Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hawkeye #8

After a night of JT, it's time to head back to the relative sanity of an X review night!  What a relief, right?  Two reviews on tap for the night, the first of which was my favorite series of 2012...  Yes, it's Hawkeye time!!

Hawkeye #8

Summary: We kick this one off with the woman Hawkeye helped get away from the tracksuit mafia(Penny I think her name is... Eh, I'll call her Penny...) stopping by Avengers Mansion and planting a kiss on Hawkeye, asking him for his help.  That's all fine and good and all, except Clint's first love(Black Widow), ex-wife(Mockingbird) and current girlfriend(Spider-Woman) are standing right there...  Ah Clint...  Hawkeye decides to take Penny out of there(probably to get away from the angry women!) and finds out that she a) shot her ex-husband, a member of the tracksuit mafia, and b) needed Hawkeye's help in stealing a safe from a stripclub the tracksuiters ran.  Oh yeah, Penny had also been sending Hawkeye comic books, which is important for later.  Anyway, Hawkeye, being Hawkeye and all, decides to help her.  Hawkeye heads to the stripclub and makes a scene(which consists of Hawkeye beating up tracksuiters), which allows Penny to snatch the safe.  Unfortunately for our hero, the police respond to the disturbance and arrest Hawkeye, while Penny sneaks away.  Hawkeye meets up with Penny later at his apartment and she is infuriated that Hawkeye had mixed up the comic books, since the combination to the safe was the numbers on the comic books.  Since putting in the wrong combination three times would destroy the contents of the safe, Penny angrily gives Hawkeye the safe and leaves.  This issue ends with the tracksuit mafia getting the okay from the New York mobs to put a hit on Hawkeye.

Thoughts: I hate to say it, but I didn't love this comic...  I liked it, but it definitely wasn't one of my favorites.  There were just too many little things that bugged me...  How did Penny get into Avengers Mansion to kiss an unsuspecting Clint?  Why would Penny expect Clint to keep the comics that she sent him in the exact order they were sent in?  She didn't send him any instructions(to my knowledge), so how would he know to keep them in a pile?  Penny goes through all of that trouble to get the safe and then simply leaves it with Hawkeye?  If she needed the contents so badly, why not take the safe with you?  Or try to open it?  If the contents get destroyed, so be it.  Now you know Clint will end up opening it, which means he'll be the one with whatever this item(s) Penny wanted so badly...  It just didn't add up for me.  On the plus side, as always, Matt Fraction has Hawkeye DOWN.  He just writes that character SO perfectly.  He also wrote Mockingbird really well for the brief scene she appeared in.  But yeah, for me, this wasn't the best issue from this series...

Score: 7 out of 10.
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Kate rules!

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