Tuesday, December 28, 2010

X-Factor #212

Review: This issue gets underway with Thor leading X-Factor into Hela's domain(underneath Las Vegas), so that the mutants could rescue Pip the Troll. Layla Miller decides not to enter the underworld, so you KNOW that's going to come into play later on in the story. Anyway, Hela gives Pip over to Thor and company, and tells them to leave, which the gathered heroes happily decide to do. Unfortunately, the only way out is to go through the frozen world of Niflhel, where they'd face an endless horde of dead vikings. Thor and most of X-Factor head towards the dead vikings, while Madrox remains behind to taunt Hela. Being an Asgardian goddess, she doesn't take kindly to that, and tries to grab Madrox with her death grasp, but Darwin jumps in the way. Since Darwin's powers allow him to evolve past any wound, no matter how egregious, he actually evolves into an Asgardian God to counter the Hela's death touch, and trounces Hela. At this point, Layla(I told you she'd wind up doing something!)reaches a metal gauntlet into Hela's domain and begins to pull Thor and X-Factor out, one by one. This issue ends with X-Factor emerging victorious against the hordes of Hela, but Darwin seemingly changed by his experience.

Thoughts: Well, they can't all be gold... I've constantly said that X-Factor is the BEST X-book on the market today, but this issue didn't really live up to that billing. I didn't like the story(Pip the frigging Troll?!), and the outcome was just horrible(Layla just reaches in and pulls all of the X-Factor members to safety?!). The only good to have come out of this issue was Shatterstar learning that Wolfsbane had been lying about Rictor being the father of her child, since Shatterstar ran into the real father(that Asgardian Wolf King guy)in Niflhel. Other then that, this was a really lousy issue to a really good series.

Score: 5 1/2 out of 10.Good old Longshot... A ladies' man until the end.

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