Friday, December 17, 2010

Uncanny X-Force #3

Overall: This issue starts off with Apocalypse and Ozymandias giving the origins of his Final Horsemen. Speaking of the Final Horsemen, they have utterly defeated the X-Forcers and were awaiting word from Kid Apocalypse as to what to do with the fallen heroes. Kid Apocalypse doesn't really want to give the death order, so one of his handlers gives the order for him. Luckily for X-Force, that delay gives Fantomex the opportunity to recover, and he begins to use his powers of misdirection to cause some of the Horsemen to attack each other, while Fantomex gets the near dead Wolverine away from the fight. Deadpool tries to help Archangel, who was in bad shape due to Famine, but doesn't really do that well. As for Psylocke, she manages to get into the head of War, and convinces him to take her prisoner instead of simply killing her. After Fantomex's misdirection wears off, the rest of the Horsemen retreat to their base(which is actually a huge spaceship)and prepare to lift-off. Psylocke, who made it inside, flirts with War, and gets close enough to him to drive her psychic knife into his skull, incapacitating him. Fantomex and Wolvie try to get into the ship, but they realize that the ship was about to take off, leading to bad things for our heroes. This issue ends with Psylocke approaching a frightened Kid Apocalypse, who was innocently playing with some action figures.

I still LOVE the overall storyline here, with X-Force eventually having to deal with a child being possessed by Apocalypse, but not fully evil yet. So yeah, the story IS good. This issue though... It could have been better. Nothing really happened, and whenever the team got into trouble, Fantomex simply misdirected the villains into fighting each other. Repeatedly. I love Fantomex, but he was almost like a crutch here. Whenever something bad happened, Fantomex would misdirect his way out of trouble. So while this issue was a slight lull in the awesome that the first two issues delivered, I'm still extremely confident the next issue will give us ALL kinds of fireworks.

Score: 7 out of 10.Look out Little Apocalypse, it's a scantily clad ninja!!!


  1. Lmao at Psylocke's gratuitous butt-shot. Now that I'm finally done for the semester (I finished less than an hour ago!! YAY!!!) I'm gonna pick up this issue and #2. I'll have to come back and post my thoughts after I've given this one a read.

  2. Congrats on knocking down another semester, Marc! Enjoy that break, I know I'll be!

    Nothing says "X-Men" like a quick shot of Psylocke's ass... Well that and "Snikt". Hmm, that's more like 1990's X-Men actually...