Monday, December 20, 2010

Avengers Academy #7

Overall: This issue begins with Hank Pym telling Tigra that her infant son was perfectly healthy, but that there was a slight abnormality... It seems that Skrull Pym(the child's father)had matched Pym's DNA so perfectly that the child had no Skrull DNA in it, but rather was Pym's biological son(Za-huh?!). Needless to say, Tigra freaks out a bit, but Pym promises that he wouldn't dare do anything to involve himself in Tigra's life. Tigra calms down a bit and tells Pym that if anything were to ever happen to her she would appreciate it if Pym took the child, to which Pym responds that he would be happy to. Tigra picks up on the fact that Pym was obviously thinking about the Wasp again, and Pym admits that he was, and that he wouldn't be using the Wasp moniker anymore, since he planned on bringing his ex-wife back to life(oh please no...). Tigra is disturbed to hear that(as am I!), but before she can press the issue, Pym and the Avengers Academy students are asked to escort the Absorbing Man to the Raft prison. Unfortunately for Pym and the kids, the Absorbing Man breaks free and absorbs the powers of all of the students as well as Pym. Justice and Tigra respond almost immediately, but unfortunately, the rest of the Avengers are in another dimension, meaning those two, as well as Pym and his banged up charges had to take down the 30ft tall, rampaging villain. The Absorbing Man has his way with everybody before Pym grows to match Absorbing Man's size, and reveals that he would once again be going by the name, Giant Man. The two giants battle for a while before Pym makes a last ditch play to grow himself and Absorbing Man right out of the bounds of reality, where the two come face to face with the uber-powerful Abstract Entities. The sight of these god-like beings nearly drives Absorbing Man insane, and when Pym returns them back to normal size, Absorbing Man promises to go back to prison, so long as he isn't forced to be tied down and motionless, as is the way he is usually jailed. Pym goes to the prison with Absorbing Man and rigs his cell so that he can have some freedom, instead of being forced to remain motionless. Pym then heads back to base and after being spoken to by Jocasta, Justice and Tigra, decides that he wouldn't try to bring Wasp back to life yet, since there was a chance the process could leave her brain-dead. This issue ends with one of the students, Veil, standing in front of Pym's machines, contemplating whether or not she should pull the lever to return Wasp to life(PLEASE don't!!!).

Well, I enjoyed Pym's battle with the Absorbing Man, and the novel way he defeated AM... But I DEFINITELY didn't like the idea of bringing Wasp back! Ugh... The ONLY good thing to come out of that travesty Secret Invasion was the “death” of Wasp. Undoing that would make Secret Invasion remembered for... Um, I don't know, being REALLY bad I guess. Besides the Wasp stuff, I was a bit bummed that the students didn't get a larger role in this issue. Since they're all so new, I'd have preferred it if they got a bit more face time, but since this story wasn't all THAT bad, I can overlook that fact for now. Hopefully next issue gives us more of the kids and NONE of the Wasp!

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.Oh yeah! The In-Betweener AND the Living Tribunal, together! I am such a fan of the Marvel cosmic beings... It's kind of sad really...

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