Monday, March 11, 2013

Winter Soldier #16

One final review for ol' X and it's time for another New Comic Day.  Now, normally I try to do two reviews a night, but this week?  Man did I end up getting some sucky books!  And I'm not talking about books that were bad but fun to review/blast, but just plain bad...  So yeah, I'm gonna push this review out as quick as possible and then move on to next week and hopefully better books!

Winter Soldier #16: 

Summary: Bucky and his sidekick, Joe Robards, head out to an island to find a little girl who Bucky took in for the KGB back during his Winter Soldier days.  Meanwhile, a retired Nick Fury talks to Maria Hill about Bucky and does some fishing.  Bucky has Joe drop him off at the island, called The Orphanage.  The Orphanage was used to train children to be be soldiers and Bucky suspected the KGB sent the girl he was looking for there a few years back.  However, upon arriving, Bucky discovers that the children had overthrown The Orphanage's leaders and were running around Lord of the Flies style.  After some fighting, Bucky learns that the girl he was looking for had graduated from The Orphanage a while back but had recently returned, killing all of the "teachers".  So basically, Bucky is back to square one in his search for the girl, now called the Electric Ghost.

Thoughts: Bad, bad, bad...  That just about sums up my thoughts on this one.  I don't know why we're supposed to care about anybody in this series...  That's one of the things Ed Brubaker did such a magnificent job with here, he made me care about Bucky, and Black Widow, and hell, even Agent Sitwell!  Here though, I don't have any reason to care about Robards.  Or this Electric Ghost character...  The story is all over the place and I don't feel a connection to the characters...  That is a recipe for me dropping this series...

Score: 2 1/2 out of 10
bucky winter soldier #16
Hey look, Bucky is beating up some guy!


  1. Word. Apparently I'm dropping all my favorite characters now. [Sigh.]

    1. That is definitely not a good feeling!

    2. Seriously, between the fact that it's 30 degrees here and I'm no longer getting a Spider-Man comic, it's a bleak, bleak world. :)