Saturday, December 4, 2010

Origins and Omens flashback, part 1.

Hey again all, X here with what I think should be a fun little post. You see, last night I posted that I had been reordering my comic books to take a break from my various school related responsibilities. As I was going through my DC books, I came across a bunch of those “Origins and Omens” stories from early 2009 that ran right before Blackest Night began. What was “Origins and Omens” you ask? Basically it was Scar(of Blackest Night fame)looking into the future via the Book of Black. So I figured, why not post the O&O pages from the books I have and see just how accurate those “predictions” were... It turns out that I have 17 scans, so I'll post 9 today and 8 tomorrow. I'll be doing this in alphabetical order, so we'll have A-J today. Alright, let's get this show on the road.

First up would be Action Comic #874...-Guardian did run into that group of Legionaries
-He did team up with Nightwing and Flamebird
-And the Science Police building did explode.
-I don't recall his “daughter” dying
-Nor do I remember him flying on the wing of a plane, although I don't think anybody could blame me for forgetting about that...

Next is Adventure Comics #0-Well that's an easy one... Superboy did indeed come back to life!

Birds of Prey #127-That really bloody scene was from the abysmal Oracle/Battle for the Cowl mini
-Babs did break away from the Birds/Black Canary temporarily
-I don't recall Babs having one final battle with that awesome possessed Calculator
-And the Batgirl costume thing... Maybe that alludes to Steph becoming Batgirl?

Booster Gold #17-Booster did battle with/against the Teen Titans from the past
-But to my knowledge, Booster still hasn't learned the identity of the Black Beetle...

Green Arrow & Black Canary #17-Hey hey, I think every single thing from those scenes happened! Although to be honest, most of the stories were awful, so yeah...

Green Lantern #38-John Stewart had to deal with his dead ex during Blackest Night
-Hal and Sinestro DID have to team-up together(pretty much every other issue it seems)
-Black Hand also swore fealty to the Black Lanterns/Scar.
-I don't recall Alan Scott being called in front of the Guardians, which is pretty funny since Geoff Johns WROTE this issue, meaning you'd think it definitely would have happened!

Green Lantern Corps #33-Jade did indeed come back to life
-Sodam Yat did battle Mongul on Daxam
-I thought those children who attacked the GLC were Black Lanterns, not Sinestro Corps members, although I suspect I'm forgetting a storyline... Possibly with Kryb...
-I also don't recall the scene with Kilowog and Ganthet, although it easily could have happened somewhere along the line

Justice League of America #30-That Starbreaker guy did attack
-And Icon did help them during the Starbreaker battle.
-As for the half naked guy... No idea!

Justice Society of America #24-Obsidian did turn into a shadow egg
-Magog did leave the team
-The team did split in half
-And Mr. Terrific was stabbed by Kid Karnevil
-I don't recall Alan fighting the guy with the roots
-Nor do I recall the other battle with that giant thing with the sword

So there we go, that takes care of the first 9 scans. Tomorrow I'll post the rest, which include Nightwing, Robin and Superman. Until then, X out.


  1. I liked this post X! It's good to see most of the things came to pass, otherwise DC would have looked really foolish!

    And I believe you're correct about the kids in GL Corps being black lanterns. Maybe it's supposed to be symbolic that since they were killed by the Sinestro Corps that they would be attacking in those uniforms.

  2. Glad you liked this one, Kello. I felt like doing something a bit different, and this topic really fit that bill.

    I had to laugh at the Green Lantern one though... I mean, it was written BY Geoff Johns, who put together the whole BN storyline, and who's STILL on Green Lantern... Why hasn't that scene with Alan Scott played out yet? Or did it and I totally forgot it? That's just weird.

    Yeah, I distinctly remember the Black Lantern kids, but somewhere in the back of my mind I remember there being some Sinestro Corps kids with that Kryb thing. Oh well, it'll come to me someday!

  3. Lol, this was a really cool post X. To be honest I'm surprised the things that did happen, happened. I feel sometimes when new writers take on something they forget about previous thing, and these "Origins and Omens" seems like something they would forget in the story lines. Lol.

    Can't wait til the second post.

  4. Thanks Lisha. Like I said, I wanted to do a different type of post, something that wouldn't take THAT much time up(especially with the end of the semester coming up), and this was really perfect.

    "To be honest I'm surprised the things that did happen, happened." Wait until you see the second part! Some books didn't seem to stay very close to the predictions!

  5. I am SO ready for this semester to be over. I think it was having a 8 o'clock class 3 days is what wore me out. Lol. So I'm glad you could post something to help cope with the ending of the semester!!

    Lol, I'm definitely looking forward to the next post now.

  6. Same here! I've got a 9 o'clock class on MWF, so I hear you. I don't even WANT to think about going in for 8. My next semester is way easier, since I don't think I have a class before noon, plus I think I have at least one day off! When's your last day? Mine is next Monday, Dec. 13.

  7. Wow, these posts were pretty cool X! I think a couple years down the road, you should do another one for that Avengers scene where Tony Stark mapped out the future. I know Marvel has said that at least some of that stuff applies to actual upcoming storylines (some of which are already going on, like "3") so it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

    And I hear you guys about this semester needing to end, NOW. I only take three classes at a time as a grad student, but man, I've NEVER had so much work to do before. I'll be working on stuff up to the 17th, I think, but after that is going to be awesome. :)

  8. Thanks, Marc. I was thinking of what I could take from Marvel to do a post like this, and that scene from Avengers did indeed come to mind! Provided I can remember to, I'll definitely bust that scene out around the end of next year.

    I can't imagine the headache you must have going with Grad school, Marc... That Winter break is looking REALLY good right about now!

  9. My last official day is Dec. 13th, which is my math final. Tuesday I have to drop off my final for criminology which luckily was a take home exam. So...all i have to do really is finish up these essay questions and study math and I'll be home free. I can't wait to get on winter break so I can relax, design, blog, and read comics.

  10. Sweet, same last day as me! I have two papers I have to hand in on that Monday, and a Chemistry final to take, and then I am DONE! I can't wait!!!