Friday, December 3, 2010

Fun with lists: DC style!

Hey all, X here with a quick post. When I haven't been slaving over my computer screen working on one of the several papers I have do this coming week, I've been reordering my comic collection, which brings me some much needed serenity. While going through my books, I came across one of those DC editor things in the back of a Robin comic from early 2009, where several character's quotes were listed, but without the character's name near each quote. So I thought it would be fun to see if we could figure out which character was responsible for which quote, and why. First things first, here's the list of quotes, along with the 10 characters associated with them:

First, the easy ones... #1 has to be Tim Drake, alluding to Bruce Wayne, and his subsequent relationship with Ra's Al Ghul. I'm pretty sure #3 is Wally West, who'd be stepping aside for that damned SAINT Barry. I'd have to guess that #6 was Booster Gold, while #8 is almost definitely Manhunter. #9 sounds like the typical John Stewart self-loathing, and I'm going to guess that #10 is Jason Todd, during Battle for the Cowl. That leaves #2, #4, #5, #7 and Wonder Woman, Arsenal, Cyborg and Superman... I'd say #4 is PROBABLY Wonder Woman during her feud with Zeus, leaving us Arsenal, Supes and Cyborg. This is where the wild guessing begins... Let's give #2 to Cyborg, just because, #5 to Arsenal with him alluding to Green Arrow(maybe?), which would leave #7 being a Superman quote... So there you have it, that's my guesses nearly a full two years from when this list was first published. If you think I messed up somewhere along the line, feel free to drop me a comment and throw your own suggestions out there. Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be posting some more fun from the DCU in 2009 in a TWO part post. So until then, X out.


  1. Nice post X. I do this all the time when I read older issues from last year. I'm wondering if the quote you gave to Supes doesn't belong to Booster just because of the future thing. Either way I'd say you got a majority of them right. I wish DC would answer some of these instead of just leaving them up for speculation.

  2. Ahh, see, I was thinking about #7 being a Booster quote too. But #6 seemed a better fit to me. I mean since they both deal with time, either one could go to Booster, but yeah, that could DEF go either way. What did you think about the Jason quote? I'm guessing you agree?

  3. Lol, I am no good at quotes. But I will sit back and enjoy watching you guys play the guessing game. :)

  4. Definitely think that's Jason during BFTC, it's gotta be. I wish his quote was "I'll be the best Nightwing ever!" then maybe he'd actually be DOING SOMETHING.

  5. *sigh* If only... You should do a Jason Todd story like the GBC thing. Make him into Nightwing or something! Have him defeat Darkseid with a slingshot or somethin'.

  6. Lmao @ with a slingshot. It's only work if I could make it a comedy. I could try writing a J. Todd short story though... I do have free time.

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  8. If you had Jason beat Darkseid with a slingshot and it WASN'T comedy, I'd be worried about you, JT...

  9. Lol, nah It would be super serious. He'd beat him with a magical golden slingshot that can travel through time, then he'd get hit with an Omega Beam and travel through time, fighting giant bats and an Octopus, then he'd get back and fund Red Hood Inc... Wait a minute!!!

  10. Huh, that sounds like some epic storytelling, JT! If I could make a suggestion though, I'd probably leave the giant bats and the octopus out... That just seems to add nothing to the story. :P

  11. Well Jason's already had tentacles.... so we could leave the octopus out. Lol... God that was so bad... worst Jason Todd stories EVER.

  12. I still think that was an example of the writer being SO pissed at what DC did to him that he decided to write the dumbest story he possibly could. I mean imagine going to your editor with a long storyline where Jason is the new Nightwing, and then all of a sudden, a month or two before your stories go to print, DC tells you, "On second thought, we're not going to kill Dick, so you need to rewrite your stories to have Dick as the main character again." I know I'd have been pissed!

  13. Lol, true. But I think that story hurt Jason more than anything. "Hey, I'm Jason and I'm crazy! A minute ago I was making elaborate Red Hood schemes, now I'm dressing like Dick, slashing people in front of kids, going to fancy model shows and sprouting tentacles as I become an anthropomorphic blob!"

