Friday, July 9, 2010

Brightest Day #5...

Brightest Day #5: Writers: Geoffy Johns & Peter Tomasi. Artists: Ivan Reis, Ardian Syaf & Joe Prado.

Review: This comic starts with some Atlantians attacking Aquaman and Mera. Next up Deadman tries to bring the original Dove back to life at the urging of Hawk, but can't. Hawkman and Hawkgirl are trapped on some weird world where animal people battle each other, and I could care less about any of it!

What I Thought: My GOD, is this mini STILL going! Ugh, I just want it to end already... I've got to say, I find myself reading less and less of this comic, and simply browsing the pages, because I'm just completely bored by Blackest Night/Brightest Day... The only person this is a Bright Day for is Geoffy and his ilk, not me. I just want this damn storyline to end...

Score: 3 out of 10.Since I could care less about this mini(?)series, I'm not gonna bother with a caption here!


  1. That Hawks stuff is SO damn stupid and boring and the fact it was a majority of the comic annoyed me. I'm warming up to the stuff with Aquaman after the swerve and I enjoy Deadman/Hawk and Dove but the Hawks and that animal world is just annoying.

  2. I agree with JT. Like I said in another blog post I haven't read it, but I swear this is the last issue I'm reading. I'll just wait to read about it at JT's blog because it's really starting to piss me off. Fucking Hawks....worst than talking monkeys lol.

  3. Ugh, for me the whole Brightest Day thing is boring now! I honestly want it to be over by now! I kind of feel like Falisha, I'm to the point where I don't even want to read these comics anymore. I'll say this much JT, you're a much more patient man then I am... I just don't care about any of these characters enough to want to read little bits and pieces of their stories. If every single one of these Brightest Day characters were killed off tomorrow, I wouldn't care.

  4. Lmao You guys are awesome. I guess I am more patient, I mean I hate that it's split up into like 3 pages per character but I guess i don't mind the wait. It does annoy me though, it definitely annoys me. I don't know... maybe if it had more bang for its buck or the issues were longer it'd be better?

  5. Meh, the issues could all be 64 pages long, and I'd probably still be bitching about the story! :P I just don't really care about most of these characters/stories... It's like Geoff said, "Let's bring a bunch of b/c-listers back to life and give them some really tedious storylines! That would be fun!!!" If anything, Geoff should have only brought back 2 or 3 characters(let's say Aquaman, Max Lord and the Martian Manhunter)and then spent this mini re-defining their role in the DCU... That's my two cents in the matter though.

  6. Lol. I agree on what you said though about bringing back certain people. Hell Reverse Flash or Zoom or whoever that was wasn't even dead was he?! I' confused.

    And Boomer was a stupid choice when his son was much more interesting. I agree but I do like the idea of this Mera swerve. I'm curious as to how Boston using his white Ring will end up, and what Ronnie Raymond remembers but like you said the rest of the stuff in that book is just tedious filler.

  7. HA! The Reverse Flash thing is SO true! He wasn't even dead when he was brought back as a Black Lantern! Sure, that's more the fault of DC for the delays that plagued that Flash: Rebirth mini, but still, since they knew the last issue of Rebirth was SO late, couldn't they have just dropped Reverse Flash from Blackest Night?

    Eh, the Mera swerve didn't do much for me because I doubt it'll really change anything... Plus it didn't really make sense... I mean, HOW long has she been married/hooking up with Aquaman? And these other, evil Atlantians just now realized that she wasn't going to kill Aquaman and that they'd have to do it themselves?! Hell, they probably should have figured that out YEARS ago!!!

    I never really saw anything in Deadman, so I don't care about his story(the only time I actually cared about the character was in that Batman cartoon with Green Arrow, Speedy and Gentleman Ghost!). I guess the Firestorm thing has potential, although I kind of feel that Ronnie shouldn't have been killed off in the first place... He's a young character who still had some decent potential, unlike Capt. Boomerang, who's a fat, old, bald dude... Whew, where'd that rant come from?! :D

  8. EXACTLY!!! What I don't get is... they SHOWED HIM in BN Flash 1, Alive and kicking... and it had to be after Rebirth because he was still restrained in that prison. In the same series Fat Boomer ate Young Boomer. Yet Reverse Flash returned at the end of BN..... with Fat Boomer!!! So... WTF are there two reverse Flashes?

