Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birds of Prey #6

Birds of Prey #6

-This JUST came in the mail today, even though it was released like a month ago... Yep, DC's subscription service REALLY sucks.
-Last issue Huntress and Lady Blackhawk headed to Thailand to try to rescue Black Canary from her nemesis, the White Canary.
-Unfortunately, Black Canary can't leave Thailand because White Canary had kidnapped her adopted daughter, Sin.
-White Canary promised to release Sin provided Black Canary fought Lady Shiva(THE greatest fighter in the DCU)to the death.
-Unfortunately for Black Canary, on her best day she has little chance against Shiva, and she is currently nursing a broken wrist.
-Black Canary asks Huntress to serve as her second, and as tradition dictated, Huntress had to challenge Shiva on Black Canary's behalf.
-Instead of challenging Shiva for Black Canary, Huntress challenges Shiva herself, figuring that Black Canary had way more to live for than she did.
-White Canary immediately accepts the challenge, agreeing to release the captive Sin and her foster family once the battle between Huntress and Shiva had concluded.
-Black Canary is incensed, since there's no doubt that Shiva was going to kill Huntress.
-Right before the fight commences, one of the White Canary's henchwomen decides she can no longer abide by White Canary's antics, and tells Black Canary the location of Sin.
-Black Canary rushes away, and Shiva and Huntress begin their battle, with Shiva battering Huntress with her masterful fighting techniques.
-Black Canary manages to locate Sin and ferry her to safety.
-Huntress badgers Shiva and takes a hellacious beating, but Shiva becomes so infuriated by Huntress's non-stop taunting that she falls prey to some dirty fighting tactics(Huntress literally spits her own blood into Shiva's eyes!)and Huntress manages to knock Shiva off her feet, much to the shock of everybody present.
-By this time, Black Canary returns and interrupts the fight, telling White Canary that she had rescued Sin, and therefore the battle didn't need to continue.
-White Canary doesn't want to call off the battle, since it was supposed to be to the death, but Shiva ends the fight, stating that the battle had no time constraints, meaning they could pick up the battle at any time.
-In other words, Shiva hadn't broken her word, just delayed the conclusion to her fight with Huntress indefinitely.
-Having lost Shiva's support, White Canary storms away, swearing revenge like any good super-villain would.
-This issue ends with Shiva giving Huntress her props for knocking her down, while Black Canary thanks Huntress for her insane risk.

Wooo, this comic was well worth the wait! Huntress is probably my favorite female DC Comics character, and her battle with Lady Shiva made me into an even BIGGER fan of Huntress. Everything about the fight was awesome, from Huntress challenging Shiva by throwing a drink in her face(!), to her taking a beating from Shiva, to her actually taking Shiva off her feet. Anybody who reads this comic and DOESN'T become a Huntress fan is, quite frankly, insane! Besides the fight, there were other little character development scenes here that really hammered home just how great a character Huntress is. There was some stuff with Hawk and Dove, but I glossed over it, because it didn't add to(nor take anything away from)the main story. I still wish Hawk and Dove weren't even on this team, but as long as Gail Simone continues to write a comic THIS good, I can overlook those two worthless Brightest Day additions. I know I'll be looking forward to the next issue, whenever DC decides to send it to me that is...

Score: 10 out of 10.What's up here? Huntress is taking Lady Shiva to school, that's what!


  1. I haven't read this yet, lol but this "What's up here? Huntress is taking Lady Shiva to school, that's what! " is what is making me read it today! lol.

  2. Yeah, give it a read! This issue was so awesome. It reminded me of the days when BoP was among my favorite comic series.