Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Batman: Orphans #1(of 2)

Batman: Orphans #1

-First off, this is a flashback story to the simpler days when there was one Batman, Tim Drake was still Robin, and Nightwing(Dick Grayson)was working out of Bludhaven.
-We open with Merlyn killing a fake Robin, which naturally grabs the attention of Batman and the real Robin.
-Meanwhile, a fake Batman is putting together an army of street kids and training them to work for him, with the best of the bunch getting the honor of serving as his Robin.
-Robin and Nightwing swipe the fake Robin outfit off the corpse from earlier, and along with Batman the trio looks it over for clues.
-Bats(as Bruce Wayne)leaves to attend some social function, leaving Nightwing and Robin alone with the costume.
-Eventually Nightwing and Robin suffer fear attacks and realize that the Robin outfit was laced with Scarecrow's fear toxins.
-Poor Bruce begins to suffer a delayed reaction to handling the costume while at his event.
-As for the streets kids, they accidentally kill some crazy bum in the sewers.

I REALLY wanted to like this comic. I really, really did! Unfortunately, the whole story was told from the perspective of a really annoying reporter(and her asinine cameraman), which took away from the main story for me. I mean, in theory this SHOULD be an awesome story that I should be fawning over, but it just never clicked for me... That damn reporter annoyed the hell out of me and none of the street kids caught my eye. Maybe it was too much school work when I read this or something, but I just found myself bored by this comic.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.*sigh* There goes another Robin...

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