Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Superman/Batman #79

Review: This issue gets started in the 853rd century(you all remember DC One Million, don't you? No? Huh...)with the villain Epoch being captured by that century's version of Batman and Superman. Epoch is taken to Pluto, the prison planet(hey wait, I thought Pluto wasn't considered a planet anymore!)where he is read his rights by Robin, the Toy Wonder(yes, the TOY Wonder). Epoch manages to incapacitate Robin and sneaks through the prison, ultimately reaching the Batcave. Once in the Batcave, Epoch dons some special body armor, and is prepared to leave, before he is met by Future Bats again. The two fight, and Epoch manages to open a boom tube and escape to the Justice League headquarters near Jupiter(which IS still a planet!). Future Bats catches up and the two battle again, with Epoch once again getting the upper hand when Brainiac's ship(one of the future JL's trophies)falls on Future Bats. With Future Bats down for the count, Epoch snags an hourglass that can freeze or rewind the effects of time, and heads to the Fortress of Solitude. Upon gaining entrance to the Fortress, Epoch prepares to steal a time-traveling Time Cube, but is approached by both Future Bats(man, he is REALLY persistent!)and Future Supes. Instead of fighting the two heroes, Epoch simply freezes them with the hourglass gets in the Time Cube and heads back in time to a period when he figures he should have no problem conquering the Earth. Epoch's Time Cube pops up in what appears to be early 1980's New York, where he proclaims himself the new ruler of the planet to the surprised populace. This issue ends with Superman, along with Batman and Robin(complete with green speedo)arriving to challenge Epoch's claims.

Thoughts: You know, I kind of liked this issue... It wasn't the best thing I've ever read, but it also didn't leave me angry, confused or any number of other negative emotions. It was what you'd call a perfectly acceptable comic book. The story was straight-forward(or as straight-forward as a story about time travel COULD be), the villain was built up to look strong, and the cliffhanger left me interested in checking out the next issue. What more can I really ask for?

Score: 7 out of 10.Nice legs Robin...

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