    Lol this is the same DCU where Barry died 25 years ago yet came back to his wife who's barely aged, got his job back, and is on a team with his own Grandson from the future...

    I never cared about Deadman either (except what you just mentioned) but I find myself wondering what the reason is for him having this ring... That just captivates me. And I don't know much about Ronnie except he had an alcohol addiction yet he's been drinking a ton since he got someone didn't do their homework.

    Quick nerd fact since I'm BIG into voice over work, Deadman on that episode of Batman you mentioned was voiced by Michael Rosenbaum who also voiced Flash (Wally West) on JLA/JLU, Kid Flash on the Teen Titans cartoon and played Lex Luthor on Smallville for 7 seasons. That is all lol.

  9. Ugh, that's all just TOO screwy for me to wrap my head around! As a continuity freak, that's the sort of mix-up that could LITERALLY make my head explode!!!

    Well, we all know that's because besides super-speed, Barry Allen also has the power known as super-Geoffism, which basically means Barry can alter reality in order to make other characters(as well as some fans and creators)forget that he died back in the mid-80's. Yup, Barry has already used his super-Geoffism abilities to revert Iris back to a twenty-something, get his old cop job back, and most importantly, put that damned upstart Wally West back in his place!

    "Captivates"? Sweet word usage JT! That'll get you a few points in Thesaurus Warfare! Getting back on track though, I really find myself caring less and less about the whole Brightest Day thing in general, and Deadman in particular. I just don't care, you know? I seriously just wish this mini would end so we could find everything out... For me the destination just isn't worth the journey... Wow, how very Zen of me... As for Ronnie, I guess becoming a crazed zombie can restore hair(Boomerang), reduce your waist-size(Boomerang!), cure insanity(Hawk)AND erase alcoholism! Not bad!

    Wow, that guy must be a HUGE DC mark! I don't know what's more impressive, the fact that he portrayed all of those characters, or the fact that you knew all of that off-hand!

  10. I agree, and it seems like they just forgot about it. Hell have we even SEEN Reverse-Flash since he came back?

    Man, Super Geoffism is the best power ever!!! But it's got nothing on Morrisonosis, which allows you to make people disappear, turn kids into killing machines, make main villains have bulletholes in their foreheads and forked tongues and magically change someone's birth hair color!

    Lol, Thesaurus Warfare sounds oddly appealing to me... Man the way you summed that up, seems like it's almost worth dying and coming back to lose weight. Now THAT's a diet plan! I see what you mean though, especially because there's still like a year of this Brightest Day stuff when the only things that came from it or remained good afterwards are Birds of Prey, Green Lantern and Gen Lost.

    Yeah he's been on Batman Beyond too as random villains and such. And yeah dude I know WAY too much stuff like that, hell I can't watch a cartoon without going "Oh that's such and such."

  11. Nope, I think he's been locked up in prison since he came back to life, you know, after not being dead! :P Since he's a time traveler, I don't get why Geoff included him with the other Brightest Day returnees. He could just attack Barry from before he died, like in Rebirth. A time traveler really can't die in the conventional sense.

    Ah yes, Morrisonosis... How could I have forgotten about THAT power! Don't forget that Morrisonosis also causes characters to act in strange ways, as well as confusing the HELL out of comic book fans everywhere! I've also heard that extended exposure to Morrisonosis causes madness... Scary!

    I've got to give Kello credit for coining Thesaurus Warfare. Whenever you use mammoth words that you don't commonly see used, you can tell a game of Thesaurus Warfare is afoot!

    Yeah, the Black Lantern diet plan is pretty sweet. So you have to rip out a few hearts before the diet takes effect. I'd say that's a reasonable trade-off. :P Oh, and I'll give you Birds, and POSSIBLY GL, but I just can't stomach Gen Lost because of that damed Super-Fake Beetle...

    It must be a blast to watch movies with you! During some big action scene you'll be like, "Oh, that's the guy who was in such and such! He also did, this movie, and that movie. He's a Gemini and his favorite color is blue." Man, I should fly out to Michigan just to see you in action! :D

  12. I agree, I mean couldn't that spot have gone to someone else like Ted (who may be alive anyway) or um... Tempest or hell anyone else?