  14. Exactly, and I think that was the point. The writer was so pissed, he just went and wrote the dumbest crap he possibly could. I mean, Dick also came off like a moron, he was dressing up AS Nightwing at a fashion show, and then fighting LIKE Nightwing at the same show!

    Hell, I'd bet that the original plan probably would have had Jason hooking up with that Cheyenne chick and taking on the mafia. If you look back at that awful run, you can sort of see the way things would have went had Dick died.

  15. Lmao right?! If that doesn't make people think you're Nightwing then what will? "They sure got a hell of a talented fighter to portray Nightwing in this stupid modeling show!"

    I could see that, I wouldn't mind Jason hooking up with Cheyenne either, even if she was a meta-human that worked at a clothing agency or something stupid.

  16. Once again proving my point that the citizens of the DCU are complete and utter morons... I mean the guy LOOKS like Nightwing, MOVES like Nightwing, FIGHTS like Nightwing, and is usually in the same place as Nightwing, but nobody sits back and wonders if Dick Grayson COULD be Nightwing?! Dumb...

    Ugh, I basically blocked out most of that stuff with Cheyenne having powers... I actually blocked out a lot of that story... That's probably for the best!

  17. Yep, that's in the same boat with all the people who don't realize Connor is Superboy. Ah, DCU, so stupid, so very very stupid when it comes to the civilians.

    Haha, I don't blame you, that shizzle was HORRIBLE. You know what WAS good, when Jason and Batman were in the Green Arrow comics, and Jason met with Mia, and fought Ollie.

  18. Once again JT, that is SO damn true! I mean does he even TRY to hide his identity?! I mean at least Clark changes his hair, stance, clothes, voice and ditched the glasses. Connor... Um, ditches the glasses that he sometimes remembers to wears? Yep, the DCU is a very stupid place...

    Yeah well remember who wrote those GA stories. None other then Judd Winick, thus proving the theory that nobody but Judd should be writing Jason!

  19. Lol and as Tim has pointed out many times before... his costume is a T-SHIRT!!!!!!!

    Oh, I definitely remember who wrote those issues. So he can write Ollie, Jason, Mia, Bats, Grayson, Booster, Fire, Ice, Cap Atom, Power Girl.... why the hell does this guy not have as much power as Geoff Johns?!

  20. Dude, exactly! I mean who the hell has a secret identity but only wears a T-shirt?! That's just beyond dumb!

    I seriously don't know... All I can think is that Johns has had more high selling comics. I mean I can't stand the guy anymore, but even I can't deny that he can still move units.

  21. The worst part is, the jumpsuit he had before when he had the beard was pretty damn cool compared to his T-Shirt and jeans look.

    Well of course :P I mean at least a damn job with a title since DC seems to be handing them out like candy according to their DCU blog.

  22. Totally agreed! I liked that outfit! I don't have the SLIGHTEST idea why DC decided to make SB's costume a T-Shirt... That's yet another BRILLIANT idea from the warped mind of one GEOFF Johns.

    ??? Could you explain that a bit more?

  23. Lol was that actually Geoff
    s fault? Well he was writing Teen Titans so I guess so? Who knows... of speaking of random things, you should post that scan of the confessional things in Titans when they were locked in that building with Jericho so we can speculate on their vague secrets and descriptions. I think it was like issue 12 or 15 or something

    Jim Lee's promotion, Geoff's promotion, and more you can see here

  24. Yeah, Johns was the writer, so I'm SURE he would have been the one to decide SB needed a new look. There's NO way the artist would have just gone and done that on their own.

    Hmm, I WAS looking for something to post for my 500th post of 2010... That might just fit the bill!

    Ugh, I don't even want to check it out...

  25. Hm... odd. That's a weird decision, especially since everyone else has such extravagant costumes.

    Glad I could help dude, that's me, Captain Awesome!

    Haha, why not?

  26. Exactly... I mean, it wouldn't bother me if he was still a public hero, like his time in Hawaii, but since he's supposed to be protecting a secret ID, it just makes no sense... I guess in retrospect, that was probably one of the first signs Johns was losing his mind.

    "Captain Awesome"?! You have GOT to use that in your R&R post! I love that! If you don't use it, so help me god, I'll steal it!

