Sunday, December 5, 2010

Origins and Omens flashback, part 2.

Hey gents and gentettes, as promised, here's the second and final part of my look back at DC's “Origins and Omens” stuff from 2009. If you have NO idea what I'm going on about, then click here to be whisked away back to the magical land of Yesterday, where all of your questions will be answered... Mostly. Okay, that takes care of the intro, let's jump right into the main event.

First up today is Nightwing #153.-The top picture could be Tim dressed as Batman telling Dick that he should be filling the mantle
-Obviously that would be Dick training Damian under the watchful eye of Talia in the Cave. I don't think that exact scene played out, but hey, they were close enough
-I could see the EVIL Jason Todd Batman holding a gun to Dick's head
-I don't recall Dick making out with somebody dressed in a Batgirl/Batwoman outfit... That's a real interesting picture, because that could very well mean that DC did indeed intend on healing Barbara Gordon. Either that or Dick is swapping spit with Stephanie Brown, which would be weird on like 6 different levels.

Robin #183-Okay, we have EVIL Jason Todd Batman menacing Tim
-Tim arguing with Dick during Battle for the Cowl
-Anarky HAS been a thorn in Tim's side
-And Tim also worked with Ra's Al Ghul.
-Hey, check it out, this one was totally right!

Secret Six #6-Wonder Woman did make a guest appearance in this series
-And I guess Bane did beat up some faceless goons...
-As for the Deadshot scene? I guess that could have happened... I can't recall it though

Superman #685-Mon-El did indeed fight Atlas
-He also teamed with Guardian(and I'm guessing Nightwing?)
-He also made sure to take some time for some good old fashion lovin'
-I can't say I remember a Green Lantern who looks surprisingly like Lex Luthor battling Mon-El... Lex as a Green Lantern would be ALL kinds of awesome though.

Teen Titans #68-Let's see, Kid/Red Devil did die
-Kid Flash(and his costume)did rejoin the team
-Static did show up, albeit briefly.
-THANKFULLY Wonder Girl and the Fake Blue Beetle never made out, because I would have vomited on the comic immediately!
-I don't think anybody got pregnant
-And I also don't remember Ravager trying to poke out Wonder Girl's eye.
-Huh, this was one of the rare instances where Scar was way off with her predictions... What gives, Scar?

Titans #10-Wally West did pretty much fade away because of the overwhelming powers of That Damed Saint, Barry Allen
-Roy Harper did wind up in a hospital bed(and eventually as a one-armed junkie who would go on to stroke a dead cat in an alley...)
-I can't say that I remember Brother Blood and Raven fighting recently, although it may have just blended into one of their other many, MANY battles
-I can't place the woman kissing Beast Boy, so I don't think that happened either
-And I don't recall the scene with Donna either... Is that supposed to be Indigo? Too bad that didn't happen!
-Wow, I guess the lesson here is that Scar can't accurately predict the future of any team with the word “Titans” in it...

Vigilante #3-Wow, I actually collected this series?!
-Vigilante did fight the Teen Titans
-As well as the Titans
-He also fired his guns, so kudos for that one
-And I vaguely recall some sort of bizarre cross-dressing killings storyline, so yeah, that happened as well

Wonder Woman #29-Wonder Woman did take a swim(really, she did!)
-A few Amazons did get pregnant
-Tom Tresser did leave WW
-And Warkiller/Achilles did spear a police car
-I don't recall WW with her hands covered in blood, although that very easily could have happened.

So that's it. Our brief trip to the 2009 version of the DCU is complete. I'd say that Scar's glimpses into the future were pretty accurate, except when the word “Titans” was involved... Then it was just a crap-shoot... Hopefully you enjoyed checking out these last two posts as much as I enjoyed crafting them. Anyway, feel free to comment, as well as to ask me what I was thinking by collecting that terrible Vigilante series... *shakes head* That's it, that's all, X out.


  1. LOL at the Vigilante predictions.

    I believe the guy fighting Mon-El is Sodam Yat, and they met up because they are both Daxamites. I seem to remember reading that scene, but I can't find the issue. It may have been in the Mon-El collection I read from the library this summer.

  2. "He also made sure to take some time for some good old fashion lovin"

    Lmao... God I love when you throw random things like that in. I liked these features. You should do more of these like when DC posts those picture sthat give hints on stuff like they did for BFTC and Brightest Day and whatnot.

  3. I'm still kind of shocked that I collected any of those Vigilante comics, Kello! I'm also pretty surprised by the stories in that comic too!

    You may be right, Kello... I can't tell if that Green Lantern is bald, or if there's some hair on his head. I don't recall Sodam being fully bald though.

    What can I say, JT... Sometimes I just can't help myself! That's a pretty good idea actually... They had the villains and the heroes pages for Final Crisis I think, as well as the BftC teaser. I'm pretty sure everything in those pics happened, but why not post 'em and have some fun with them? :D

  4. Sodam Yat had a mohawk when he appeared in the future in Legion of 3 Worlds, but like you said, I don't think he had it in this era.

  5. Titans: Was Raven present when Brother Blood fought the Teen Titans and took away Red Devils powers?
    That girl with Beast Boy is the new Terra. You know, the one that is acting like a sidekick to Powergirl.
    I would have loved to see Indigo showing up again. He storyline with Shift ended way too fast.

  6. Ahh... Indeed he did, Kello... Next time I'm digging through my comics, I'm definitely going to flip through those Superman books again, just to see if that scene happened or not...

    I can honestly say that I have NO idea on the Raven thing, Cole. She's butted heads with Brother Blood SO many times, it really all just blends together. I'd go through my Teen Titans to find out, but since Raven's involved, I just don't care enough. :D

    There's ANOTHER new Terra?! What is it with DC and THAT name? I mean, what is this, like Terra #8 or something? As for Indigo, totally agreed. She was one of those characters that had loads of potential, but wound up fading away.