Monday, March 4, 2013

Thunderbolts #5

As promised, one more review for the evening, this time we'll head back to Marvel and check out Thunderbolts.  This series should be SO GOOD.  Instead, it's been the opposite.  For me anyway.  Well, let's dig in...

Thunderbolts #5:

Summary: Punisher and Elektra get together and shoot up a few bad guys.  Meanwhile, Venom does the same to different bad guys wearing similar uniforms.  Gen. Ross passes out after giving most of his gamma radiation to the Leader to fix him due to the Leader having been shot in the head by the Punisher.  While Ross is out cold, a woman named Mercy approaches Leader and seems as if she wants to fix his addled mind.  As for Deadpool, he seems to have suddenly become smitten with Elektra, which has caused him to take a depowered Madman and hand him over to the rebels forces.  This issue ends with Deadpool happening across Punisher and Elektra making out and Venom telling the rebels he was taking Madman now.

Thoughts: UGH!!  Why is this comic so bad?!  Why?!?  I don't want it to be bad...  Quite the contrary, I really, really want it to be good!  I like most of the characters, I like the writer, but man, this series just isn't doing anything for me...  I'm going to give this series three more issues.  Maybe once this initial storyline wraps up things will improve...  If not?  I get to save $2.99!

Score: 3 out of 10.
punisher kiss elektra thunderbolts #5
Awww, how romantic.


  1. They've given you 5 bad comics and you're still going to buy at least 3 more? If more people have your mindset it's no wonder Marvel/DC don't mind publishing garbage.

    1. It's called having hope. I like the writer, I like the characters, I want this title to succeed. Maybe once this storyline wraps up, things will improve with the next one. I'm not going to quit a series that has such promise based on a bad storyarc.

    2. X you're pretty diplomatic, here I was thinking "Wow, that dude Jeff should probably mind his own business instead of being a comic Nazi and telling people what they should spend their hard earned money on. Also, if he's so convinced that Marvel/DC put out such garbage that it's funny he's spending his obviously "important" time reading reviews about books that are put out by those companies."

    3. Hmm, I like your answer, JT... Can I switch to that response?