Saturday, March 9, 2013

A+X #5

Oh hey, it's Saturday, which means it's my turn to do some reviews!  Yes, it's X, and I get to tackle A+X tonight.  This is a series that is barely on my pull list at this point...  However, one of the team-ups here is Loki and Mr. Sinister...  Two of my all-time favorite villains!  Written by the guy who did some of the best work ever with Loki...  Save this series for me Kieron Gillen!!

A+X #5:

Summary: So yeah, there's this Doop/Iron Fist story here...  All I'm gonna say is that it was completely unreadable.  If I had to give it a score, it would get a 0...  Let's move on to the Sinister/Loki tale, shall we?  We get started in Latveria, where Sinister manages to break into one of Dr. Doom's labs based on a letter from himself(before he died) to get a sample that Doom had.  Sinister does just that and manages to sneak out where he is met by Loki.  Loki reveals to Sinister that he had actually written the letter and that Doom had a sample of Loki's hair, which is what Sinister absconded with.  Loki takes the vial and prepares to leave, but is stopped by Sinister, who causes Loki to lose the ability to speak, thus halting any teleportation spells from the Trickster God.  Loki responds by tossing some magic in the air, which alerts Doom to the presence of intruders.  Doom sends out some of his failed experiments to deal with the trespassers, so Sinister ties Loki to him with a fancy tether and manages to best the experiments   However, Sinister knows that Doom himself would soon be upon them and would be a tad tougher than his failures.  Sinister agrees to give Loki his voice back so he could teleport the two of them to safety, warning Loki that the tether would detonate if Loki tried anything funny.  Loki sends the two of them away from Latveria, which leads to Sinister demanding the sample back from Loki.  It turns out Doom acquired the sample because he wanted to one-up Reed Richards, who had managed to clone Thor during Civil War, which is BRILLIANT!  Sinister wants the sample to do what Doom had thus far been unable to do, create a clone of Loki.  After Sinister lists off his accomplishments, Loki decides to give him the sample, which surprises Sinister.  Loki teleports away and we discover that he had no fear of Sinister creating a clone of him because Sinister was a man of pure science, while Loki was a god of chaos.  On the other hand, Doom, with his mystical acumen,  would almost definitely create a Loki clone some day, which was something Loki didn't want.

Thoughts: That second story made this comic SO worth it!!  Everything about it was genius!  The reason for the "team-up", if you can call it that, the actions of everybody involved, the outcome, it was all perfect!  Even the set-up, with Doom wanting to outdo Reed!  Genius!!  And Loki deciding, correctly, that Sinister was the lesser of two evils was great!  Plus I loved Sinister's thoughts on Doom...  It just seemed like the kind of snobbery Sinister would think.  Seriously, I loved that story!  Unfortunately, there were two stories in this comic, and the first one was horrendous...  So a 0 for the Doop/Iron Fist story and a 10 for the Sinister/Loki tale brings us to a score of...

Score: 5 out of 10.
mr sinister loki a+x #5
I'll say it again...  Brilliant!!!


  1. A Gillen story featuring his two best characters from JiM and UXM? Needless to say, I bought this on sight. Glad to hear it lived up to the hype.

    1. That story was SO GOOD!! I can't state enough how much I enjoyed it... It just made so much sense!!