Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stormwatch #18

Last review of the night is one of the few DC books I picked up this week, but it's also my favorite DC series, so that's a huge plus.  Yes, it's time for Stormwatch.  I really wish more people were picking this series up...

Stormwatch #18:

Summary: Engineer sends OMAC after Apollo, Midnighter and Zealot, since she wanted Apollo and Midnighter brought back to the Eye of the Storm.  We get a lot of fighting(and some funny stuff with Apollo pondering exactly what the relationship between Midnighter and Zealot is), which all culminates with OMAC sending the three heroes into a door to Hyperspace.  Engineer tells Midnighter and Apollo that they could either die or allow her to brainwash them, so Midnighter and Apollo decide to go out fighting.  However, Harry Tanner(who Engineer had brainwashed) reveals that he wasn't as brainwashed as Engineer had hoped and manages to wake Jenny Quantum up, who lets out a scream that destroys Engineer(Huh?!).  With that, Zealot heads off to do her own thing and Midnighter and Apollo finally share a kiss, ending this one.

Thoughts: This was SO anti-climatic!!  I was really enjoying things until the ending...  I mean Engineer goes from nearly ruling the world to suddenly blown up?!  This storyline actually felt like it was supposed to get like three more issues but somebody decided to abruptly end it now.  I don't know how long DC knew this was going to be Peter Milligan's final issue on this series(knowing the way DC is though, they probably told Milligan at issue #17...), but yeah, it seemed like Milligan was trying to wrap up his storyline as quickly as humanly possible.  Which was a bit disappointing, because I was really getting into the story here...  Oh well, I WAS enjoying everything before Engineer's sudden "death", from Midnighter, Apollo and Zealot's banter, to Engineer's crazy antics, but that abrupt ending...

Score: 7 out of 10
apollo midnighter kiss Stormwatch #18
It's about time, Midnighter...

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