Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Comic Day! December 22nd edition.

Hey all, X here with an early Merry Christmas to you all. Oh, and a Happy Holidays as well. With the niceties out of the way, it's time for me to bust out my usual spiel... That's right, it's Wednesday, which means it's time for yet another New Comic Day! As always, before I get to the books I've purchased this week, let's take a look back at the week that was. I promised 10 new reviews between last week and this week and I managed 13 reviews, a tidy 3 books over my expected number, which means I get to pat myself on the back. Good job X! Last week's Pick of the Litter(Uncanny X-Force #3)got a mediocre score, but so did most of the comics I reviewed last week, so yeah. Last week's Runt of the Litter(Brightest Day #16)was about as bad as expected, so I did manage to get that one right.

So that's it, last week is over, onto this week! My comic book store had a trade sale where you could buy 2 and get the third free, so I brought 6 trades and got 2 for free! That gets a hearty “YAY!” from me. Before moving onto the comics, let me list the trades. I picked up Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, Fantastic Four: Prime Elements, Captain America: America First, Superman: Red Son, Hellboy: Masks and Monsters, and Spider-Man: The Real Clone Saga. I've been looking to get my hands on Red Son for quite some time now, and I've been searching for that Hellboy trade FOREVER! That trade collects the Hellboy, Starman, Batman two part story I've never been able to get my hands on, so I was nearly euphoric when I saw it there. I also picked up 10 random back issues, but they were just that, totally random, so I'm not even going to bother listing them here. So that's it for the trades, what new comics did I snag today??? Let's take a look. Invincible #76, Batman Annual #28, Batman Incorporated #2, Zatanna #8, X-Men #6, What If? Dark Reign #1, Teen Titans: Cold Case #1, Superman/Batman #79, Outsiders #35, Namor #5, Justice League: Generation Lost #16, Invincible Iron Man #33, Fantastic Four #586, and finally, Deadpool #30. Oh, plus I got that free Marvel calendar which was pretty cool. So that's 14 new comics, but I still can't read the Invincible or Generation Lost comics yet since I'm still trying to catch up with those series, so I'm going guarantee 12 reviews, although I suspect I'll be able to bust out more then that. But officially, I'm promising 12 new reviews. This week's Pick of the Litter? Um, I'm going to go with Fantastic Four #586, with Deadpool #30 and Zatanna #8 being a close second and third. I'm also REALLY intrigued by that Teen Titans: Cold Case #1 as well. As for this week's Runt of the Litter? That's going to go to the thus far disappointing Namor series. Outsiders #35 could also make a run at the most dreaded book of this week though.

Usually this is where I sign off, and do the whole, “X out.” thing, but I noticed that I didn't do a Best of the Rest post last week, which means I didn't post a Random Scan of the Week... We can't have that, so I'll post a Random Scan here and NOW I'll say until next time, X out!

Jeez, Jason Todd REALLY had a sucky run as Robin, didn't he...


  1. Really X? Do you hate me? Is that why you posted that? You couldn't be a little less random and post the scan where Jason beat up Tim? Damn you X. Lol, as for what you picked up, nice, I also grabbed Cold Case, doubt I'll review it since I'll probably read it at work this weekend instead, but it looks interesting.

    Lastly, I didn't get Trials of Shazam because I couldn't bring myself to buy it since the artwork is so bleh.

  2. Lol @ JT. So dramatic!!!

    Anyways, looks like you got some good trades and some up to date comics coming to read.

    I'm am going to say that I'm definitely anxious to read your reviews on: Zatanna #8, Justice League: Generation Lost #16.

    Also before I go, Happy Holidays X-Man!! :) Have a good one!

  3. You'll be waiting for Generation Lost to be reviewed by X for a VERY long time... :P

  4. I want to know about that Teen Titans: Cold Case comic too! I might actually go to a real comic store tomorrow (squeals with girlish delight), so I'm thinking of picking it up myself.

  5. Whoa, check out all the comments already! Thanks all!

    Ha! Sorry JT, but that was the scan that I had saved, so I HAD to post it! My hands were tied... Okay, not really, but hey, at least it's SOMETHING Jason related, right? Maybe?? :D

    Cold Case does look interesting. It'll prob be among the first things I read actually. With X-mas being on Sat, I doubt I'll have any new reviews up til like Sunday at the earliest.

    As for Trials of Shazam, I honestly don't remember the artwork, but with me, that's no real surprise...

    Well, I will def have Zatanna up sooner rather then later. As for Gen Lost, JT totally took the words out of my mouth! That review is still WAAAAAAAAY off! :P

    Wow, a real cb store, Kello! I know how giddy I get whenever I head into the cb store and I'm there at least once a week! I can't imagine how excited you'll be! I'm guessing you're after a copy of FF, right Kello?

  6. I skipped the Cold Case comic due to the price. If you give it a good review I'll buy it for cheap down the road.

    Yeah I actually got to go to the store in Wichita yesterday, but they were sold out of a ton of the stuff I wanted! I missed out on the new issues of FF and Amazing, and the last 2 issues of Gen Lost were gone (I got #16 but I refuse to skip ahead!). They had like 100 copies of Flash #7 though, which made me chuckle. Poor Captain Boomerang...

  7. I actually really wound up enjoying it, Kello, but I really like the team of Titans that was in that issue. I'll have a review up come Sunday.

    UGH! That's why I always try to get to the cb store on Wednesday, unless it's COMPLETELY impossible! I have a pull list at the store, but I'm also a real impulse buyer, and a lot of my impulse comics are usually gone come Thursday. I will say, in a totally mean-spirited way, that I'm happy to hear that there were so many Flash #7's laying around... Take THAT, Saint Barry! :P Did you manage to get anything worth talking about?