Monday, December 20, 2010

Brightest Day #16...

Yes, this is indeed one of my dreaded Brightest Day reviews. As such, we'll be doing this review using what I like to call, “Brightest Day Rules”... What are Brightest Day Rules? Basically I start off reading this comic figuring it's going to be the worst thing I've ever read, so the score starts off at a 0. As I continue reading, I add or subtract points depending on what I see. Is that a biased system? Hell yeah it is, but my blog, my rules. With all that said, let's get this torture started!!!

Review: We begin with Aquaman bringing the new Aqualad and his adopted parents into one of Aquaman's little underwater hidey-holes. Aquaman tells Aqualad that his parents can stay ♪under da sea♪ and the two head off. From there we head to the JLA Watchtower, where Dr. Midnite and the Silver Age Atom are trying to figure out what's the matter with the Firestorms. Bottom line, they decide to call in Metamorpho... Yeah, that's EXACTLY who I'd call in to help. Black Lantern Firestorm plays mind games with the loved ones of the Firestorms, just because he can. Meanwhile, Aquaman brings Aqualad to some secret cave, where Aqualad is given a message from Mera, telling him about his heritage. Basically he was taken as an infant and experimented on by Mera's people, who wanted him to be able to open a portal in the Bermuda Triangle for some reason... Okaaay then. Aquaman tells Aqualad that he had a responsibility, Aqualad disagrees, they fight, and it all gets smoothed over by Aquaman. Back at the Watchtower, the Firestorms argue(because they're morons)and destroy the universe(if only...)ending this issue.

Thoughts: Okay, let's get into the scoring of this comic! The first scene wasn't that bad, so I'll give it a 1. The second scene contained Congorilla, meaning it automatically gets a -2. Since BL Firestorm(or Deathstorm if you prefer)annoyed me with his idiotic dialogue, I'll give his scene a -1. The Aqualad origin scene was a bit confusing, but not that bad, so I'll give it a 2. The Aquaman/Aqualad fight served no purpose, so it gets a 0. The Firestorms blowing up the DC Universe made me happy, so that gets a 3. Now if only the DCU would stay destroyed until somebody other then GEOFF “Silver Age” Johns was put in charge, it would all be good! So let's see, I have some math to do, annnnd...

Score: 3 out of 10.So long DCU. See you in HELL!!!!!


  1. Funny, you gave it a 3 for that stupid ending and I dropped it to a 3 for that stupid ending. Haha, I just...don't get WHY you would do that cliffhanger, like anyone is saying "OMG, TEH WORLD, IT iz blowed upz!!!!11!!1!" Also, Under da sea made me laugh out loud.

  2. That was definitely one of those REALLY dumb/unnecessary cliffhangers, because like you said, who would possibly buy the fact that the universe was destroyed. For me though, that was akin to Saint Barry's fake death last issue. See, if the universe DID explode that would mean Saint Barry was dead, which automatically raises the score! :D

  3. Lol, but so would Wally, Kyle, Bart and everyone else you love so much :P

  4. Hmmmm...... True... BUT, Saint Barry would be gone... Huh, that is quite the conundrum... Lose everybody, but get rid of Saint Barry... What to do...