Saturday, March 16, 2013

Avenging Spider-Man #18

Hey all,  X here (and JT!) with one review on tap for tonight.  The book I'll be tackling has been 100% JT's up to this point, (meaning the reviews were awesome.) and that would be Avenging Spider-Man.  But if you saw the title of this post, you probably already knew that...  Anyway, here's hoping this issue is as strong as the previous few have been. (And the same for the review.)

Avenging Spider-Man #18:

Summary: Electro is back, and having been defeated by Thor during the Ends of the Earth storyline, wants revenge.  Having been monitoring for Electro's energy signature, Doc Spidey heads to Thor to warn him of Electro's return, and probable revenge scheme.  Thor simply laughs the warning off since he can't fathom Electro giving him any trouble. ( don't blame him, I would have done the same.) Doc Spidey is pissed about Thor's insolence and angrily leaves.  Meanwhile, Electro heads to AIM, who think they have a way to help him kill Thor. (Did they help for free or did he pay them or what?) Basically they turned him into an anti-matter version of himself, figuring Thor wouldn't be able to affect him. (That's....surprisingly genius.) Spidey ends up finding Electro at one of AIM's labs, but is a little too late, and Electro flies off to enact his revenge.  Spidey reaches Thor first, (HOW?!) and tries to warn him about Electro again, but once again, Thor shrugs the warning off.  At least until he is attacked and hurt by Electro.  Thor prepares to blast Electro with some lightning of his own, but is stopped by Spidey, who warns him that his positive electricity colliding with Electro's anti-matter could result in the destruction of all of New York State. (That's why you did this review... too much Science stuff, who am I, Walter White?) Spidey has a plan, but he needs time to put it into action, so Thor agrees to take a beating from Electro to buy Spidey the needed time.  In the end, Thor manages to stand his ground long enough for Spidey to concoct a device that ends Electro's threat.  Thor kind of apologizes for not heeding Doc Spidey's earlier warnings, but tells Spidey he didn't like his attitude, while Doc Spidey feels smug that he managed to save a god. (He reminded me of you, except his smugness is deserved. HA!) This one ends in one of Doc Ock's old labs, where we see that Doc Spidey had managed to collect Sandman and Electro and imprisoned them there. (Superior Six?! It's know...we're all doomed).

Thoughts: This was a nice little one and done story.  The story was simple and easy to understand, and the team-up between Spidey and Thor didn't feel forced or anything.  If I had a complaint it would have been that Thor came across as really arrogant,(He is arrogant... it's part of his charm!) and was kind of out of line by calling Spidey disrespectful after the battle...  I can't really recall Spidey doing anything that could have been considered disrespectful. (He told Thor to get his hands off him when Thor touches his shoulder and said he wasn't worried about Electro. BOOM!) Thor was the one who was disrespecting Spidey!  Besides that very minor quibble though, no complaints here.

Score: 7 out of 10.
thor avenging spider-man #18
Man, Thor is kind of an ass here... (Yep, like earlier, reminds me of you.)


  1. Yea I didn't really like how arrogant Thor was in this book either. Thor is arrogant, but he wouldn't usually act in that manner towards a superhero he considers a friend, let alone an avenger. I was actually kinda pissed about it, Thor being my fave superhero and all. Other than that, it was definitely a good read though.

    P.S. first time commenter, long time fan, keep up the good work X, and JT same goes to you as we'll, you two make a good team.

  2. I felt kinda like Thor was more like Young Thor in the current series than current Thor. But I enjoyed him here, especially seeing how hard he fought to give Spidey the time he needed, which I think made up for him acting a bit out of character.

    And thanks Nuri, glad you like the blog and glad you decided to drop us a comment! Don't be a stranger.

  3. i think actually that thor wasnt saying spidey was being disrespectful to him but to electro! right before he said that he was stating how electro had proven himself a worthy adversary and that spidey speaking of him as just a problem to be solved, i think thats what thor was saying was disrespectful.

    as thor now respects him as a warrior even tho he is a enemy

  4. *Mild spoiler warning for Superior spiderman 6 follows.

    It makes it much worse that in Superior-Spiderman 6, that when the Avengers were discussing the change in Spidey, Thor says he recently fought with him and found the new Spiderman wild, erratic, arrogant and not trustworthy to be with in battle. Did Dan Slott even read Avenging Spiderman 18 before writing that?

    Doc. Ock has done a lot of questionable things but saving Thor and NYC is not one of them.