Tuesday, December 28, 2010

X-Men #6

Review: With Xarus' vampire assault on Crazy Mutie Island(also known as Utopia)having gone up in flames, the X-Men decide to strike back at the young vampire leader, since they knew exactly where he was holed up thanks to Wolverine. Meanwhile, Dracula enters Xarus' war room and announces that he was back and that he'd be retaking leadership of the vampire nation. Xarus demands that his vampire minions attack Dracula(his father), but the other vampires aren't dumb enough to take on Dracula. Xarus on the other hand IS dumb enough, and attacks his father. Dracula basically mops the floor with Xarus and tears his head from his neck, ending his son's brief rule over the vampire nation. Vampire Jubilee goes to attack Dracula for what he had done, so Dracula swats her away with no difficulty. By this point, the X-Men and Blade have arrived at the vampire den and come across Xarus' corpse. With Xarus dead, Lord Cyclops decides that there's no reason to fight the vampires, to which Blade wholeheartedly disagrees. Blade makes a move to attack Dracula, so Lord Cyclops blasts Blade unconscious to show Dracula that he didn't want any further troubles with him nor his vampire minions. Dracula hints that he may attack Lord Cyclops and the X-Men just for the hell of it, but Cyclops warns Dracula against such a course of actions, since they had possession of Dracula's head for 17 hours before the X-Men had brought him back to life. Lord Cyclops implies that they could incapacitate Dracula with the flick of a switch, and although Dracula doesn't fully believe the words of Lord Cyclops, he decides against taking action against the X-Men for now. He also hands Vampire Jubilee over to them as a goodwill gesture, and this issue ends with Vampire Jubilee sitting prisoner in Crazy Mutie Island with the X-Men unsure of what they should do with her.

Thoughts: Meh. I really enjoyed the way this storyline began, but the ending left me kind of disappointed. Sure I knew the X-Men would win in the end(they always win...)but I was hoping they'd suffer a few more vampire casualties before things ended. In the end, all we got was Jubilee turned into a vampire and Xarus, who I found myself enjoying, decapitated. I may be in the minority, but I DO think turning Jubilee into a vampire was a good move. First off, she has strong connections to the heart of the X-Men(Wolverine), plus it's not like she was doing anything else since Decimation. Why the hell not turn her into a vampire and freshen up her character a bit? Of course what I really wanted was for Xarus, Dracula, Vampire Jubilee or pretty much ANYBODY to kill Lord Cyclops, but alas, that was not to be... Oh well, here's hoping SOMEBODY kills that arrogant bastard eventually.

Score: 6 out of 10.Bite him... Bite him!!!


  1. Kiss Him...Kiss Him!!!! I swear to God, that better be what you were referencing X. Matter of fact, I'm POSITIVE it is.

  2. HA!!! You KNOW I was! I STILL say that at people and things at least once a day! :D

  3. Lol I KNEW it! Haha, oh KOTH, what aren't you good for?

  4. It's sure good for busting out quotes! I was watching the one where Bobby was Strickland's caddy, and it STILL makes me crack up!

    Bobby: "Did you ever ride a block of ice, sir?"
    Buck: "I married Miz Liz, didn't I?"

  5. TWO HOT TODDYS!!!! I was watching it earlier where Hank's like "Bobby, dinner! And Minh, I picked up some extra chicken you guys can have." And Bobby's Like "How...do you KNOW it's EXTRA yet?!"