Sunday, December 26, 2010

Deadpool #30

Review: This issue begins with a bunch of vampires(or as Deadpool calls them REPEATEDLY, “Draculas”)heading to DP's hideout to hire him for a job. DP doesn't want to help the vampires, since he's a good guy now and all, but the vampires inform him that they're also good guys as well. DP is dubious, but decides to meet with the vampires the following night. The next night, DP heads to a hospital and meets up with the vampires(who live underneath). The vampires(who are members of the Mystikos Sect)explain that Dracula's son Xarus has instigated a vampire civil war, and that a rival sect of vampires(the Claw Sect)were going to kill them because they wouldn't side with Xarus. DP still doesn't get where he comes into the picture, or why he'd help vampires, so the Mystikos vampires explain that the Claw vampires have a mystical amulet that allows them to walk around during they day, thus making the Mystikos vampires sitting ducks in the daytime. The Mystikos go on to tell DP that they founded the hospital they were living under over 100 years ago, because they were trying to help people, unlike many of their brethren. After mulling it all over, DP decides to help the Mystikos vampires, and heads up to the surface where he saves a female doctor from a Claw vampire. DP falls in love with the doctor(because she was covered in blood and holding a handgun)and decides to take her into the hospital chapel, but not before informing the other Claw vampires of where he was going. DP kills another of the Claw vampires in the chapel(by shooting his amulet), and this issue ends with a whole mess of Claw vampires heading into the hospital security room in order to take advantage of the surveillance cameras located there.

Thoughts: God help me, but I LOVED this issue! Daniel Way(writer)was ON in this issue! DP's lines had me laughing out loud at times, and his refusal to call the vampires, “vampires” was hilarious. I could go on and on gushing about some of my favorite moments from this issue(“Draculas dressed like mummies?”), but instead I'm just going to end this review by saying this: If you only read one vampire infested Deadpool comic this year, make it this one! You WON'T be disappointed!

Score: 10 out of 10. Yup, I liked this issue THAT much!Damn those Draculas!!!


  1. Haha, Great minds think alike is allI'm gonna say for this one buddy.

  2. HA!! I see that indeed they do! :D

  3. I just came by to say, I love comparing ya'll reviews for DP. Lol. Sometimes it's like the same person is reviewing.

    You guys are awesome. :)