    Exactly. I read Morrisonosis was discovered by Old man Morrison living in a cave with a type writer gnawing on chicken bones and fruit roll up wrappers.

    Lol really? I've never heard Kello use that, oh and just so you know I've renamed you, Kello, Marc and myself the Nerds of Prey.

    Lol you LOVED lost before Beetle popped up. maybe it's leading up to him getting killed since he now has no home and isn't in Teen Titans :D

    Lol exactly how it is X, no lie. PLUS I went to film school so I'm always pointing out sweet shots and editing techniques. Man I'd hate to be sitting next to me in a movie haha.

  13. Yeah, Tempest is a good pick. Especially since Aquaman is back. They could have that whole Batman and Nightwing dynamic to their relationship. Hell, I'd even take Aquababy over Reverse Flash!

    Really? I read that Morrisonosis was CREATED by Old Man Morrison in a cave in Chile! :P You know, we'd better hope Marc never reads this! :D

    Yup, Kello used it a while back on his FF blog after I used some weird, obscure word. I thought it was catchy, so I've always remembered it. And now I pass the memory of Thesaurus Warfare on to you! :P Well, I'm happy to be a proud member of the Nerds of Prey. Check that out, I'm a Nerd of Prey and a member of the Legion of Losers! I feel so special! :D

    You're so right... I DID love Lost before that bastard popped up! Unfortunately I just don't see Hai-Me kicking the bucket anytime soon... I wish he would, but I just don't see it. He seems to be one of those characters DC wants to cram down our throats whether we like it or not! On a related note, if Hai-Me ever did buy the farm, I'd dedicate an entire blog to the character who killed him! :P

    Hate it? I'd love it! That way if I was bored by the movie itself, I'd be able to listen to you point stuff out, thereby making the movie more interesting! See, if I had my own personal JT, I'd probably watch WAY more movies!

    Man, tonight was a blast! Just like the good old days of non-stop blog commenting! Unfortunately I've got to call it a night... :( I really should go through my Spanish flash cards one more time tonight, and do a bit more studying. The preterit tense is a real bitch.... Then I'll read a few more Robins and call it a night. AdiĆ³s for now JT.

  14. The thing I hated was Tempest was FINALLY coming into his own role, we have him taking over as King and Nightwing as Batman. I agree though Tempest would've been better, much better than Boomer or Reverse Flash.

    Lol right? Or may Geoff have mercy on our soul. See, that's a two for one! Haha

    Right? It's like a super mixture of cohesiveness and super powered comic knowledge. And wow, the more ya know, I should use it on Kello and see how shocked he is.

    Lmao so Killin Fools would finally have a reason to exist eh? ;)

    Well in THAT case, thank you X! I'd loan myself out to your expense just so you could finally watch movies. I can't picture you sitting through Red Hood now haha

    Right? I love our commentfests! They're always so back and forth and never boring. But alright dude, good luck on the studying and the test Monday buddy. I'll send Bane Amigo.... Senor. God I hated that movie....

  15. Yep, I definitely would have preferred Garth. Hell, maybe you could have made him a foil to Aquaman. You know, some of the Atlantians could choose to follow Tempest, while some of them could follow Aquaman... But no, it was not to be...

    I wonder if Kello would remember what Thesaurus Warfare even is? It would be funny to see if he did remember.

    HA!!! That's perfect! Killin' Fools would be the perfect site to celebrate Hai-Me's killer!

    I'd try to sit through the Red Hood movie. I really would.

    Yeah, today is gonna be full of a lot of cramming actually. I figured I'd check my comments before I really get into it again. "Bane Amigo"? You HAVE to use that in one of your posts!

  16. Yeah that would've worked pretty well, and been better than the Roy/Ollie set up because It'd make more sense.

    I used it earlier on something But I don't know if he saw it.

    Lol see it returns with a PERFECT meaning. Yet when I said it first ya called it morbid :P

    You'd make it like six minutes, turn it off and read the comic again lol.

    Haha, Bane... I wanna do a post as Bane from that movie. "Hola Senor, this comic amigo, was bad. The gringos tried to fight the amigo, senor it did not look bueno. Muy Malo it was senor, muy malo indeed!!!" Haha