Thursday, March 14, 2013

Alpha: Big Time #2

Alright, it's Alpha time!!  This is definitely the comic I'm most looking forward to reading every month, so the hell with a fancy intro, let's get right in to the action!!

Alpha: Big Time #2(of 5)

Summary: So yeah, last issue Alpha totally decked some mugger and may have killed him.  Not knowing what else to do, Alpha takes said mugger to the hospital and prepares to turn himself over to the cops for hitting the mugger too hard.  The cops aren't interested in arresting Alpha since the guy he hit was a scumbag, and let Alpha walk.  The whole episode weighs on Alpha's mind, so he decides to head to Horizon Labs so Peter Parker can take away his powers.  Again.  However, on the way there he runs into, and defeats, a massive monster.  Defeating the monster gives Alpha some second thoughts about giving his powers up, but he goes to Horizon anyway and waits for Peter.  While waiting, he spots a newspaper that says the mugger he hit last night was going to survive, so Alpha decides not to tell Peter about what happened, and leaves with his powers.  From there he heads to the hospital to apologize to the unconscious mugger, but is shocked when the mugger grabs his arm, ending this one.

Thoughts: This issue was okay...  I guess...  I loved Alpha's inner monologue, where he was completely conflicted about giving up his powers.  I mean, who wouldn't be conflicted?  If anything, it shows growth as a character that he was even considering giving up his powers.  Other than that though, nothing really happened...  Alpha fought a big energy monster.  And went to a coffee house.  And was grabbed by a mugger.  So yes, I enjoyed this one because I'm about the biggest Alpha fan you'll find, but honestly?  This comic was kind of skippable...

Score: 7 1/2 out of 10.
alpha big time #2
If I was more artistically inclined, I'd write songs dedicated to the awesomeness of Alpha.

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