Thursday, December 16, 2010

500 for 2010!

Yep, this is indeed my 500th post of 2010. And since I've never been one to ignore a milestone, no matter how insignificant, I figured I'd do something to commemorate the occasion. After some thought(okay, after not much thought at all...)I decided I'd put a few scans up. Why not, right?

First up is something JT requested... I'm not really sure why he requested this page, but hey, who am I to say no to The Man himself?

Next up is some fun with Batman and Etrigan. Don't ask me why, but I found this kind of funny... Plus it's my own personal crusade to post any page where Etrigan is kissing somebody. Once again, don't ask me why...

And finally a scene from Aquaman... To get the full impact from these pages, let me give a brief explanation. All of the royal ghosts of Atlantis had returned to haunt the city thanks to some villain. This leads to Aquaman being occasionally confronted by the ghost of his infant son, Arthur Jr, who would ask Aquaman, “Why?” Needless to say, Aquaman didn't know what his son wanted until the end of the story, right before the ghosts all returned to the afterlife. Yep, I'm man enough to admit that that last scan left me a bit misty-eyed...

Alright, that'll do it for me guys. I'll have a few new reviews up and posted tomorrow, as we begin to make our way closer to 2011 and the year end awards! Until next time, X out.


  1. Thanks for that scan and calling me The Man. Made me feel all awesome inside :P As for that scan, I love how Roy's statement makes me laugh now due to current events. Also, when the hell did Cyborg ever get a son?!

  2. Well you are Captain Awesome... Or so I've been told... :D Roy's statement just made me stare blankly at the page before shaking my head... DAMN DC!

    Good question... I'm not very well versed in my Cyborg knowledge, so I'm not sure if that's ever been mentioned before or if Judd Winick just made that up for the hell of it.

  3. You've been told correctly! Haha, I remember you saying you didn't like that panel a while back... you REALLY gotta hate it now.

    I love how he did a small Real World callback with the confessionals for that.

  4. Poor, poor Roy... Why is DC SO damn insistent on ruining his character?! I just don't get it... I mean you have a hero who overcame SO much, and they just throw it all away. *sigh* If I keep talking about it, I'll start getting madder and madder, leading to some very off-color language... :P

    I'll have to take your word for that, because I have NO idea what you're talking about! :D

  5. Yeah, they really went outta they're way to ruin Roy's character, which is sad since he was really coming into his own, especially when he had his own story in Titans about a year ago, I enjoyed that.

    Haha, well you know Judd was on Real World, and they have little confessional rooms where they go bitch about people or tell they're feelings and such, much like the Titans did there.

  6. So.......what was the Titans' page about?

  7. Yeah JT... That Titans story as kind of Roy's last hoorah before the bottom fell out on him. I should pull it out and give it a read just to remind myself that Roy wasn't always a worthless, criminal junkie...

    Ahh, thank you for filling me in on that piece of pop culture JT. Where would I be without you? :D

    If memory serves my correctly, ARW, I think the Titans were worried that Jericho had possessed one of them, so they went into this booth to prove they were who they said they were by revealing some personal info that only they(and the computer)would know. But it's been a while since I read that one, if I'm wrong, maybe JT can correct me.

  8. Congrats X!!! JT, give me two hot toddy's for the X-Man!! Lol Sorry I saw the comment from the other post. Lmao anyways congrats sir. I am amazed at this milestone considering 2010 is almost over and I've barely make it over 100 posts. Lol. And plus you have another couple weeks of posting!

    As for the scans, lol a confessional for the Titans eh? Lol. And raven would be the oddball and say something dumb. Starfire is a murderer!! Lol.

    As for the Aquaman, *sniff* I swear there is something in my eye. That was heart touching.

  9. TWO HOT TODDY'S!!! Haha, excellent. And yeah, I'm also tempted to grab that issue and re-read it, it had Roy, Lian, even had one of Cheshire's girls if I recall.

    Yep, nail on the head X, that's exactly why the Titans were doing the confessional thing.

  10. Imagine how surprised I was to look at the side of the screen and see that I had already reached #500, Lisha! Who knows, I might reach 525 or so before the year is out! And wasn't that Aquaman scan sad!?

    See, the only problem with re-reading that comic is that after I was done I'd probably go into a rage and post some really vile remarks at DC... So it's probably for the best that I don't re-read it...

  11. Happy 500, X! Wow, I haven't even posted 50 times...way to make the rest of us feel inadequate, lol.

  12. "way to make the rest of us feel inadequate" I see you have finally stumbled upon my master plan, Marc! This entire blog has been set up to pump out crumby reviews at such a rapid clip that every other blog folds, thereby leaving only MY blog and my opinions on comic books on the Internet! BWA-HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!