Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer School Blues!

Ugh, between the 95 degree weather outside today and the first day of classes, I am a wreck tonight! I have to say, I don't foresee myself posting many reviews here during the next six weeks, because summer school is HARD work! But then again, I kind of expected that since I'm trying to learn 5 months worth of material in just 6 weeks. Tonight for example, I have 8(!)pages of Spanish homework, and I have to try to learn about 100 vocabulary words for the first test, which is on Friday... That's THIS Friday! Oh, and I have a test every single Thursday after this week for the next 5 weeks... This is going to be a LOOOONG summer! Well, I really have to start doing some flashcards, and finish up my homework, BUT, I'm gonna post a random scan just to break up the monotony of my schoolwork.

Before I go though, I'm still trying to think of easy little posts I can put up every now and then... You know, something that I can put together in 10-15 minutes just to stay connected to the blog. I'm thinking about more random scans, or a versus type post(you know, X vs Y, who should win and why), but if anybody can think of something quick and easy, I'm more then willing to entertain it. So anyway, enjoy the scan and X out.You've got to laugh at Hal's confidence here... "She IS a woman"...(From Trinity #1, Aug. 1993)


  1. Man, it sounds like the weather is really getting to everyone!

    So that's the Trinity series you mentioned in the other post? I thought you meant the Kurt Busiek weekly series from 2 years back.

    That sounds like quite a bit of work. How often do you actually have to go to class? It just seems weird they would give you a test if it's a shortened week.

    I think we'll all agree that we'll take any posts we can get! An X vs Y type theme could create some healthy debates, so that sounds great. Either that, or just pick some random catergory, give a quick opinion, and ask people what they think (like best dressed Avenger or something). I don't know, just spit ballin, yo.

  2. Awww X!! I'm sorry to hear that the summer is being a total bitch with the heat and hard classes. I luckily tested out of the second section of a math class I needed. But replacing it with working more. :( I think I like school a lot more.

    But as for Spanish, I found it easy to have some flash cards made, BUT, I put pictures on one side with the spanish word and definiteion, and the english word on the opposite side. That helped me a lot. It was a easy way for me when it came time to test, I would see the word visualize the picture and tie in the word in spanish/english.

    Then it all depends on whether your teacher has the english word and you translate it to spanish or have the spanish word and you translated it to english. Either way good luck sir, you're a damn hard worker and I know you'll do fine. ^_^

    Sorry for babbling!

  3. Well, I JUST finished off my HW, so I figured I'd check the blog quick before passing out for the night.

    Kello: Yeah, that's the Trinity I was talking about, not that lousy maxi-series from 2 years back. It was an x-over with LEGION, Green Lantern and Darkstars... Yeah, it wasn't all that hot...

    Four days a week, Mon-Thurs. Except this week, since there were no classes on Monday, they decided to make us come in on Friday to take a test... Yay... If there was a sarcasm button on my keyboard, I'd be pushing it like crazy right now!

    Thanks Kello, you sure know how to make a tired fellow blogger smile! I actually really like your idea of picking a category, throwing out a quick opinion(a paragraph or less)and then letting everybody else chime in on it. I'll see if I can find some free time to try that idea out! Oh, and for some reason I'm just having MASSIVE difficulty picturing you actually saying that last line... You have GOT to use that one on Kellotube one day!!! :D

    Falisha: I really didn't need to take these classes right now, but I just wanted to get them out of the way so I'd get out of school a little bit earlier. Two semesters ago(when I last took Español), I used an online flashcard program for my vocab, mainly because I was so tired of always having to buy MORE flashcards! But I REALLY like your idea of adding a picture(although with my art it would probably look horrendous!)to the cards to help visualize the word... I may actually give that a shot. Thanks Falisha!

  4. Just keepin it real, playa.

    Ok, I promise I'll stop now.

  5. Oh no problem at all. Just looking out to help others with tips that helped me a lot.

    And if the art skills are lacking, just print little 100 px by 100 px pics and glue them bad babies on there!! Lol.

  6. No please, keep going Kello! You're giving me a lot to laugh about! :-)

    I might have to Falisha! I could see myself trying to draw a refrigerator and coming up with a big box or something, and then wondering what the heck I was looking at!