    My tolerance of the DCU is very low these days... The less I see of it, the better. See, why couldn't they just let Jim Lee do everything. That guy was/is a brilliant artist, PLUS he had some of the more successful creator-owned/created series... I say MORE Lee, LESS Johns!!!

  27. Lol, I mean the Clark thing.... okay he changes his pitch in his voice, slouches, etc. But Connor is EXACTLY the same.... with glasses and THATS IT!!!! Everything about that bothers me.

    Lol I'll throw it in this weeks R&R just because ya asked "and threatened to steal it" so nicely.

    Lee's SO fucking good. Pardon my language, but Lee is my favorite artist. I wish he could draw most things. Gimme Lee and Winick on something so I can die a happy man. Also, I'm REALLY looking forward to that Lee/Azzarello Joker/Batman team-up that starts next month.

  28. And my favorite thing is that sometimes he DOESN'T EVEN WEAR THE GLASSES!!! I mean you never see Clark without out his, but with SB, it's like sometimes he'll remember to wear 'em and sometimes he won't. How the HELL is that a secret ID?!

    Dammit... I really would have stolen it too... Hmm, then again, maybe I still will! BWA-HAHAHAHAH!!!

    Dude, it's SO true. He's one of the VERY few artists I could pick out and say, "Hey, that was drawn by Jim Lee." The guy is just a legend. And not only is he a good artist, he's a hell of a creator too!

    I actually am too. If nothing else it should at least be interesting... Although that's the same thing I said about Batman: Orphans and we see how that turned out...

  29. Haha, so wait. He legitimately... FORGETS to wear his glasses... but he wore those stupid goggles for years?! Lol

    I'll call you out on it for being a giant thief, just like my Batman/Black Panther reference :P

    Exactly! The only other artists I can do that with are Dustin Nguyen (for obvious reasons) and Alex Ross.

    Haha, well if the chick hadn't been narrating it you would've enjoyed it.

  30. It's either that or the artist will just forget to draw them on him... Either way, he's NOT a character who should have a secret ID IMHO. Oh, and he actually didn't have those dumb goggles for that long. Only a few issues I think... I don't remember how he lost 'em, but he did. Maybe in the ocean...

    And I'll ignore you... :D

    Yeah, Lee, Ross, Todd Nauck(because of Young Justice), annd that's all I can think of off the top of my head... I'm sure there are a few more though.

    Probably true. But thanks to that reporter and her annoying as hell cameraman, I'll never know.

  31. Really? Seemed like longer... even Spidey had em in that Spider-Boy Amalgam.

    I'm used to that, ya jerk! :P

    Hm... I'd say Lee, Dustin, Ross.... maybe Ivan Reis due to his detail and Ed Benes due to his very sexy women he draws, lol. Go look at BoP and tell me I'm lying! :p

    Haha, you know you LOVED that Sam Jackson cameraman.

  32. I honestly don't think so... When I get home later on, I'll dig out my SB comics and see exactly how long he had 'em though.

    Well then you shouldn't be surprised! :D

    Hmm... See, the thing with a guy like Benes is that there are SO many artists who can draw... um, really well endowed women. I might add George Perez to the list of guys I can pick out, because his work on those early Teen Titans/New Titans was pretty different. Oh, OF COURSE Jack Kirby! The King had a style all of his own! Hmm... THat's all I can think of for now.

    If by loved you mean hated, then I wholeheartedly agree!

  33. Gotcha, I feel pretty confident I remember Spidey wearing those stupid goggles.

    I try to expect the best from you and end up constantly disappointed! :P

    Something tells me Falisha would LOVE this conversation, eh?

    Haha, I'm wondering if they'll kill him off when I read Orphans #2 later tonight.

  34. Well, I totally forgot to check out those issues of SB, and since I've got to be up kind of/sort of early tomorrow(I gots to go to the Financial Aid office w/ some paper work), I won't be digging through them now... Oh, since I'll be getting up sort of early, I also won't be able to do the chatting thing tonight. :-( Maybe we can set something up for like Tuesday night? You're not working Wednesday, and by that time I REALLY can't see myself doing anything...

    Sadly you're not even the first person this week to tell me that. :D

    Falisha could name like EVERY artist, which would just make me feel REALLY dumb. Or let me rephrase that... Dumber than usual! :P

    I hope so! I really do!

