Friday, July 23, 2010

Brightest Day #6

Brightest Day #6: Writer: GEOFF Johns & Peter Tomasi. Artists: Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Scott Clark & Joe Prado.

Review: *Sigh* Here we go again... So a crazed Martian is running amok in an attempt to breed with the Martian Manhunter(I guess), and the Manhunter himself seems to kill anything green he touches. Hawk and Dove convince Deadman to try to bring Dove's sister back to life, but she ends up coming back as a Black Lantern and attacks them. We discover though that the attack never really happened, and that Deadman's ring made the heroes see that. Oh, and for some reason the White Ring wanted Hawk to eat a cheeseburger. The Firestorms continue to have problems, and Jason and Ronnie both realize that there is a third voice in their combined head. And finally Mera explains to Aquaman that she was from some sort of Atlantian penal colony and was sent to assassinate him. But naturally she fell in love with him and couldn't do it. We then retcon a bunch of stuff and she explains that Black Manta killed their baby(Aquababy), as punishment for Mera not killing Aquaman. This issue ends with the Manhunter deciding to search for Miss Martian and discovering her ravaged body at her secret base.

What I Thought: Meh. Sorry, but I couldn't care any less about this series. I don't enjoy it, I don't like reading it, every one of the stories are tedious and boring to me, and simply put, I just want this whole Brightest Day thing to end. Next issue promises to reveal the secret of the White Lantern, but a)I expect the reveal to be horribly weak, or b)it'll be a cop-out. And then people wonder why DC has been spanked by Marvel market share-wise for the past three straight years...

Score: 3 1/2 out of 10.Yeah a cheeseburger, why not? After reading this I wanted arsenic...


  1. Welp, Brightest day has officially had its light turned off by me. I'm seriously done with this comic. I thought the Aquaman story could keep me interested but having to flip through all that other garbage just makes me upset. Lol.

  2. No, DC are not killing Miss Martian. Just no.

    I've tried to read this for the Martian Manhunter and Aquaman stories, but they're both so boring, jumpy, not really that well written, have typical comic book twists and retcons, and just generally aren't good... Which sucks. My three favourite characters all getting mistreated at the same time. It's really damn lame...

  3. Well from the sound of things we all seem to feel the same way towards Brightest Day... I can't blame you AT ALL for not bothering with this drivel, Falisha. To be perfectly honest with you, I don't want to read it either! Not ONE of the stories interests me in the least.

    Yeah Nagash, it sure doesn't look good for Miss Martian... But then again, since she wasn't created in the 1940's/1950's, why would DC care about her? Man, I've never been more disappointed in DC then I am right now...

  4. I just wanna throw in, the fact that the Hawks weren't in this gave it a 1.0 boost. Man I hate that story. The weirdest thing is people on the comic forums LOVE this stuff.

    "Oh it's so great Geoff decided to merge ALL the Hawk Origins, now they make sense!!!!" Talking animals makes the Hawks background make sense?! WHAT?!

    Also, Go eat a cheeseburger, because the white castle ring commands it!

  5. It's a very bad mentality then, but I'm pretty she won't die, and will get a bit more attention when Young Justice comes out. They wouldn't have one of the characters dead at the same time a animated show is running now, would they?

  6. You and me both JT. I like the Hawks, but yeah, I'd say that their story is definitely the worst out of ALL of the stories going on during BD. As for the forums, that's probably just those mindless DC fanboys... You know the type. The ones who don't think DC can do any wrong, and that EVERYTHING they put out is good. Ugh, I HATE people like that! Be it hardcore DC fanboys, or hardcore Marvel fanboys... There's this older guy who I've seen in the comic book shop twice now who always seems to be going on and on about how awesome Grant Morrison is, and how Return of Bruce Wayne is like the best thing he's EVER read... I mean he's literally like, "Everything Marvel is putting out pales in comparison to Return!!!" Really!? Everything?!? Ugh... One day that guy's gonna be in there and I'm going to be in the wrong mood... Wow, I really went off on a tear there, didn't I? Sorry about that JT!

    I DON'T think Miss Martian is dead(I remember even as I typed up this review I refused to type in that Manhunter found her dead body), but with DC's recent, "Everything old is NEW again!!!" kick, I can't say I'd be shocked if she did indeed die. But I wouldn't be surprised to see her survive either. She was created by GEOFF, wasn't she?

