Thursday, March 28, 2013

Young Avengers #3

Last review of the night is none other than Young Avengers...  You know, the book I most look forward to reading.  So yeah, let's skip this whole intro nonsense and get into the action!

Young Avengers #3:

Summary: Miss America saves the boys from Laufey, and Loki teleports everybody to the safety of Mary Jane's nightclub...  Wha-huh!?  By this point, Hulkling's mother and the rest of the evil parents seem to have a lock on the group.  Anyway, Loki tells the group that Wiccan could cast a spell that would rid them of their evil parents.  However, learning/casting the spell would take a long time, which would leave the evil parents alone to do all sorts of evil parent-y things.  To circumvent the time issue, Loki tells Wiccan to lend his powers to Loki so Loki could cast the spell faster and end the threat of the evil parents.  Needless to say, Wiccan has no interest in lending Loki any powers.  By this time, the evil parental units arrive and beat the crew into unconsciousness.  This issue ends with the group waking up to Hulkling's mother telling them she was going to eat their souls, or something equally nefarious.

Thoughts: You know I enjoyed this comic.  So let's get that out of the way right off the bat...  I liked this comic!  It was really good!  I enjoyed the Miss America making the timely save.  I loved Loki trying to convince Wiccan to lend his powers over for ten minutes.  I liked learning a little bit about Miss America's background.  I liked the boys texting Kate...  Could we have gotten a little more action?  Or learned how Miss America knew where to find the group?  Or learned just what Hulkling's mother's deal was?  Sure, but this issue was still very strong.  And before I end this, I have to say, Kieron Gillen is doing a fantastic job with the dialogue here...  The characters sound more realistic than most of the comic characters I read about do.  So yeah, like I said, very good!

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.
wiccan hulkling loki young avengers #3
The art in this comic is also top-notch.  The facial expressions here are fantastic.


  1. I am so glad you read this early on in your reviewing for the week. I absolutely LOVED this issue. I seriously can't choose who I love the most. Well who am I kidding. Miss America is! She is so bad ass I love it. I'm writing you a e-mail now, I just wanted to chime in and say I enjoyed this issue. Lol. ^_^

  2. Ha, Loki is Tyrion. Loved the GOT reference.

    1. Ha I would have thought that Wiccan's GOT favorite character would be someone more heroic like Jon Snow or any other Stark... But Tyrion is my favorite Characer anyway.

  3. Seriously, I could just read an issue of month of all them talking. The scene in the club was amazing. I loved Teddy making air quotes! Totally agree that they all feel like real people. I couldn't love this title more.