  35. That's cool dude, I doubt I'll have anything planned so that works fine.

    Ah, so me AND your girlfriend have told ya that? HIYOOOO

    You got to that joke before I could! :P But yeah, this is definitely her area of expertise.

    Lol I've reviewed Brightest Day, Green Lantern and Birds so far, so I think I'll read Orphans later tonight, if not it'll wait til tomorrow.

  36. Sweet, sweet, and double sweet.

    If I had a girlfriend, I'd be enraged by that comment. As it is, I'm simply disappointed. :D

    We could probably post like random pics and Lisha would be like, "Oh, that's from suchandsuch. And that one is from..."

    Hey, that reminds me, I had best get over there and check out your reviews! :P

  37. In the words of Funaki.... "INDEEEEEED"

    Could be worse, ya could be "taking pictures for Daaaaaaddddy." Lmao, Inside jokes so totally reek of awesomeness. (Yeah, we're Edge and Christian now.)

    Exactly, that's how artists are. Much like you are with comics and I am with wrestling.

    You ran over there and contributed NOTHING!!!!! :P Lol

  38. "taking pictures for Daaaaaaddddy." If somebody else was reading this, I can only imagine what they're making of that line...

    "You ran over there and contributed NOTHING!!!!!" Well the important thing is that I ran over there! It's not MY fault you didn't review the Grim Hunt comic! :D

  39. Lmao! I was thinking that when I typed it too! Oh man.. that's something.

    Lol I don't say that when you don't read all of those comics that I read like ASM, Power Girl and all those Gen Lost issues you WON'T READ!!! :P

  40. "Oh man.. that's something." Something weird!!! :D

    Yeah, but the exception is that I haven't brought AMS or PG! If I was buying them and not reviewing them then you could lay into me. But every new comic that I read, I review... And yes, one day, who knows when, I WILL read Gen Lost! Sure, the series may be long over by that time, but I WILL read it! :P

  41. Lol I don't have a reply to that one. I'll just let it be. BTW Edge won the World Title and is now a ten time champ...since like... January 2006.

    Riiiiiight :P Well in that case, how about Widening Gyre, Batman Beyond Mini and all those other things you bought and didnt review or claim to have wanted to buy :P FOR SHAME X! Lol

  42. Damn! He's a TEN time champ?! How is that even POSSIBLE?! That's just crazy... What is HHH up to, 54? :D I'm sorry, I know Edge is a good wrestler and all, but when I think "All-time Greats" Edge just doesn't come to mind. I'm guessing he beat Kane? Kane WAS the champ, right?

    Ahh! I actually mentioned the Batman: Beyond mini in the last post! As for Widening Gyre, I did pick that up, but lent it to my sister and haven't seen it since...

  43. Cena and Orton are both 9 times and Trips is like 12 I believe. And yeah, he won a 4 Way TLC with Alberto Del Rio (new guy), Rey and Kane who was champ.

    I should go read that, since this was emailed to me I checked this first. And interesting, has she finished it yet? If so what are her thoughts?

  44. Wow, so Edge has more titles than Cena. That just doesn't seem possible... Orton being at 9 is kind of shocking too. I wouldn't peg him at more then like 4 or 5. I mean hell, a guy like Randy Savage only had TWO title runs in the WWF/E(no clue what he did in WCW though)! I'd EASILY call him one of the all-time greats, and he's had the title EIGHT times fewer than Edge! Crazy...

    She hasn't mentioned it nor given it back to me, which makes me believe that she hasn't read it yet. I think she's reading some weird WildCATS/Wildstorm stuff(some of the stuff I gave her for X-Mas).

  45. Agreed, hell the Rock had 7 and he's better than all three of them, HBK only had four or five I believe. But, there's two belts now and shorter reigns so, what can ya do?

    Ah, speaking of that, you finish all your Christmas Crossover comics yet?

  46. Yeah, the way the belts get passed around now is crazy. Hasn't that Sheamus guy had the strap like 2 times already? I STILL haven't seen him fight yet!

    I've barely even started reading them. I did JUST finish up my first Retro-Review like 20 minutes ago, so maybe I'll post that and another review tonight or tomorrow.

