Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I Am An Avenger #4(of 5)

Overall: Okay, we have 4 stories in this comic. For the purpose of this post, I'm only going to review the first two, since the last two only take up a grand total of 3 pages. The first story is a look at the Thing and deals with him revealing to the Fantastic Four that he had joined Luke Cage's Avengers, or as the Human Torch astutely calls them, “The Picked-Last Avengers”. That is SO true! I mean in what universe does LUKE CAGE get his own Avengers team?! Was Morbius too busy to lead the team or something? Anyway, back to this story... While telling the surprised FFers that he was indeed a member of the Avengers, Thing gets buzzed by Luke Cage, who needs Thing to head to New Jersey to deal with some giant worm creatures. Thing heads off to help the Avengers, but gets called by Mr. Fantastic, who begs Thing to return to the Baxter Building because it was under attack. After a moment of thought, Thing abandons the Avengers to head to the Baxter Building. Upon arriving home, he finds nothing wrong, and is told by the team that Valeria(on her own)had created the message from the Baxter Building to test Thing's allegiance. Thing ends this tale by telling the FF that while the Avengers was a team he was a part of, the FF was still his family. The second story is the conclusion to the Firestar/Justice thing that has been running the past three issues. Bottom line here? The Justices and Firestars from the past and present join forces and defeat Loki, destroying the sword Loki had been using to mess with the timestream, and sending Loki back to the past where he belonged. In the end, Justice and Firestar realize there is too much history between them and decide not to try to rekindle their romance.

The first two stories were actually quite good. The second two aren't worth talking about, because really, what can you accomplish in a page or two? The first story had some good moments, with Valeria's test making for some interesting storytelling... I would REALLY enjoy seeing Valeria turn into a villain akin to Lyrl Dox from the LEGION/REBELS series. I think she has the potential to do it, I just wonder if Marvel would go through with it. But the FF facing off against a foe as smart as Reed, who is their own daughter? That sounds like a great story to me! The second story(the Firestar/Justice one)wasn't bad, but wasn't as good as the first tale. It was the very definition of a perfectly acceptable comic book story.

Score: 7 out of 10.Adding "in bed" to the end of everything sounds like a good idea... In bed!!!


  1. About Johnny (Storm), I think he's going to grow up a little before he died...in bed.

  2. HA!!! That was excellent... in bed! :D