  7. Lol I really don't mind that rant because I know what you mean. How that dude can think Return of Bruce Wayne is great is outrageous. And I hardly follow Marvel but the last 8 issues of ASM and after reading Shadowland, that dude is INSANE. There's no way ANYTHING Grant's written in the last 3 years is close to touching that ONE issue of Shadowland...

    I'd doubt she's dead, if she was dead they'd have shown her definitely dead, not just sprawled out. Plus with her in the new Young Justice show (which apparently has Dick and Wally and not Tim and Bart for some reason...) I doubt they'd kill her off.

  8. "There's no way ANYTHING Grant's written in the last 3 years is close to touching that ONE issue of Shadowland..." Amen! Saying Marvel hasn't done anything as good as Return is just ignorance, plain and simple.

    Aw come on, you can't REALLY be surprised about Young Justice, can you JT? Hell, I could have called that one from a mile away! I've learned my lesson well, unless they were created before 1960, or were created by GEOFF, then they don't deserve to exist in the DCU. That's yet another reason I won't be watching that cartoon...

  9. Dude, honestly, it looks good. Like REALLY good. That show, and the DC Universe Online game have already convinced me to watch/play them JUST from the videos that came outta comic-con. That show is gonna be excellent if it lives up to HALF the hype.

    Oh dude, speaking of which. I read today that Geoff is writing an episode of Smallville that will have Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. That blew my mind cause you know I'm a big Booster fan. Oh, and the Beetle is gonna be Hai-me which sucks, but Ted Kord will also appear in the episode.

  10. Well, once again, I'll be waiting to see what you have to say about that cartoon before I watch it, 'cause I'm just not that interested in the concept anymore... When it was first teased, I was psyched, but now? Not so much...

    Man, they're really trying to shove Hai-Me down our throats, aren't they?!

  11. I'll let you know dude. If you want I can send ya the DC Universe online teaser, it's like about 5 mins and it has graphics like that Dragon Age trailer I showed ya. Plus it has Conroy, Hammill and such reprising their roles. It has me so hype for that game.

    Yeah right? Well you know how Geoff is...

  12. Sure, why not! Even if I don't watch it right away, I can always leave it in my inbox and check it out when I have the time.

    You know what the weird thing is? This is one of the FEW instances where I wouldn't mind the current version of the character getting killed off and replaced by one of the older versions! :D

  13. Just sent it bro, there's a lot of people in that video besides the Trinity, there's Lex, Joker, Harley, Black Adam, Flash, Cyborg, Giganta, Deathstroke and some more people.

    Lol right?! I say bring back Owen as Cap Boomer, Ted Kord as Blue Beetle, and The older Trickster because I LOVED that character, only think I liked in Countdown. And Atom Smasher, and Tempest and I'd be a happy man.

  14. Cool. It's sitting in my inbox, and as soon as I get the time I'll check it out and get back to ya.

    HA! So basically you want DC to undo most of what they did during Blackest Night, since Boomer, Tempest and Damage(I think that's who you mean, since I think Atom Smasher is still alive, unless you know something I don't :P)were offed in BN. I hear that. You're not the only one who seems to think that about Trickster/Countdown... EVERYBODY who has read that rubbish seems to agree that Trickster WAS the only good thing going in that series.

  15. Sweet, lemme know what ya think. Although I won't be getting the game since it's a MMO and they want you to pay FIFTEEN BUCKS A MONTH!!!!11!!! lol

    Yeah I actually did mean Damage, what was I thinking? Lol. And yeah like, I even hated the Jason stuff and you know I'm a big Jason Todd fan. But the stuff with Trickster and Piper was awesome, made me really enjoy their stuff.

  16. Couldn't we just do a 'ignore countdown' thing, so it never happened ;)

    Would you prefer Hai-Me if he were Black Beetle, or something else guys?

  17. They expect people to buy the game and then pay $15 a month for it? BWA-HAHAHAH!!! Good luck with that guys!

    Whenever i think of Countdown I always try to think about the Trickster/Piper stuff... Trickster with those finger puppets still makes me laugh! And I for one wouldn't mind pretending that Countdown never happened!

    Eh, I just don't like the fact that Hai-Me is basically a rip-off of Ted personality-wise. It's like, why kill off Ted and then replace him with a younger version of himself? So until Ted Kord is back, I don't care if they call Hai-Me the Neon-Green Beetle, I'll always resent him. That's my take on him.