  47. Haha yeah, he's a two time WWE Champ and also the current King of the Ring. Last night he lost a ladder match to Morrison, making Morrison number one contender for Miz's WWE Title.

    Sounds cool dude, hopefully you reviews that Bats and Spidey or Bats and Captain America :D

  48. Huh, so they're gonna run Miz/Morrison for the title? That's... interesting. Ahh, I got it. Next month is the RR, so they can basically try Morrison out as a main eventer, since the buyrate should still be high due to the Rumble match. Push him to the top of the card for a month, see how the fans respond and then slide him back down if need be.

    I actually read the two Bats/DD comics today, so I'll probably work on them tomorrow... Those Retro-Reviews have taken WAY longer to type than I would have thought!

  49. Yep, you got it. Makes sense, I'm hoping Christian returns and wins the rumble, over someone whose already won it anyway.

    How were those, since you may take a few days for the actual reviews to be posted.

  50. IDK... What's Cena up to? I could see the Miz holding onto the belt until Mania and then facing Cena. He's been away from the title for a while, no? Unless they do that long awaited Cena/Taker match at Mania, although I still doubt they'd go there. Christian v Edge would be ultra cool, but I can't imagine they'd elevate Christian to the co-main event of the biggest show of the year out of the blue. I'd say a guy like Cena or maybe Jericho(for Edge). I just can't see them elevating a midcard guy to the main event at Mania, but hey, I'm out of the loop, so who knows!

    I actually have the two DD/Bats and the Bats/Spidey reviews typed out. They only need to be proofed and then I can post 'em. Since I posted the NCD post today, I'll probably post the two Bats/DD comics tomorrow and Bats/Spidey and possibly Bats/Punisher on Fri. Then it's on to my new books. As for how they were, dude, you'll have to wait like everybody else... :P

    Nah, I can't do that to you! I really liked one of the Bats/DD books, didn't like the other one at all, and was kind of mixed over Spidey/Bats.

  51. Cena just finished up a program with the Nexus boys, and now it looks like he's feuding with Punk, which should go until Mania, so I'm counting him out. That only leaves Orton (who Miz just beat), Morrison, and Trips if he returns soon, and I'm sure he's gonna feud with Sheamus.

    You have been outta the loop, cause Jericho's been gone since like August or October. He's taking a break so he may not be back for Mania, and they may do the Taker Cena, but I'd imagine they'd do Taker and Kane AGAIN since he took him out, or Taker and Barrett since he's the leader of Nexus and Nexus helped take him out.

    Lmao, Ain't that a B-word! I let you read Green Blogger Corps early, ya Eggs Benedict Arnold! :P

    ^^^ Lol I typed that before I read the rest of your comment. I take it all back! :D I'm kinda shocked the Spidey/Bats team up wasn't that good to be honest.

  52. Cena/Punk... Hmm... I feel kind of bad about that... On one hand, a program with Cena is def main event time, but ain't NO way Punk wins a program against Super-Cena! I still can't see Morrison getting a main event against Miz at Mania, since Miz himself is a new main eventer. Maybe Orton? I still say Cena though... The Punk feud can wrap up at the Feb PPV, leaving Cena free for Miz. Maybe even a triple threat with Miz/Cena/Orton... You know, that's my pick right now. Miz/Cena/Orton. Quote me on it right now! :D

    Well maybe Jericho will be the surprise entrant in the RR this year? There's usually one guy who shocks everybody, so it's either him or Trips I'd guess. I bet you're right about Kane/Taker... How awful is that!

    Yeah! See that! There you go, talking trash too soon! :D Spidey/Bats WAS pretty good, but it felt SOOOOO rushed... It def should have been a 64 pg story instead of a 48 pager. I mean hell, I could have EASILY read pages of Carnage/Joker goodness!

  53. I agree about Cena Punk, I'm hoping its not a triple threat since they've done like six in the last 7 years. I think it will be Cena and Miz since they've kept them apart since Miz won the MITB. I'm gonna vote Miz/Cena and Punk/Orton.

    Yeah, I'm sure it will be Trips, but I wouldn't mind Jericho winning, he deserves it. I'm still hoping for Christian.

    Wait so that had Joker and Carnage? I thought one had Two Face and Kingpin or something. There's two of those team ups right?