Sunday, March 3, 2013

Avenging Spider-Man #17

Hey guys and gals, it's Sunday so you know what that means, it's a JT day here at the X-Man Comic Blog, I'm still working on getting that name changed, and today's comic is none other than Avenging Spider-Man. It seems like it's been a while since the last issue of Avenging Spider-Man, since we've had like three issues of Superior Spidey in that time, but let's see what Spidey's up to here.

Avenging Spider-Man #17

Summary: This issue gets underway with Superior Spidey arriving at the Baxter Building to meet with the Fantastic Four, but he's greeted by Scott "Ant-Man" Lang, The Sensational She-Hulk (I love me some Shulkie...), Medusa (I'm not typing her whole name), and Darla "Miss Thing" Deering, who Doc has absolutely no information on. The Four are going on a mission to the Micro-verse and ask Spidey to babysit the Future Foundation... He's obviously not happy about this, I mean, they took MISS THING but not the Superior Spidey? I feel your pain, Otto! Whilst doing him best impression of babysitting, Spidey sneaks away to go through Reed's lab, but is confronted by robotic version of Death's Head, as well as a bunch of Time Cops from the Time Variance Authority who want to eliminate the FF from existence. It seems the head cheese of the T.V.A. knows the future and he's aware that Spidey is in fact Doc Ock, but before he can say anything, Doc webs his mouth. Spidey then delivers a uppercut that's worthy of the phrase "You going to jail now!" and knocks off Robo-Death Head's... head. The T.V.A. just pulls another Deaths Head from earlier in the timeline there but Spidey kicks him out of a window. Spider-Man decides that rather than fight a bunch of people, he'd try to rectify whatever crimes the T.V.A. believed the Future Foundation were committing. They tell him that one of them creates something that causes a Chronal Devastation, and everyone looks to Bentley-23, cause he's basically a little version of Doc Ock. Ock tries to do what Peter would do and talk to him but it doesn't work, so he takes a page out of his own playbook and whispers threats to him, which convinces him to destroy the plans for his invention. When the FF arrives back from the Micro-Verse, Spidey tells them he's done babysitting and cleaning up the kids messes while they dilly-dally, and takes off, leaving the team confused. We then see that the Deaths Head from earlier is still alive and is now roaming the city. Meanwhile at the T.V.A., one of the employees gets a look at what will happen eventually with Spider-Man, and asks why don't they just stop whatever will happen, but they can't because it's out of their jurisdiction. The issue comes to a close as we see that Spider was successful in getting what he wanted from Reed's lab, and it was none other than The Sandman!

Thoughts: I was a bit excited for this issue, and I expected a lot of laughs from Spidey babysitting, but instead we got a few laughs and a bit of Time Cops thrown in. I didn't really enjoy that stuff, nor did it bother me, it kinda just happened, and the only purpose it served was to show that Spidey and Doc Ock will tussle and something big will happen, but we probably already knew that for the most part. Other than that, I did enjoy seeing Spidey threaten a kid, and I was pretty surprised to see he'd stolen Sandman from Reed's lab, which is fallout from the events of Ends of the Earth. I'm curious to see why Spidey is doing these things if he's supposed to be trying to be good... does he want to assemble a great team to beat and make himself seem better or does he just want to have a contingency plan in case Peter gets his body back... but I don't even see why he'd be thinking that would happen, so this issue gave us quite a few things to think about.

Score: 6/10

Vil: The Spider-Man made Bentley urinate himself.

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  1. I actually feel like Yost is giving us a more interesting Spider-Man than Slott. Slott keeps insisting that Otto is trying to be a good guy, something that I really, really am having trouble believing. Yost is a little less obvious and, like you said, it gives us a lot to think about. I mean, I couldn't really care either way about the Future Foundation kids, but seeing Otto putting in motion secret plans? I'm definitely intrigued and wondering why Slott also isn't showing us this sort of nuanced picture.