  18. RIGHT?! That's what I said! And people were actually trying to defend having to pay 15 a month to play it...

    Lol I always remember that as well, and Piper talking to Trickster's corpse like he was alive. Oh and those two in a diner haha.

    Lol @ Neon-Green Beetle. I feel the same way, he's exactly what Ted was but younger and hispanic, and doesn't have any of the same ties. No relationship with Babs like Ted, no relationship with Booster, and Ted didn't even USE the scarab so he could exist and Jamie could even keep the name. It's just the principle of the matter.

  19. Yeah man, I'd rather just save up that $15 a month and get a new game every 4 months... I wonder what the over/under is on how long that game manages to last...

    Jeez, all this talk about Trickster and Piper is making me want to read Countdown again... Wait, on second thought, no it's not! :P

    For me it's the personality issue that bothers me the most. If you wanted a guy around who had the same personality as Ted Kord, then WHY KILL TED KORD?! It just boggles the mind! Hai-Me is such a poor man's Ted Kord it's not even funny!

  20. Exactly, I don't get why people pay for those games. Then again ya brother likes World of Warcraft right? He may want it.

    Haha, is there a trade I can get with just those two's story, that's all I want. And Jason bashing in Jokesters head with a rock.

    Agreed. Hai-Me never even comes off as likable, only on Batman Brave and The Bold have I ever even not wanted to look away when he popped up, and thats only because I'm a fan of his voice actor. He played Batman Beyond.

  21. Yeah, but that would mean he'd have to pull himself away from World of Warcraft, and that ain't gonna happen!

    You know, they should totally do something like that. Do a trade on each particular story from those really long maxi-series. I'd have rather just brought the Trickster/Piper stuff instead of having to have read through all the rest of that junk!

  22. Lol so does he still play that on a regular basis?

    Exactly, where is Piper anyway? I remember him trying to help Bart in Fastest Man Alive. Whatever happened it him?

  23. Dude, he plays it EVERY spare minute of the frigging day! He's probably playing it right now!

    He was in the Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge mini. I can't remember seeing him any where else though...

  24. Lol, that's pretty wild, but you'll be the same way when Dragon Age II comes out, speaking of which, ever read that article?

    That's the last time I remember seeing him too. Hell between him, Wally and Bart it's like Countdown meant nothing in terms of Flash comics today.

  25. HA!!! It's probably STILL sitting on my couch! I have a couch that sits three and a recliner, so the end of the couch is basically a pile of junk(comics, video games, controllers, magazines, school work, etc)since I've never had more then three people over at once. As such, things tend to disappear in that area, like that issue of Game Informer apparently did!

    Hell, I'd go even farther and say that the past 10-20 years worth of FLASH comics don't mean much thanks to the current Flash series!

  26. Lol you're never gonna read that thing are ya X? :P

    Speaking of Flash, I may be incorrect but I think I heard of a newer comic coming out that'll focus on Jesse Quick, The new Impulse and I think Wally but don't quote me on him.

  27. OK, yes, the finger puppets were good, but by general consensus, except for the Piper/Trickster stuff, we can forget about Countdown… Agreed?

    See, I haven't actually read any Ted Kord issues, so I don't know too much about him. Here's hoping by the end of Brightest Day, he's back and taking a law abiding revenge against Max.

    Well, Jesse Quick is gonna be the Justice League now, so take that what you will...

  28. Sadly JT, I doubt it... I'll probably have DA 2 before I even see that magazine again!

    Well I'm def not an expert on Ted, Nagash, but from the few things I have read with him in it(Birds of Prey, Robin, Formerly Known as the JL, a few old JL's), he was pretty damn funny. Legit funny, not shoved down your throat, fake funny like a certain other Beetle...

    See, I'd buy that book. Even if Jesse isn't in it(I've also heard she was gonna join the JLA), I'd buy it just for Wally. I'm still not sold on his daughter being Impulse(Bart will forever be Impulse to me), but I'd even give that a shot. Just PLEASE give me SOMETHING with Wally in it dammit!!!

  29. I was gonna say that haha, You'll finally open it AFTER you beat DA II, like six times.

    I looked it up but couldn't find anything, and I forget where I heard it, I wanna say the CBR forums, but here's hoping it's true.