Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Batgirl #16

Overall: This issue kicks off with Batgirl being chased down by GCPD, since they believe she was responsible for the murder of a student at her university. BG manages to avoid the cops, but falls into a warehouse, where she bumps into Detective Gage, who tells her that he believed she was innocent, and as such he gives her the Batarang that was being used to incriminate her in the first place. After saying thanks, BG takes off and come the morning, meets up with Oracle to see what they could figure out. Proxy manages to find the terminal where the murdered student had been uploading info to his flash drive and sends what she can to Oracle, with the hope being that Oracle could see what the dead student was up to, and why it got him killed and Batgirl framed. While that is going on, Batgirl tracks down the Reapers, who she ran afoul last issue, and wipes the floor with them, while the police(who figured out she was innocent)back her up. The cops begin to handcuff the Reapers, but the Reapers are saved by the timely arrival of some speedster, who spirits them all to safety. This issue ends with the revelation that the dead student was working on a prototype speedster suit, and that the leader of the Reapers had managed to build said suit.

Um yeah, for the first time in a long time, this series just kind of fell flat for me. I mean normally I do loves me some Batgirl, but this story just isn't doing it for me... I mean it's okay and all, but my expectations for this series are higher than just “okay”. Usually I'm raving about the latest issue of Batgirl for days on end, but this one was definitely nothing to rave about. Oh well, hopefully things get back to normal come the next issue.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.D'oh!


  1. I am finally caught up! And I actually just finished this issue before calling it a night. I honestly don't know what to think about this issue, I kind of agree with you X. I mean it was interesting but it was lacking the Batgirl quality we're used to. Just seemed like a story that's playing out in a boring way. I'll blame it on the end of the year coming up and everyone's tired and needs a well rested break, lol.

    I really hope the next issue is a little better. However, I am enjoying Dustin's art run with this series.

  2. That's exactly how I felt, Lisha... I mean this was an okay comic, but it just fell short of what I usually expect from a Batgirl comic... I was expecting just a bit more.